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  1. But I thought we had heard that the screenings for New Mutants went pretty ok. Like it was a decent movie. It wasn't any kind of disaster. It just wasn't a horror movie. Then IT came out and then FOX decided they wanted to go full on horror after that
  2. Wow this trailer is a lot different... I liked the music of the other trailer more, but this trailer was more consistent in the way that it was cut I'll say
  3. Definitely agree with this. I'm excited for this. I love the X-Men franchise, but I completely agree. Kinberg's talking about how Scott and Jean's love is a big driving force for the movie but how does he expect audiences to care when we haven't really seen them together like that at all. There were mild hints of attraction in Apocalypse but that was it
  4. Dug the trailer honestly. The first half of it was a bit rough, but as it went on I really got into it. And even Sophie Turner impressed me a bit. That first line with her crying "why did you make me do that" made it go off on a rocky start. But I thought it got a lot better. Seeing Beast go apeshit was pretty great. Hopefully we see him kick ass. Storm looks like she's finally gonna get to go off with her powers. And it's so great seeing Fassbender back as this character. He kicks ass and the moment with the guns was awesome. SIDE NOTE: Judging by the heels of the person he's shooting at, my guess is he's shooting at Chastain, not Jean Grey. Overall solid trailer. I'm excited and just hoping for the best
  5. GUYS... Jimmy said full trailer after the show. They didn't just forget
  6. Fallon starts at 11:35 ET. So the trailer will drop at like 12:00 ET
  7. Damn thought we were gonna get a trailer real soon. I'm fine with this move but November starts to get crowded by the end of the month. Terminator at the beginning of the month. Midway, Sonic which if it isnt trash could break out, Dr Sleep, then on the same week we have the new Paul Feig movie with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, then the weeks after have Frozen 2, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and then Knives Out. I feel like all these movies have the potential to breakout and eat up Ford v Ferrari. Really excited though
  8. Pinacolada

    Weekend Thread: Miss Bala $650K preview

    Why did Second Act get such a large expansion this week???
  9. Nice. Hopefully we get a trailer soon
  10. I feel like these drops are very optimistic for this weekend... Doesn't Superbowl Sunday just fuck everything up??
  11. Why do you say Days of Future Past is unwatchable? And you don't like First Class, X1 (Super dated now but still pretty good), and X2 (holds up) either?
  12. False. Days of Future Past is a fantastic movie. Such a beautiful movie about hope. It's filled with great performances, and it's the one Simon Kinberg movie that's actually really well written. The scene with Charles talking to young Charles is one of my favorite scenes in a CBM. Like come on. Watch that scene again. It is so good.

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