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  1. I just saw this movie, it truly is a giant mess. 3 people in the screening on opening night besides myself.
  2. I have nothing further to add to that, other than to say you are technically correct. Which is the same thing as saying you are correct. πŸ˜‰ (but top critics said 60%, which I think is the more accurate score. Top critics on RT therefore align with MC, making something around 60 the closest we have to the objective truth about this movie in terms of its quality. And 60% is not well reviewed, but it's also not a massive critical failure, so eh. Bottom line still, it wasn't well received,)
  3. It's not just an OS bomb, its one of the biggest bombs of all time. Solo needs to be fully dissected, it's one of the most expensive movies ever made, earned almost no real money everywhere, is widely considered to be one of the most unnecessary movies of all time (an interesting, dubious distinction given the nature of this medium... what are people really saying by saying this?), reviews for it are mediocre at best. Massive critical and commercial failure by any metric, and it's from a franchise that is supposed to be bulletproof. And how quickly a star wars movie disappeared from theaters has to be a record.
  4. The marketing for this movie has been next level. It's very impressive how much buzz this movie has generated based on good feelings from the previous MI movies most people haven't seen or don't remember. 🀣 Also how impervious to failure Tom Cruise seems after the Mummy. Audiences seem to be either forgiving or forgetting. So something is working here. Could also be the strong implication that this MI movie is "the last one". The trailer implies that this is some kind of culmination of previous events. If people see this as the end of a series that is going out on a bang, there might be something of a micro-event going on. Tom Cruise breaking his ankle, performing despite the injury then committing it to film has wormed its way into the GA dialogue. I think people are absorbing this as a bit of chaos put to film, a process that is normally understood as very controlled and safe. I think it makes people wonder what other death defying stunts they might see. The only way to find out is to show up and see for themselves, fully knowing that Cruise seems to have put it all on the line for this one. So yeah, I'm in. All things being equal I'd expect an OW of 80m Dom, but the marketing really has been something else. Oh, and Cavillestache has captured the interest of the comic book movie crowd. JL was such a monumental failure, and everyone into CB movies knows this movie was part of the equation. So there will be curiosity seekers who are comic fans who normally would never look at an MI movie.
  5. I was just thinking the same thing. This means of course that AM3 is on track to making that sweet Thor 3 money.
  6. Bottom line is, its going to make more money than the first one and be profitable. Its going to be pretty healthy OS if nothing else.
  7. I dont see what the issue is, ant man 2 is making more than the first one, and that wasn't a bomb. It's merely a small profit for the MCU instead of a big one. And unlike Solo this movie will be profitable. Did anybody really expect this movie to set the world on fire? As long as it makes more than the first one, it's a win. All that said I was a bit shocked to see how empty my theater was on Sat @ 7pm showing this movie. Tons of empty seats... so eh?
  8. I've heard it's 2 disconnected movies shoved together with nothing but recycled themes and scenes from the previous films and done in a way that maximizes nonsensicalness. This movie was perfect for international audiences, they were smart to let the foreign markets lead on this one.
  9. I really miss the days of the solid 90-ish min long movie, one that simply had a story to tell effectively. Everything has to be epic now with 3 endings and 2 plot twists. It's all LOTR:ROTK's fault. πŸ˜‰
  10. Yes but can AM2 beat Justice League OW? Just kidding. It's nice to see another (expected) success for marvel. Each sequel consistently moves up and they are doing better than many predict with each next film. AM2 should do about 750m WW no? Given how well its performing in the OW compared to the previous AM, and compared to the growth of other characters they built up like Guardians and Thor. I mean AM2 should be right in line with what they did before, some solid growth of about 50% over the receipts of the previous installment. It's ridiculous to expect any near future MCU film doing badly, I think the only way that would happen is if they made an honest-to-god bad movie AND marketed it badly at the same time and there's no reason to believe that's going to happen. Cap Marvel is going to beat expectations by a mile, largely because it dovetails off the IW train directly. People need to see how all their heroes get saved, and Cap Marvel is going to be the first movie to have direct information on that. This will effectively make it must-see for the IW audience, which is both large and the result of the growth of this fanbase, and representative of the overall moviegoing interest. So take your Cap Marvel estimates and double them.
  11. REC

