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  1. True but the difference between 77% and 67% drops is quite big - for a 67 % drop Marvels would have needed to do ~15.2m this weekend.
  2. BP 2 had a 31.5 % drop on the same weekend last year. GotG 3 dropped 31 % earlier this year. Ant-Man 3 dropped 37 %. (Though Ant-Man, Guardians and BP all opened on a Wednesday - Taking some of the pressure of the weekend, The Marvels opened on a Thursday and "only" had previews on Wednesday - and with how big previews have gotten in the US etc- they pretty much became a full day meaning other countries have a 4 day OWend and then a 3 day 2nd Wend, leading to somewhat larger drops). Though to be fair, Marvel movies have dropped close to 50 % in the past too (Endgame dropped 48 %), Infinity War dropped 56 %. So it's not great, but it honestly isn't awful either.
  3. It's Taylor Swift (The US (and others) seems to go absolutely feral for her). Not that I expect it to ever come to cinemas in Germany, but I would be really interested in what it could do here (nothing crazy like in the US).
  4. Does anyone now in how many theaters the triple features were shown. Cause the ones I looked into seemed to have been quite packed (above 500 people per cinema). People even booked the awful seats in the first rows and the ones on the side in like the first five rows or so - and that for 12 hours (Extended Version...). LotR 1 now definitely has above 12m admissions (only needed 4.5k) (the ninth movie since 1957 and only the second since 2000 (the other is Harry Potter 1) (before 2000 Titanic did it in 1998 and continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (Vier Fäuste für ein Hallelujah) was the last before Titanic and that movie started in 1972 and Otto did it in 1985 (if one adds BRD and DDR numbers)).
  5. Bloody insane. Barbie is #10 in € and will soon top Mario to become the highest one this year and Oppenheimer will most likely enter the top 10 of all time as well (pushing out Mario). So two of the top 10 movies (of all time) will have started on the same weekend - in general the top 10 movies are so modern (4 (Avatar 2, NTTD, Mario and Barbie) from the past 3 years and 4 (Lion King (#1), Bohemian Rhapsody, Spectre and Skyfall) from the past decade, only Avatar and Titanic are from before that).
  6. http://insidekino.de/News.htm Monday trend #1 Barbie 270k (4560k)#2 Oppenheimer 192.5k (3097.5k - definitely will top Inception to become Nolan #1)#3 Rehragout Rendezvous 165k (745k)#4 Meg 2 90k (710k)#5 Gran Turismo 45k (180k) Blue Beetle 40k I'd assume Elemental got to 40k too (maybe even a bit more, so Blue Beetle opened sixth or seventh - that's not just bad, that is utterly horrendous).
  7. Especially if some movies end up moving to next year. Austria seems to have returned stronger than Germany. Do you know if total admissions are above 2018 / 2019?
  8. Yeah with Oppenheimer getting to 500k, that would be 3 back to back weekends with two movies above 500k. Last weekends with two 500+k movies were 2015/47 (two above 750k), 2015/40, 2015/01, 2014/52 (two movies above 600k), 2014/01 (two above 600k), 2013/52, 2013/48, 2013/47 (two above 700k), 2013/22, 2013/07, 2012/17, 2010/32, 2009/49... 2013/52: Hobbit II: 1072k (3rd weekend) Medicus: 714k (new) Frozen: 540k (in its 5th weekend) 2012/31 missed it barely (TDKR had 499186 admissions)
  9. 2nd trend by http://insidekino.de/News.htm #1: Barbie - 660k (-20%) #2: Oppie - 475k (-21%) #3: Meg2 - 275k (WTF) #4: Elemental - 125k (-16% and 1385k after weekend, should get to 1600k) #5: M: I-DR Part 1: 105k (-33%) #6: TMNT Mayhem - 100k #7: Miraculous: 85k (-28%) #8: Lassie: 82.5k (-16% / -29% i.P.) #9: IJ5: 60k (-37%) #10: Haunted Mansion: 30k (-55%) #11: Insidious: 27.5k (-43%)
  10. The weather is great, much rather have this than 35 °C and trees, lawn etc. are actually green this summer and now yellow-brown. Thinking Oppenheimer should get a shot at 3m and has an outside chance at becoming Nolans most successful in Germany (needs to pass Inception's 3501k for that). But needs two great holds (Next weekend should probably be like 500k for that).
  11. So I was actually pessimistic because 5 movies exceeded their number and the other two matched their number.
  12. I think its the best week since 52 / 2019 (3.65m with SW IX in first place). Its great, nature needs the rain and its good for the cinemas. Maybe, maybe we see something like this: Barbie: 650k Oppenheimer: 525k MI 7: 130k Elemental: 130k Miraculous: 115k Lassie: 115k IJ 5: 80k I know that that is extremely optimistic, but I think its possible. Presales look good overall.
  13. True but the Cinecittà and the Mathäser are the second and third biggest cinema in Germany and the CS Metropolis is around number 8 (±1). The one in Hamburg has 40% less seats and different to the smaller ones in the list no IMAX (the two UCI in Hamburg have a screen). The largest cinema in Germany (at least in the past) is the Cinemaxx in Essen (only one with 5000 seats). It "only" has 1720 (600 in the IMAX) seats compared to more than 4000 for the Cinecittà and the Mathäser. Zoo Palast has an IMAX screen too (791 seats). And the cinemas at Mercedes-Platz and Ruhr-Park have an IMAX screen too.
  14. So: 1. Presidents' Day 2. Christmas week (21st) 3. Christmas week (20th) 4. Normal day 5. Memorial Day 6. Christmas (Boxing Day) 7. Christmas (Boxing Day) 8. Christmas (28th - between the years) 9. Christmas week (23rd) 10. Independence Day holiday (5th July for Sunday) So 2nd biggest without a holiday or Christmas.
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