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  1. I think the No Time to Die premiere and review embargo lift will give it a massive boost. If the movie's reviews are as good as I think they're going to be, it will start selling really well next week
  2. Does this movie have a red carpet premiere? There's still nothing scheduled. I know they're doing another fan screening in LA and New York I think. But a legitimate premiere for the press still isn't booked
  3. Pretty much all of the Pre-Daniel Craig Bond films are on Pluto Tv right now. Completely free streaming service
  4. I was never expecting it to be a genuinely good movie or solidly Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but I'll be massively disappointed if the critics score is on the same level or even worse than the first one. I really thought the only way it would go was up with this sequel. Was thinking somewhere in the 40% range. Not good, but you know, an improvement
  5. Yeah and going "grounded and serious" with Venom 1 would have been a disaster decision considering how awful the script is. There are still glimpses of that in the movie. As in, Riz Ahmed's performance. Clearly, he thinks he's acting in a grounded, and "dark" superhero movie, and was most definitely directed as such, and it is easily the worst part of the movie. So bad
  6. Hard disagree. Fleischer is an idiot I don't think Serkis is a great director, they should've gotten Travis Knight (he was on the shortlist), but I actually feel like Serkis has it in him to get better. Fleischer had NO idea what he was doing on that first one, whereas Serkis seems like he is aware of what this movie is and is going to capture the silly tone
  7. I think Venom will do well, but I agree I don't think V2 is crossing $200m domestically. I think $150m is the over/under I do think No Time to Die will. If it can open to around $70m, I think it will. Especially if it's as great as I hope/we've heard. The runtime could hurt it tho
  8. I'm not watching the WHOLE SAGA, but I am watching the ones that are considered to be the really good ones. Currently on Thunderball and then onto On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I haven't seen either and I'm looking forward to it. And then yeah, I'll watch all the Craig ones too
  9. Yeah but Skyfall was a whole different beast. That movie was an absolute phenomenon that had the perfect storm of being a great movie, the 50th anniversary, and an absolute smash hit opening theme song by Adele, who was at her absolute peak. Skyfall is a bit of an outlier, but I do think that NTTD wouldn't have fallen below Spectre (which still did incredibly well at $880m). I think NTTD would've gotten to $900m if it weren't for Covid
  10. Yeah that fan screening seems like it was a really smart move. I think it's the best marketing they've done for this film
  11. Why do you say that? No time to die tickets haven't even gone on sale yet in the US, and it seems to be selling well thus far in the UK. And again, I do believe Venom 2 will pick up in the last week, but I digress about that. It seems like that fan screening is really out drum up buzz
  12. I also think Venom's budget isn't very high. The first one was $100m. I don't think this one looks much higher. Probably like $120m
  13. Yeah some Spectre reviews also came out before its premiere as well I believe
  14. Yeah I'm really curious how this will open. I think it can match and even beat Spectre, but the whole crowd saying that this appeals to older folks and those folks aren't really coming back to theaters yet makes me question what's realistic for this movie I agree that reviews will be really important for this. I fully expect this to be on the same level as Casino Royale/Skyfall and that's gonna help it a lot. I wonder when reviews are gonna drop though. The premiere is on September 28 in the UK which is only a day before it would premiere there which is odd. Obviously
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