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  1. For real. Really hope those all do well. Specifically this and Ford v Ferrari. I'll have to see a trailer for Woman in the Window
  2. Yeah it's not great. HOWEVER, Magneto's stuff in the first half (the beginning and up to destroying Auschwitz) was all great. Fassbender was so damn good
  3. Fuck Disney. Stupid ass motherfuckers giving this $170m budget. Wackos
  4. Heart breaking honestly. I wish Ferrell, Reilly, and Mckay would've gotten that border patrol comedy off the ground with McKay directing. That sounded like it could've been great with them 3.
  5. Excited for "The Gentlemen". Great to hear that it looked good and a lot of notices for Colin Farrell which makes me happy. He has really good comedic timing I think with Horrible Bosses and In Bruges. Excited for that though I'm still concerned over its money making potential. I'm sure the budget is probably bloated and STX.....
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