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  1. In Germany the alpha (B1.1.7) variant is still going strong (actually had the highest share ever last week (above 95%)). Yeah we were like 2 months or so behind on that. Hopefully by that point we are at more people vaccinated than the UK is currently, so it hopefully is less noticeable. But death numbers still seem to be low (increase too, but following the (vaccination) schedule stricter than most others did is probably aiding the UK with that and keeping the numbers rather low). If it actually is primarily in the unvaccinated group, that would mean that both OX/AZ an
  2. That death number looks kinda artificial though, considering their average is 40 deaths / day (which is definitely already far better than during january when deaths were above 300 / day).
  3. Yeah, based on UK data it might not be necessary, but vaccine uptake could be somewhat higher in the UK. In Germany 5 without and 12 with underlining health conditions. Combined 11 between 0-9 and 6 between 10-19. And very important different to people 20-34 they have a significantly lower number in intensive care. I think part of the worry is that at least in Germany the group below the age of 18 (with the centre being 14-18) now has the highest incidence (before that it almost always were either people between 18 and 34 (more detailed: 20-24) or above 75 (the group th
  4. Because the over 60 will at some point be done, so if someone wants to take the risk they can. But now they actively have to decide to take it (and decide to not wait for another one), normally you would only say you want to get vaccinated and wouldn't know which vaccine exactly (so similar to the flu etc.), know you can decide to get AZ/Ox or wait and get one of the others. Even though the decision was made quite early considering how many people above the age of 60 live in Germany. Not surprised by Germany rejecting it. Today the parliament voted 498 voted against it
  5. I doubt Germany or France will reach the numbers necessary for that. Considering people 0-17 make up 16-20% in Europe and more than that almost everywhere else. But if you need with B1.1.7 etc. something like 70-80% (in general the higher would be better) than its pretty much everyone at least 18 has to get vaccinated. That won't happen, unless it gets mandatory, so including children is the cheap way out. And at least in some parts most AZ/Ox doses seem to get used as in Lower Saxony apparently all doses delivered until last Sunday have already been used.
  6. When did the opening of stuff started in the UK? Numbers look really good. Rather surprinsgly (at least for me last week) I got my first shot yesterday (Moderna). Last Monday the head master of the school I teach at said that we (the teachers) might get vaccinated in July (last week(s) of school or early summer holidays.) And on Wednesday evening he wrote an e-mail that we should tell him until Thursday morning if we wanted to get it . Classic school things, write a mail after 8 pm and expect an answer until the morning of the next day. On
  7. True. Even BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna are around 2 hours of minimum wage (around 20$)*. Sadly not, which makes things like pandemics (or climate change) so incredibly hart to tackle, especially considering that most countries already have problems within their own borders. I don't get why our politicians (in Germany) are talking about opening the order up, we haven't even finished vaccinating group 2 of the three priority groups / barely started with group 3 and they already talk about that, what exactly was the logic in those priority groups then? Furth
  8. But isn't it actually the other way around. Bio/Pfizer is already a shared one. And BionTech alone has larger production capacities than CureVac with its current contractors. If we get it under control in the EU it will be with Bio/Pfiz, OxAZ, J&J and Moderna. Schools will close again in more parts of Germany (rising numbers and new rules). The county I live in is above 100 again (with 105 above the first peak of the third wave and only barely below the peak of wave 2). Deaths are on the rise again in Germany, were at 1095 in KW13, KW 14:
  9. B.1.1.7 seems to be a rather dominant strain - considering it is the VOC that if it appears doesn’t take long to make up a majority of cases. in week 6 in Germany roughly 6 % were B1.1.7 and 1% were P.1, B1.351 etc. Now B1.1.7 makes up like 90% and the other still around 1%. Could be a/the reason. And the government really should stop making vaccine delivery plans (to the states), they don’t work.
  10. Impressive. The incidence in my county (Landkreis) increased from below 50 to above 100 in a week - we only had 9 days above 100 in the complete 2nd wave, today is probably going to be the fourth day in the 3rd wave. Deaths pretty much stopped decreasing in Germany (average of 170 deaths per day).
  11. Oh f, that's really bad. Do they take any measures or is it more like "it'll pass... one day" (considering Bolsonaro) Median age is 33.5! (compared to 38.4 for the US, 45.7 (wikipedia list say 47.8 - so no exact idea) for Germany, 47.2 for Italy and apparently 48.4! for Japan). So it's really Central and Southern Europe together with Japan (and probably South Korea) that have a very high median age.
  12. That might have socio-economic reasons, the average asian-americas is well off (and they have a sky high life expectancy, like I think higher than any European country or Japan or South Korea). Don't know if asians in the UK are in a similar situation. White-collar jobs are incredibly important, as they can be done from home, so they are less likely to get it through work, lowering overall risk of infection and slowing spread in those communities. Asians make up a very small group in Germany, so no idea about them in Germany. I think in most of the wester
  13. Currently it's not known how often that will be necessary, most vaccine need booster shots (in varying time frames). Well, currently their vaccine does better than most others against the known mutations, that a mutation comes up that PfizBio doesn't work against is possible, but mRNA can be adapted far quicker.
  14. The bigger question is, why are black or indigenous people so much more likely to die, white people are on average about 10 years older than minority people (white people were on average 43.5 in 2017, black people 34.2 - Asian people were in between but much close to the later with 36.9), yet die less or at a similar pace as them (outside of asians). Maybe higher case numbers - less following of the rules and less possibilities to follow the rules. (Most common age for white people is 58 for Black and Asians its the late twenties and for Hispanic people it apparently is 11).
  15. If one actually looks at it, it's not really weird @Jason explained it. The mRNA production has a lot more resemblance to chemical processes (despite mRNA in general being considered part of biology) which are in general better to control (and there is (not with mRNA) but in general a lot more experience to build and expand on). That's not to say they are ease to produce, because they obviously aren't (which also (and especially) is the case for some of the necessary lipids), but as with most chemical processes they can be scaled up; in theory little changes between doing it for vaccine dose a
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