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  1. Fassbender is great in these. Fassbender and McAvoy should stay in my opinion though that might not work
  2. I feel like Annapurna shafted Vice's theater count this week. Theater count went like 33% down. Weird after having small drops over the week and weekend
  3. Replicas is about to be a huge L for Entertainment Studios. Only 47 Meters Down and Hostiles have remotely worked for them. Pretty good for The Upside though it's over budget. Happy for Bryan Cranston but this should not have been $35m budgeted movie. Should do fine though
  4. The metacritic so far.... I'm crying. Like this is so depressing
  5. Man this weekend is packed. Like I know it's mostly different audiences but damn. IDK if the Danny Boyle movie should've moved here but whatever. That would be awesome for Ford v Ferrari. I assume that will probably do really well Overseas as well??? Also curious what the name is going to be. Mangold has it listed as "Le Mans 66" on his twitter, but I doubt that and really hope that isn't the title lol
  6. Vice's budget should have been $40m, which is what we originally thought it was
  7. we don't really know if Outlaw King (or even Mowgli) weren't watched a lot
  8. Pinacolada

    Wednesday numbers

    I really don't get this. Vice has been selling way more than Homes and Watson and The Mule and is still making a solid amount less than them...
  9. Is the Vice number including Tuesday night previews?
  10. Any chance that OD number for Vice is actually higher? I mean it had Tuesday previews and it didn't sell that far behind H&W (which didn't have previews) yesterday. It also somehow finished below The Mule which snagged $4.9m, but Vice sold way more than that...
  11. To be fair, The Big Short wasn't that political so people (conservatives) didn't have a problem with it being left-leaning, which they clearly do have a problem here with Vice if you check RT audience scores and reviews and IMDB. I'm sure it affected Cinemascore a bit.

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