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  1. Wow That leaves the question, why do they write it at all? And I doubt those five seconds hurt a film that much. 55M Friday would be okay roughly 40M True Friday and a 2.59x Previews. Guess it could climb higher to 43M true Friday
  2. Shrek 2 had a five day opening Weekend, I2 a 3.5day OW. And TLK will also just have a 3.5day OW and is (no idea why) considered Live Action.
  3. $15.3M in previews, if it exactly follow JW would lead too: $15.3M Previews $52.48M True Friday (Previews*3.43) (=67.78M OD) $57.62M Saturday (+9.8%) $47.31M Sunday (-17.9%) Ow: $172.71M (-17.3% Avengers to AoU -7.8%, TFA to TLJ: -11.3%) *2.5 = $431.8M (-33.8%) *2.82 = $487M (-25.3%) *3 = $518.13M (-20.6%) *3.12 = $538.9M (-17.3%) *3.3 = $569.9M (-12.6%) *3.78 = 652.39M (= (lol with TFA's multiplier it get's 120k above JW)) But I guess this is more likely: 15.3M Previews 43M True Friday (Previews*2.81) 47M Saturday (+9.3% TF) 38M Sunday (-19.1%) OW: 143.3M (-31.4%) *2.5 = $358.3M (-45.1%) *2.82 = $404.1M (-38%) *3 = $429.9M (-34.1%) *3.12 = $447.1M (-31.45%) *3.3 = $472.9M (-27.5%)
  4. I think that Disney will get quite a big share (like half) I guess mostly Disney will get the money. I guess Jim continues to own them, if Fox does, than of course Disney would do in the future. No idea, that is mainly based on 3)
  5. Me, joking, never Well some people on here certainly seemed to believe it.
  6. Taruseth

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    People do that for all movies. It might do the same as JW, but one should remember this isn't JW, it's the sequel, so normally it would be more presales heavy.
  7. Taruseth

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    It's at 32.7% on MT and I2 at 51.2% on Thursday, okay it's just noon, but that is not that high. That will certainly change sometime this afternoon/evening. But I guess this year in a way could be like 2015 (JW $106.6M and IO $90.4M) Okay JW2 hopefully is higher than JWs 2nd weekend and I2 might be lower, but considering the fact that JW opened to 208M, that isn't a nice opening.
  8. Solo had higher presales yet the same increase as JW2, that doesn't really point towards JW2 going crazy this weekend.
  9. Is it though? +82.3% Solo +80% Okay I2 had just 67.9% increase, but that was also twice as big. And IW was in another Universe.
  10. Your high end is a 50% drop, I guess if everything goes right it could do closer to 100M (maybe (4%) even hit 100M) 10 days above 20M. OMG; TFA has 17 straight day above 20M Right now Spider-Man 2 is the only film with 6 days (WTFSSM Monday was 5th of July) JW, TDK, IW etc. have five And can I2 get the third biggest (non Opening Tuesday) right now: #1: TFA: $37.36M (1st Week) would need a 54.8% increase to top it (not happening) #2: TFA: $29.53M (2nd Week) would need a 22.4% increase to top this #3: TLJ: $27.73M (2nd Week) would need a 14.9% increase to top it
  11. Mmmmh... So between those, hoping for $24.169M😂
  12. I kind off want to join, because this is bold... sorry, more like (stupid....) But JW2 is to strong, unless I2 drops like WW, SM or TFA this ain't happening. So out🙈
  13. I hope it falls 53% (exactly) for $24.69M or 54.905% for $23.69M If it drops the same as FD from Saturday it would get 25.25M monday

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