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  1. A:EG was 462k. 200k sounds really good, who had holiday apart from Saxony though? Like it should have a shot at a 1M 4-day opening and hopefully a total close to the first.
  2. Wednesday evening and night showings: CineStar Bremen 3D 20:00: 69 / 572 2D 19:30: 154 / 425 Total: 223 / 997 CinemaxX Bremen OV 3D 19:30: 29 / 297 3D 20:00: 36 / 342 3D 23:00: 4 / 342 Total: 69 / 981 Cinestar Metropolis Frankfurt 2D 19:30: 134 / 624 3D OV 20:00: 111 / 344 3D 20:15: 80 / 642 3D 22:15: 13 / 624 3D OV 22:45: 4 / 344 Total: 342 / 2578 Total: 634 / 4556 I know, that I had planned and I think even wrote it, to count Frozen 2, but I didn't have the time to count, so here is a quick count for the 3 normal cinemas - the difference between CinemaxX and Cinestar in Bremen is kinda worrying. But Wednesday should be the second weakest day of the opening weekend (tomorrow should be the weakest)
  3. 3rd trend is rather awful: Geheimnis: 675k (-27%) Joker: 195k (-51%) Recep Ivedik 6: 140k Zombieland: 130k Maleficent: 75k (-57% ouch) Addams Family: 70k (-52%) Dark Fate: 50k (-57%) Lara: 37.5k Midway: 35k IwnniNY: 32.5k (-57%) Parasite: 27.5k (-40%) Shaun: 25k (-63%) Mhh, makes getting much past 4M harder for both.
  4. Depends, but overall I'd say pretty good. Haven't taken a detailed look though and haven't counted at any cinema, mostly because I have no comps out that far, though if I find the time I most likely will just compare it to final sales.
  5. So Joker was over predicted a bit as was Geheimnis, none the less, now Joker is exactly at where I thought it would need to be for 4M (even though I had hopes for a little higher weekend), so I still think it will get to 4M but I doubt much past that. Geheimnis with that 2nd weekend still barely would have the 2nd biggest 2nd weekend this year.
  6. Insidekino.de 1st estimates: Das perfekte Geheimnis: 750k (-19% great to amazing hold) Joker: 250k (total 3.55M) (-37%) Zombieland II: 160k (already over the total of the first movie) Recep Ivedik 6: 110k (this would be kinda bad) Maleficent: 85k (total 905k) (-51%) Terminator: 65k (total 400k) (-44.4% hold is actually kinda good) The Addams Family: 65k (365k) (-55%, but just 27% down from opening weekend) Lara: 40k (only in 83 cinemas). Btw. TLK should be past 5.5M by now. If Frozen 2 and TROS deliver we would end up with 6 4M movies. 4M movies (in brackets numbers above 5M) 2018: / 2017: 3 (but one 94k below 6m, the other 136k above) 2016: / 2015: 8 (1 slightly below 7M, on slightly above, one at 7.7M and TFA at 9.06M) 2014: 3 (one at 6M, one at 7.27M) 2013: 4 (1 at 6.1M and one at 7.4M) 2012: 4 (two at 6.7M, one at 7.83M and one at 9.16M, no movie between 3.97 and 6.67M) 2011: 4 (one at 6.5M) 2010: 1 (5.8M) 2009: 6 (one at 6.2M, one at 8.7M and one at 11.3M) 2008: 3 (one at 6.06M) 2007: 5 (three between 6.07M and 6.3M and one at 7.1M) 2006: 5 (three between 5.45M and 5.67M and one at 7.23M and one at 8.75M) 2005: 4 (one at 5.62M, one at 6.72M and one at 8M) 2004: 7 (one at 5.32M one at 6.63M, one at 6.8M and one at 9.165M) 2003: 5 (one at 6.18M, one at 6.58M, one at 8.68M and one at 10.43M) 2002: 8 (5.15M, 5.19, 5.7M, 7.3M, 9.7M, 10.7M) 2001: 9 (5.8M, 6.49M, 11.72M, 11.83M, 12.57M) 2000: 4 (6.168M) Never before realized how insane the 8 movies above 4M in 2015, for the past twenty years that's tied in second place with 2002 behind only freaking 2001. Also the three highest grossing movies since 2000 released within 5 month from (19th July (#3 Der Schuh des Manitu), 22nd November (#1 HP 1) and 19th December (#2 LotR 1). But that also shows that overall movies either tend to get past 4M or fall short by a lot.
  7. Joker should be about 3.19-3.2M after the weekend, normally I would say after a 400k weekend passing 4M is basically locked, but I think that the weekend was greatly helped by the holidays on thursday and friday. So next weekend drops will be kinda hard, none the less it only has 800k more to go: 4th wdays: 100k 5th wend: 225k (-43.75% - probably too harsh) 5th wdays: 55k 6th wend: 155k (-31.1%) 6th days: 25k 7th wend: 90k (-41.9%) Frozen 2 needs screens so Joker will lose most afternoon showings* 7th wdays: 15k 8th wend: 65k (-31.6%) 8th wdays: 10k 9th wend: 35k (-46.2%) this might be to steep as no big movie is supposed to open 9th days: 5k 10th wend: 20k (-42.9%) Jumanji probably hurts, so this in turn could be harsher 10th wdays: 5k 11th wend - will probably get slaughtered as Star Wars opens. Would be 805k. So I think it's heading for 3.9-4.1M. *I think Frozen 2 will play more afternoon heavy than the average Disney/Pixar movie- maybe it's just my feeling or locally, but Disney/Pixar kids movies appear to be leaning more towards the evening than Illumination etc. kids movies.
