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  1. True like US, Asia embraces Superheros. So, last year will probably become the second year (after 2016) without a 4M admission movie (in 2016 RO missed by about 5k adm.) This year FB2 will probably miss by 100k. Don't know about the german film, could get close to 3.9M too, but right now I'd say something more along the lines of 3.5-3.75M. I really hope BR legs will leg it out a lot further. At least past 3.01M so FS will only be #5 for the year. FB2 DJmadFL IW BR FS3
  2. Taruseth

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $574M OS | $772,7M WW

    I'd say will happen. Needs 47.1M to do it, should do at least 25M in Japan and 10M in Us so the rest needs to do just 12.1M and as pepsa pointed out last weekend was 11.4M, so it would basically only need to do that again. And I'd say that should be easy. Either it developed amazing legs in the market or it's not grossing anything, that should mean rather good OS legs
  3. I'd say it's the first and also the second worst for all movies opening above like 6/7M. ME: 2.09856 Aeon Flux (12/02/2005): 2.0436
  4. BOM doesn't adjust the OS total every week based on XR, they count that normally and just add the weeks gross, at least for IW they did. So I'd say those are better than the individual market numbers.
  5. I'd say it has. AQM: 4.56M (+127.7%) 8.6M (+88.6%) 5.5M (-36%) 18.66 The Upside: 6.95M 7.5M (+7.9%/+28.2%) 4.5M (-40%) 18.95M Both are probably a little optimistic on Saturday (AQM more so than the Upside) But I could see something like this happening.
  6. Taruseth


    That's what Deadline says: "[...] Dr Seuss is not well-known outside the English-speaking markets and Germany[.]" Grossed 501M (270M Us and 231M OS) But that is coming dangerously normal for some movies that are popular in the US. (Star Wars is the best example) And the share of the other markets is strongly influenced by Chinas performance.
  7. Don't really know, I just don't really the think the films are that great, yeah, they are good, really good, but that's it.
  8. The final admissions count for Germany will be published in February by the FFA. But it looks more like the year is around a 100M admissions (so, that still could mean the lowest year ever.)
  9. And BR really above 100k, apparently. YEAAAAAAH.
  10. It's an average regardless of release date. But those legs really are impressive compared to that.
  11. Not just Japan, it did better than the first in France and Germany too.
  12. Taruseth

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $574M OS | $772,7M WW

    I'd call that the magic of Christmas and New Year (and it being a really well liked movie)
  13. Yeah, sorry don't know about a lot of the smaller countries. But just wanted to point out, that Japan in general is quite leggy market. Though one could say BR is doing something pretty impressive in Japan, SK and some smaller markets.
  14. Yeah, I agree with you, pointed out the same thing in the international topic.
  15. I'd say that TGS and Jumanji were probably the closest from the last few years. And those crazy run nowadays only happen in Japan (Frozen or Your Name) and sometimes somewhat in China.

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