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  1. The thing is though, first of all, that definitely not 30 hours before. It's more like 48 or so. Secondly, it's not like that's the premiere. The premiere might be before that like on the 1st or before.
  2. I think we're getting the trailer within the next two weeks
  3. X3 and Apocalypse are the only not good ones... X1, X2, First Class, and Days of Future Past are all great. That's 4/6.
  4. Because Destroyer is gonna be a really small movie with limited commercial play and a smaller budget
  5. This is just a promo shot. The background looks like the scene where he's holding that guy saying "eyes lungs pancreas before he licks him but he doesn't eat him there bc later in the trailer it shows that same scene and Venom throws the dude away. I think he just licks him and that throws him. Doesn't bite or eat him
  6. The past few hours Venom's selling a lot more tickets than ASIB. I think it's starting to pick up the pace a bit here. Any way to compare it to movies like Ant Man and the Wasp or something at the same time?
  7. Keep us updated with these if you could
  8. Sony's rollout of presale tickets for Venom was really slow and odd. I think it's about to pick up
  9. Is this how many tickets were bought for the films on that particular day?
  10. What the fuck kind of mentality is this? 1st of all, we haven't seen the movie so we don't know if it's gonna be bad. Secondly, you're going OUT OF YOUR WAY to tell people NOT to see a MOVIE. Are you 5 years old?
  11. Ok not too bad... Any word on when the premiere of the movie is?
  12. Yeah theaters are slowly releasing tickets for Venom, but Sony or the twitter page hasn't made the official announcements "Tickets on sale now" kinda thing yet. That'll have an impact and it's weird they haven't done that

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