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  1. For real though, they need to move the movie. It's pretty clear just from the Thursday pre-sales this is not living up to expectations (100% due to coronavirus and not people just not being interested in the film, they clearly are), and today the panic is really starting to erupt, with the NCAA March Madness announcement, and E3 as well. This movie will not live up to its potential if it's released next Friday. This thing can be huge, especially since it's apparently very very good like the first one. But if it's released next Friday, I think it'll make less than the first film did in its opening weekend and will have worse legs. I would guess the budget for this is also probably like $40m at least?
  2. It was a hit in terms of expectations and its Domestic gross. Domestically it did great, it's just that the international take was definitely a disappointment. It made $225m WW. I'd say it's about at break even. With ancillaries and whatnot, I think it'll breakeven and even make some money. It was a success for Fox/Disney after the terrible year they had.
  3. The problem is is that they've already dumped millions and millions into the marketing already. With the Superbowl and whatnot
  4. Really pleased that this is having a pretty solid run. I honestly thought this was going to struggle to get to even $50m WW with that generic ass title. But this is pretty great
  5. Yeah ik. Those week to week percentages r just horrifying to see visually
  6. Which would be a shame because I think she's great and has good chemistry with Daniel Craig. I also definitely think Ana has just the 1 sequence. It'll be a long scene, but looks like it's just that sequence with the dress. Antovolk posted the UK poster on twitter and Ana didn't even have billing on the poster, whereas the other girls did...
  7. I thought I'd just say The Gentlemen is having a sneaky good run. I think it's at $75m now. The deadline international report stated that it opened in a few more markets and made over $8m internationally this weekend. Pretty solid. I think this can get to $90m WW
  8. I feel like this is unfair for all of these movies. Little Women going for $27m+ 5 day opening is just fine, and Uncut Gems getting $20m is excellent for that film and an A24 release. Knives Out is having terrific legs as it's looking to have a $20m 5 day week as well. And Ford v Ferrari has done well enough. It's domestic numbers are solid. I think it got screwed a bit by an onslaught of Adult-oriented, counter programming movies, soon after its release like KO, ABDITN. It lost theaters to those movies. Knives Out still has 2000 or so over Christmas, whereas FvF has 700 or so due to no1currs like Richard Jewell, and Bombshell, and Cats, etc, but since they're newer releases, they get the higher theater counts. I would agree that after a $31.5m OW, an A+ cinemascore, and fantastic critics reviews it should have had 4x+ legs, but it's still looking at 3.5x, and a $115ish million finish domestically. That's a win for that movie. That movies disappointment is the international box office. Hopefully it can get a China release date soon, and after Knives Out raked in a near $30m over there, I think Ford v Ferrari can easily match that.
  9. I just watched The Rise of Skywalker in a regular theater. I was hoping for a Tenet trailer but was doubtful since it just came out this morning. The 2nd trailer, I see the WB LOGO, Syncopy logo, and I immediately grab my friends' arms on both sides of me, only to see the next shot of JDW far away from the glass, realizing that it's just the teaser trailer. I was crushed haha. I still like that teaser, but I wanted to watch that trailer on the big screen with my friends (who aren't really big movie fans like me but know who Christopher Nolan is). It's weird. Dunkirk trailer 2 came out a few days before Rogue One. I saw that with pretty much the same group of friends also opening Thursday night. In that same theater. And they played the Dunkirk teaser instead. And now, the same theater played the Tenet teaser instead of the full trailer. Bummer lol
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