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  1. Pinacolada

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    I want this movie now!
  2. It's gonna do better than the OW of Fantastic Beasts 1 tho..... What's up with everyone saying China is rejecting it? It's not doing A LOT better, but still on par
  3. I think the social media is pretty good rn. I mean the Youtube views aren't huge but it's getting talked about on twitter. I think it'll do just fine
  4. God I love it! Hopefully Burton delivers
  5. No I'm sure he already filmed stuff for Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, and maybe even Spiderman Far From Home
  6. Pinacolada

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Hmmm Why do you say that? I thought this is the one fans will love
  7. Lol! The first priority for the sequel that they can check off the list fastest is they HAVE to get Woody Harrelson a new and better wig. That wig made him look like a weird edgy 35 year old. It was so bizarre haha, I do like the casting though. As for sequel titles someone mentioned, I doubt they're gonna do a carnage solo movie. Just call Venom 2 "Venom: Maximum Carnage"
  8. I think it'll get to positive. James Mottram's review was a 100 on metacritic and that hasn't been added to RT yet. I'm thinking around 65%
  9. I don't think Spider's Web will be a BIG loser. I don't know and don't think that it'll make a profit or make enough to get a sequel, but with the budget being under $45 million, it should be able to at least double its budget overall. I imagine overseas might help, and I think it should AT LEAST hit $40m domestically. Robin Hood and Overlord on the other hand..... nah.
  10. LOL. Yeah, I really hope Venom 2 can drop Ruben Fleischer and get someone else. I want to root for Fleischer, seems like a decent guy, but his direction is so uninspired, It's just... there. Someone could do something really cool with Venom and I just don't think he's that guy. I don't understand how he got Venom 1 in the first place. They snagged Tom frickin Hardy. I feel like they could have gotten a better director. Hoping the sequel will do that
  11. How's that number for Old Man and The Gun?

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