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  1. I want this to be a hit (hoping that it turns out to be good first of all), but I'm just not feeling it domestically for this. I feel like the Opening Weekend is gonna be like $25m Hope I'm wrong, but that 2nd trailer made no noise. They gotta hope the reviews for this are somehow good and the WOM is that it's "fun" like Jumanji or something.
  2. What's up with Licorice Pizza dropping 32% from last weekend, even though it was only wide on Saturday and Sunday last weekend? Kind of a major yikes right?
  3. I wonder what the budget is for American Underdog
  4. Where do you think the apathy came towards TSS though? I actually think you're right, but that's a solid film, unlike the other 2 (tho I enjoyed resurrections). Was Gunn's style to abrasive? Or maybe u mean the first film was so bad that audiences didn't care
  5. no Not even the biggest GOT fan, but Yellowstone is atrocioisly written, and this is coming from a Taylor Sheridsn fanboy, who has recently completely fallen off. It's a soap opera with a nice setting
  6. So did America Underdog crater after opening day? Is its Monday good at all? I thought this was gonna be a surprise leggy hit, especially appealing to middle America (still can be I guess). Cinemascore and audience scores really ain't shit anymore
  7. $269m of Venom $800m+ gross was from China, which Venom 2 did not have. So Venom 2s BO gross was not that much lower than the first in like-for-like markets. Also, V2 cost $110m. $500m was a great result
  8. I believe it ended its run Which is dumb. Looking at its numbers it looked like it could've made a couple more million. Probably couldn't hang onto enough theaters to make it worth while and just said fuck it
  9. Anyway, I watched Nightmare Alley. It was good. I'd recommend it. If you're worried about Covid, there's a very solid chance you'll be the only one in the theater
  10. This looks fucking fantastic. I really hope this can surprise at the boxoffice. Im not expecting a genuine hit, but I'm hoping it can at least get to $100m WW. On a $60m budget, that's obviously not profitable. But it'll be fine enough for the times. In terms of accessibility goes, this looks very similar to The Revenant. Nothing like The Green Knight. Obviously this doesn't star Leo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy but I think General Audiences may be into this. I wonder if it's gonna play in front of any big movies coming up? Omicron should hopefully have peaked a while before its release
  11. Oh damn. I honestly thought they were doing ok in the mid market movie area. The Gentlemen and Wrath of Man seemed to do well for them Just my own 2 cents, I bet they sell off Chris Pine's The Contractor but release this theatrically. I think this has potential to do as well as the aforementioned Guy Ritchie STX films EDIT: I always forget Wrath of Man was MGM, not STX
  12. Those two just got pushed today/yesterday to the new spots
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