  8. 3rd Trend by insidekino.de: Das perfekte Geheimnis: 905k (wP 1025k) Just 17k behind TLK Joker: 400k (-11%) (looks like this will be a really close call between this and TLK) Maleficent: 180k (-2%) Addams Family: 150k Dark Fate: 115k (-14%) IwnniNY: 75k (-18%) Halloween Haunt: 62.5k Shaun: 60k (+43%) 7. Kogustaki Mucize: 55k (+5% - another increase!) Scary Stories tTitD: 52.5k Bayala: 47.5k (+29%) Parasite: 45k (-4%) Angry Birds 2: 40k (+27%) Dora: 37.5k (+30%) Abominable: 37.5k (+33%) The holidays helped a lot: Top 10 with 2055k admissions (obviously without the previews of DpG), so only the 2nd weekend this year where the Top 10 had more than 2M admissions, the only other was in week 17 - the weekend where Endgame opened - where the Top 10 had 2302k admissions. and there only have been four more weekends with at least 1500k admissions: Week 6: 1584k - OWend of How to train your Dragon Week 10: 1542k - OWend of Captain Marvel Week 31: 1682k - TLK 3rd weekend, Hobbs&Shaw and Leberkäsjunkie OWend Week 33: 1578k - Hollywood's OWend, TLK's 5th weekend and TS4's OWend TLK's OWend fell short by 58k.
  9. So with TLK and Joker we might be looking at something like this (weekends) 1st: TLK won (overall Endgame) 2nd Joker won (overall Endgame) 3rd TLK won 4th Joker won 5th TLK will win 6th Joker will win (Right now Green Book with 154k) 7th no idea - probably Joker 8th most likely TLK
  10. Looks like Thursday boost might not have been as strong as suspected and rainy friday with holidays in the three most populated states (roughly half of the german population lives in these three) (and two smaller ones) apparently was a bigger factor.
  11. Looks great for all movies, even for bloody Terminator (on the really awful level obviously). Fuck, 400k would be a lot for Joker... And das perfekte Geheimnis, what, never would have expected that, looks like we are actually going to have 2 movies in the big gap between 2.5M and 5M (and Frozen 2) and if Joker holds well next weekend than it might, just might creep past 4M and das perfekte Geheimnis probably should get above that too - don't know think until Frozen 2 there isn't much around. I think that's rather hard, but possible as yesterday the weather was really good (cold but sonny, really beautiful), today and the weekend are supposed to be rainy (but warmer 15 °C compared to 2-7 °C yesterday) so I think that could depress yesterday a bit despite the holiday at least in northern Germany that was the case. Now that this year looks kinda okay overall. TLK 5.5M Endgame 5.1M Joker 4M DpG 4M and Frozen 2 and IX still too come, I hope for 4M and 6M for these two.
  12. I think the upper part of that range is more likely if it holds well next weekend due to colder and rainier weather (and public holiday on Thursday (Reformation day) in the protestant northern parts of Germany and on Friday (All Saints' Day) in the catholic southern part), but I still think it has a chance at 3.9-4M (especially with a 4th weekend flat from this weekend), don't think it will get further than that. It's at 2.64M after a 0.45M 3rd weekend. So it would need to add 3x that for 4M. Don't really know what to take as a comp for this (most Superhero movies perform differently and a movie like TLK had a worse 2nd weekend hold but great weekdays (summer) and great holds on 3rd weekend and later in the run sometimes even increase from weekend to weekend which lead to adding at least 4.25x the 3rd weekend (564k 3rd weekend for TLK). While Endgame only added 1.976x the 3rd weekend (419k 3rd weekend). And it partly depends how long a few chains keep it in their cinemas (Don't know about some but Cinestar (I think the biggest chain) keeps most movies for 12-14 weeks and if a movie has legs like BR they can be played for more than 20 weeks.
  13. That isn't that important in Germany. Most movies never sell out a show past Previews (and even that rarely, if it all apart from the likes of TFA, happens), so there are always enough seats available and most showings don't even reach 50% sold. Joker mostly had more showings than Terminator and almost always in the bigger rooms too.
  14. Yeah it got the Bronze award (one million in 10 days and more than 1000 people per copy) and should have gotten the silver one by now but they might not have written an article about that yet. If it gets to Gold it would tie with TLK and Avengers for this year with the important difference that TLK got to 5M on its 53rd day and endgame on day 59 or so, while Joker will fall short by most likely a million.
  15. 2nd Trend by insidekino.de: Joker: 440k (-38%)* Maleficent: 175k (-40%) Terminator: 120k (OUCH) New York: 105k (-7% / -14%) Addams Family: 95k 7. Kogustaki M.: 52.5k (+22%) Parasite: 50k (-5% / -26%) Dem Horizont so nah: 42.5k (-33%) Bayala: 35k Gemini Man: 32.5k (-58%) Shaun: 30k (-62%) *Don't think it will get to 4M but will easily get past 3M.
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