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  1. Taruseth

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    How will this year end? It's 19% behind admissions based on the weekly top 10 and I doubt it will be able to do much against that in this and the next two weekends and it will get crushed on the last weekend, because FJG3 opened there last year and Thor opened on Tuesday too in the week following the weekend, I doubt I2 will be able to held itself against that. And then around Christmas their won't be a SW movie which probably will just hurt more. If it stay at the 19% behind it would end with 99M admissions.
  2. They need to change the release date, it isn't the first in the year, that is dumbo and it isn't the big one either, that is Alladin, it could be big, but it needs room to breathe for that, and that isn't 1.5 months before TLK and not on the fourth or fifth weekend after the next Avengers. And Toy story opening in it's like fourth or third weekend isn't gone helming either.
  3. I am IN! Agree with the Locks, I think both Mary Poppins and Aquaman will gross more than 200M. Bumblebee will do around the same amount as TF5. I guess Spidey will help Spiderverse over the mark. And I have a weird confidence that Mortal Engines will surprise a little and gross like $102M (maybe with a little WIT) alita is my main worry for this, but James Cameron is producing, so I guess it will get there, barely. I think it will be close, but I'll go in.
  4. It's not just Sweden, it's also Norway $16.8M and Avatar had $14.2M and Kon-Tiki $14.1M. In Iceland it's just second to Avatar in 2008-2018: Avatar: 1.128M and MM: 1.102M. And just loving Abba doesn't mean the film will blow everything away. In Germany they have the fourth most sold Album, yet MM did only $39M (Avatar did $162M, TFA did $111M, Hobbit I did $89M, Hobbit II did $88M TLJ did $83M)
  5. There are quite some exceptions though since 2012 (before that I think HP, LTR, Avatar, Titanic and PotC were basically the only movies that did it.) The only movies that got past 600M for OS-Ch-J are IW $955M TLJ $603M TFA $ 909.4M JW $716.1M AoU $679.9M Minions $712.2M IM 3 $659.4M Hobbit 2 $611.6M Skyfall $712.5M Avengers $763.4M Hobbit 1 $649.2M Ice Age 4 $620M And here basically IW and TFA stand out as they are basically close too 200M ahead of everyone but Avengers and would and Avatar and Titanic would be even further ahead by a lot more. And the others would all join the 600-715M club.
  6. Taruseth

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    MM2 and HT3 holding so well are basically saving these weekends, with help first from Ant-Man and now from MI6. I really look forward to tomorrow, finally a cooler day again. We had like 37 °C yesterday and at 8 pm it was still 34.6 °C outside.
  7. Taruseth

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    If the weather predictions hold the holds next weekend could be really good.
  8. Taruseth

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    Wouldn't that mean that MM2 won the weekend and Ant-Man started in third! place (with around 180k). The thunderstorm yesterday around 3 pm helped a little, the temperature in the night was like 14-15 °C outside and not 22-24 °C. But it's predicted to get really hot again (34 °C tomorrow and on Tuesday) Normally three days a year above 30 °C, this week Tuesday to Saturday all above 30 °C and Monday around 30 °C, with tomorrow and Tuesday that are just eight days and just seven days above 30 °C before that.. so just 15 days this year after Tuesday (if today stays below, I really hope it does)
  9. Taruseth

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    Too hot. We had 34 °C on tuesday and 35 °C yesterday and today. And Prediction for tomorrow is 35 °C and 34 °C for Saturday. So we would have 3 days above 35 °C this year, normally we have 3 days over 30 °C (and like 0.3 days above 35 °C). At 8 this morning the temperature in the laboratory was already 29 °C.
  10. Taruseth

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    I am not to certain, as we have basically nothing about this movies as it's a year and a week out. But if I would need to guess, I would agree with you (if Germany and France get close also depends on ER)
  11. Either Animated etc. is getting presales heavy or Skyscraper is screwed.
  12. It really won't be, I loved her in TLJ (okay the angel scene was a bit over the top )
  13. Seventh Weekend was 3.495M with Japan ($2.64M) and 0.855M without Ger: $0.261M Uk: $0.122M France: 0.13M Spain: $0.06M Australia: $0.055M Comb.: $0.568M (+Spain: 0.628M) (Rest incl. Spain: 0.287M) Weekend Share of Uk, Ger, Australia and France (OS-Japan): 7th: 66.4% Germany's share alone grew from 6.87% on OW to 30.5% this Weekend. Seventh Weekend for TLJ: Ger ($1.05M), Japan ($0.97M), RO: Uk ($0.64M) and Ger ($0.51M) and for TFA: Japan ($2.12M), Uk ($1.91M), Ger ($1.81M), France ($1.31M) and Australia ($0.91M).
  14. Taruseth

    BO Germany/Austria: Johnny English 3 opens on top

    I don't fully know about Germany, but as it seems like the first half of the year is the worst this millennium (and probably the worst since 1992 or maybe even worse. If the second half isn't at least somewhat okay, I think this year has a chance at becoming the first year since (before 1965 probably even before 1950) to have less than 100m admissions sold. Right now I think it will end with about 105m adm.
  15. What a modern english teacher, we had to read stuff like Dracula and The crucible, the only modern book we had to read was in 10th grade '13 reasons why'. Ignoring the fact that Bella is in high school and Edward is 100 years old the Books and films are good.

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