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  1. I miss the days when i didn't know what a "ship" was, this kind of thing was usually contained to dumb things like Twilight or Hannibal or Bioware games now it's everywhere, Tumblr was the Internets biggest mistake and now everyone is paying for it
  2. I think JJ's mystery boxes added a lot of continued excitement and repeated viewings around the movie, so much buzz and so many theories and so much hype for Luke. Also Disney's marketing push was insane for this, definitely lead to the record breaking numbers.
  3. I wonder what beloved classic IP WB will throw at him so he can give it the JJ treatment
  4. Dumbest thing is Aquaman delivered on so much spectacle and epic fantasy landscapes and monster battle (too much some would say) and it costed like half of TLJ/TFA. And it actually looked good, It rarely broke the immersion or suspense because of some bad CGI scene George said he waited for technology to get better for the prequels to be made and they were groundbreaking,this new trilogy could have been so much more, but idiot big head directors fall for youtube memes hurr CGI bad.They think they're real filmmakers or something
  5. I'm sad there's no release date in my country.My sister loves musicals and made a deal to go watch it together, I think she's having seconds thoughts now but I would love to drag her to the cinema 🤣
  6. Still didn't like how he regressed to the same smuggler and had to have the same arc all over again
  7. It's only possible between Rey and Kylo Ren because they share some special rare force connection between them known as "force dyad". In the Last Jedi snoke said he made the connection between them to lure Rey in, but I guess this movie retconned that, and they can't just communicate with each other but also pass around objects between...em planes.
  8. Aquaman was made with HALF the budget of TLJ. The prequels pushed SFX technology and digital and invented a lot of new things and they didn't even cost THAT much. What could they do with 300 million? Now just look at it and look at TLJ and TFA. LOOK AT ME MOM IM CINEMATING, wow shots of the desert, wow we need to have a practical model of those disgusting rabbit horse things even though we're just gonna use shitty CGI later, we need to have a practical puppet of that green milk thing so Mark Hammil can really feel like he's milking a 20 pound tit I'm a real filmmaker!!!
  9. Resurrecting Anakin played by Hayden and Luke to fight the emperor together? Now that's some quality fan service. I mean the movie was already kind of a farce
  10. I don't get this twitterati angle "Anyone can be a Hero". Rian introduced the concept of "Anyone can be a Hero" to Star Wars and JJ took that away somehow? I think they're just repeating buzzwords without understanding what they mean. Luke was just a simple farm boy in the OT. You might say well the prequels changed that...well yes.But the prequels also introduced hundreds of other Jedi and Obi Wan was as much of a protagonist as Anakin. Nowhere in the prequel trilogy was it ever implied you need to have some bloodline to be a Jedi master , just high amount of force sensitivity. What Rian was saying was "Anyone can be a Star Wars protagonist"... and by that he's not saying anything at all. And TROS even built on that concept...anyone can be a hero, yes even if you come from evil family. I mean not that applicable nowadays but still.
  11. I don't buy for one second that the story group has nothing to do with the disaster that is Star Wars now, Rian Johnson worked very closely with the story group and Kiri Hart, he hired her for his production company. Also Kiri Hart was demoted to consultant (basically fired) after all the disasters that came upon the franchise so I really doubt she had no voice there. The story group was instrumental for pushing Disney to make their billion dollar park and hotel investements sequel themed, a Star Wars era that will soon become the least liked and makes the least sense. If Pablo Hidalgo was the public face of the SG then he has failed immensely because he had to delete his twitter account due to him being a passive aggressive shitbag.
  12. "I thought when I read the script that Holdo would be wearing a uniform, so I did some uniform designs and showed them to Rian and he said, "Oh no, no, no, no. She’s flirting with Oscar Isaacs’ character, I don’t want her to be in a uniform, I want her to be unique and almost balletic." He said, "I’d like to see her body and her body language, and her silhouette, and have her be more feminine." This guy is like some supervillain
  13. Harry is jobless deadbeat because he's mentally stuck in his high school glory days, while Ron and Hermoine are going trough a tough wizard divorce and haven't spoken to each other in two years.
  14. Questioning KK financial and creative decisions doesn't mean she hates women, I mean the results speak for themselves. On the other hand this thread is preety creepy.
  15. Remember the guy who defeated the emperor and darth vader and blew up the death star? He killed himself in an attempt to distract Kylo Ren for five minutes so twelve remaining people can sneak out. This is some hopeful legend and it really makes me want to join the people that had all the power but were defeated in a few days.
  16. No it wasn't....If he was in hiding wanting to die the music wouldn't be so triumphant, Luke wouldn't have his Jedi Robes on, and the McGuffin wouldn't be some map it was implied Luke left with R2 to be revealed when the time is right and Max Von Sydow. I can think of many different reasons why he would be there and cut off from everyone.
  17. That's just a complete misinterpretation. Maybe even JJ didn't know what Luke was doing on that Island and just had that scene there for a cool ending but the end of TFA and beginning of TLJ don't mesh together at all. Why is the music so swell and triumphant and why does he have Jedi robes if he went there for the Jedi to die. It's misinterpretation of the ending of TFA like Rian misinterprets Star Wars in many ways.
  18. I want to believe this anonymous reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/starwarsspeculation/comments/ecromq/what_i_know_about_tros_production/ Apparently there was an outline that was heavily inspired by story cues Lucas gave JJ Abrams and Matt Smith's mystery role was suppose to be Son of Mortis from the Clone Wars. But Disney didn't like the the outline because they wanted a movie that will unite the fanbase so JJ heavily redid the movie. I mean it fits with what the movie is like now it completely plays out like a movie that was tampered by the studio but we all assumed JJ was the studio, and we still don't know what Matt Smith was doing on this project. Maybe even explains why Lucas wasn't at the premiere?
  19. George is seen in a pretty positive light now considering, I wonder if George would get his redemption arc if he never sold the franchise and we never saw that it could be worse. I think it was inevitable that the prequels would be seen in a better light no matter how the George's new trilogy would be received. But on the other hand he kept making changes to the OT movies, he's even made one new change to the Han/Greedo scene. He wasn't going to let that ago and neither was the fanbase.
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