    Rotten Tomatoes discussion

    I agree with this completely. I'll just speak for myself and my own experience, I actually kinda liked the final JL trailer. It looked like the movie... might... be ok? From that trailer. Wasn't killing it for me, but I was interested to see the movie. But I was burned by all of the DCEU except WW, to me SS and BvS being the worst of the worst. And since BvS was basically 1/2 JL, I was in wait and see mode. I was ready to go see the movie opening weekend if I got some kind of sign the movie was any good. Either positive WOM or high critic scores. Then the embargo lifted and the consensus was shown. Started to hear from people about the problematic scenes and the stache. But the critic consensus on RT really killed it for me, and I decided to skip it based on that. I do wonder if that RT score didn't exist at all how the movie would fare in a vacuum. Maybe it would've been a $130m weekend instead of $90m but who knows. But it is ludicrous to suggest anything killed JL except JL, the DCEU or WB mismanagement. They did this to themselves, its not like JL or the previous 3-4 movies were all that good. There was no reputation for quality, no reason to think that JL was going to be great.
  12. REC

    Rotten Tomatoes discussion

    Well it makes sense to me that TLJ would have had considerably more votes than other big movies for a couple of reasons, and none of it has to do with fake accounts or russian bots. 1. It's Star Wars. It gets more voters because its not your standard big movie. Star Wars exists in the stratosphere. 2. I think a whole bunch of people bothered to vote on this one and not others because of the intense, strong disagreement with the critic consensus. I know this was my reason for voting on it, and I never vote in the RT user score. Initially I couldn't fathom why this movie was getting a 90+ among critics when to me it was so much worse than that. And my mind does not go to conspiracy or other nonsense to explain how this could happen. In this case I thought I should just say what's on my mind someplace where my vote could be tallied and provide counterweight to a critic score that made no sense. I saw a lot of other people doing the same thing, so I thought the user score was a very good thing. The critics can get it wrong, they can sometimes be out of touch with where moviegoers are at. And I think that's all that happened here, combined with some very well choreographed herding by Disney to procure positive scores. They're good at that, they know how to get at least a few extra points out of critics and bump things up just a bit. It could be that in this case they simply did too good of a job, there was some small chance that they'd get near-universal praise and their team just knocked it out of the park. Unfortunately that had the problem of inflaming casual and hardcore SW fans who strongly disagreed with the score. My assumption has been, and continues to be, that the vast majority of RT score user votes for TLJ were people like me. Incensed by the critic score I viewed as unfair to me by selling me a substandard product, and fueled by my lifelong fandom of Star Wars. A lot of people got really reactionary of course, a lot of it toxic. I've done probably my share of contributing to that toxicity. But this is what Star Wars does to people, its not just your standard big movie. So the results of anything surrounding this audience is never going to easily correlate to other movies IMO. I appreciate that when Disney/LF attempted to discredit the user score, that RT pushed back. They issued a statement their user score is real consisting of real accounts and voters. I appreciate that because I'm a real user and I had a vote that should be protected. And they didn't just cave to the Mouse when it probably would've been easy enough for them to do so.
  13. No, both are event movies. They're just events in different ways, different metrics. I wouldn't call BP "just another solo MCU film". It's significant in several ways. Obviously Marvel did something really unusual though. Having 2 event films in the same year, back to back is basically never done. That would have generally been very unexpected before the numbers came in, and yet here we are. I told people ahead of time that IW was going to be an event film, they didn't believe me. And I was hopeful for BP, that all the factors and marketing would push it there provided the movie could also hit the necessary quality marks. It all came together for Marvel in just a few short months. It's still pretty incredible no matter how you cut it.

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