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  1. shuotong

    Monday - CM 5.2m

    That's true. Probably female audience don't always rush to theaters on opening weekend?
  2. shuotong

    Monday - CM 5.2m

    Comparing with other SH movies, its opening is def low.
  3. shuotong

    Monday - CM 5.2m

    Because of a low opening and summer
  4. shuotong

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    What's that based on?
  5. shuotong

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    How many are there😏
  6. shuotong

    Monday Numbers: MI6 - $4.46M

    Holiday in Canada.
  7. shuotong

    Monday numbers

    no more prequels
  8. TDK got its rating from its Fandom. Remember Godfather on imdb?

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