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  1. Anyone else reading this crap and thinking JJ will ruin Star Wars for good Game of Thrones style. According to them, Palpatine is alive because of all the previous sith spirits , and Rey is aided by the spirits of all the Jedi ( even Mace Windu who never learned how to become a spirit). So this is part of some long chess game between Jedi and Sith and jedi ultimately win. This is pretty stupid and it has the potential to ruin any Old Republic movies.
  2. I'm sorry but Rian Johnson wasn't some dignified gracious patient saint, he constantly called critics manbabies, there's one famous exchange where a fan is arguing something and Rian Johson spams "MY DICK" at him on twitter. He's deleted thousands of tweets after the James Gunn fiasco, and he's (or was) IRL friends with various twitter trolls like Davin Faraci. I think it's hilarious when celebs shitpost on twitter/facebook but it's not true that Rian took all ciriticism graciously like people in this thread and twitter are claiming. He sure cleaned up his act though when it became less sure that he would direct any new Star Wars or maybe the two things are unrelated
  3. All the other films had more time after the first reviews, I recall TLJ had about three + days. But I don't think it means that much, I'm expecting for it to have good critical reception but critical lower metascore and RT than TFA.
  4. Bringing up, misinterpreting and tearing down old movies is all sequel defenders know how to do, and all of their "gotchas' are based on that. " Luke being a loser hermit who gave up is out of character" "But what about Yoda" "Rey is a mary sue" "Luke was a mary sue" "But also him being a total loser is completely in character he gave into the darkness with Vader so him trying to kill Kylo Ren makes total sense" I'm so tired of all the dishonesty. OT and PT maybe weren't planned to the last detail but they felt like a complete trilogy with a story to tell, the ST so far takes place within a few days and has no point or story to tell. Also just because something was flawed in a movie 40 years ago is not an excuse to repeat the same mistakes now that you know better and you have the same company juggling together continuity for 20 marvel movies
  5. 🙄 When people feel the need to tear down 40 year old movies so they can steer the conversation away from 2 year old movies sucking.
  6. Episode IX hype should be marketing for The Mandalorian which is marketing for Disney+. Shouldn't be the other way around but it is.
  7. imo TFA is very mediocre nostalgia bait it didn't offer the new audiences Disney was trying to get into Star Wars anything new or exciting, and TLJ wasn't very good at all, it performed like a movie with mixed WOM in even the classic SW markets, its huge drops and unusually bad legs aren't explained by just it's Star Wars. This "fate" of the franchise wasn't inevitable by any means, they just needed better movies and better planning of spin offs so they aren't all over the timeline. I mean imagine you've only seen TFA , why in the hell would you go watch a spin-off movie about young Han Solo and Chewie with what he got in TFA. He wasn't an interesting character in that movie and his death was pathetic
  8. We're laughing but mister Dicktor Von Doomcock probably made $200 of that video, this will not be his last inside scoop Every new Star Wars movie is the beSt siNce EmpiRe, this is the best since the original Star Wars, so I'm expecting good things lol
  9. How has it over-performed, compared to Last Jedi?Number of instagram users has increased a lot since then Not surprising , most appareling thing about the new trilogy is the forbidden twilight romance aspect of it
  10. I don't think Star Wars is like DC where they can just recast the characters, try a different tone and new paint and try again. How do you get China , India , Latin America to give Star Wars another chance ? Star Wars logo there is associated with boredom now. I live in a country where Star Wars was never big , everyone says the franchise is dull. Can you imagine watching Rogue One and Solo without being the nostalgia factor ? They're right they're dull. I think they had a chance to capture these markets and it's gone for good. Or maybe it's not gone for good, but they're going to have a lot harder time than the DC mess. They're going to have to build good will with many good consecutive movies , good movies that are exciting and don't rely on nostalgia to carry them. With the current people in charge? Not likely to happen
  11. 🤔 So how presale heavy is Star Wars exactly related to the other franchises...Do you know what percentage of tickets Solo sold in the first two weeks of presales compared to it's total presales ?
  12. Not willing to turn it into another one of these arguments, but no it was anything but. The entire premise of the sequels is based on some cheap out of character misunderstanding about a creepy uncle sneaking into nephews room and for it to be possible Luke had to be regressed as having learned nothing from the ending of ROTJ probably the best moment in the entire saga. ... like Rian Johnson trolled this franchise.
  13. I don't think we're at that point yet where LFL does sensible moves for damage mitigation. Remember D&D walked out on LFL not the other way around, because LFL was just wasting their time. Rian Johnson won't get a five year netflix deal, so if LFL is still wasting his time, he will just make another movie after Knives out but he won't officially be out because he's still "talking with them". I still say they are not sure what to do and are waiting for TRoS results and are waiting to see if the theme parks pick up and no one can make any major decisions until they see how big the damage is. They now have 3-4 billions invested into Star Wars Lands and a Star Wars hotel. And It was LFL brilliant idea for all these things to be sequel themed. Imagine the incompetence not to have Luke Skywalker walking around in Star Wars Land but instead you have Vi Moradi. It's not really about box office anymore, everything is tied together.
  14. Thanks for the info. I still think there aren't set plans for who will make the new trilogy since Rian is saying contradictory things. Maybe if he's lying ( Ewan McGreggor said he had to lie to keep Obi-Wan movie now series a secret). If Rian isn't their guy and Weiss/Benioff went to netlix I hope they don't rush the new trilogy to make a date, because that's how it started, rushing out the first movie to reach chirstmas 2015 with no clear outline what to do next.
  15. I don't know what movies you're reffering to. The Boba Fett movie was cancelled and we recently know Obi-Wan was recently turned into a tv show from a movie, probably after Solo flopped. Rian Johnson gives contradictory answers and has said he might do another movie before more Star Wars. It will be some time if we know if he starts production or just goes his own way like Beniof and Weiss. That was still announced as a one off movie it's not a plan for the future it sounds more like an experiment for now. I really don't know how much free time Feige has on his hands to be running both Star Wars and Marvel. They had a longterm plan , it blew up now they don't have a new longterm plan
  16. It was announced very recently that Benioff and Weiss made a 200 million dollar with Netflix to produce something for them for five years. This wasn't something that was decided at Disney/Lucasfilm, they just took another job while Disney/Lucasfilm have no clue what are they doing next. It's the same thing with Rian Johnson trilogy, he doesn't know what's going on either. My opinion is that Disney is waiting to see how RoTS performs, and then see how positively it affects the Star Wars theme parks which have been underperorming also, if the movie will bring in huge crowds to the theme park. Then decide what's next for SW
  17. Takes me way back when Nolan filmed scenes of Heath Ledger on a skateboard but it never made the final cut
  18. JJ had the best chance to turn Star Wars into marvel status, which is mass appeal in all markets. And all of the markets gave it a chance, the marketing push by Disney was huge. But it didn't stick, probably because he just made an okish movie that doesn't work as well without the nostalgia factor missing from these markets. And Lucasfilm doubled down on that tactic with Rogue One and the chance just kept getting smaller and smaller, to where i think It's impossible for the SW brand to take off there now. It's not like DC universe when they can just reboot with another actor and different take on the character. It's one continuous thing. And it seems to be done. I would put money whatever George planned to do would have more appeal in China/India/Latin America because it wouldn't be a remake of a 40 year old movie and trying to imitate its aesthetics.
  19. I'm not sure what you lads are seeing but youtube views are way down. Final trailer is at 18 million views while the teaser is at 33 million. Yes I am aware that there are other uploaders and that those 18 million will increase over time but still seems way down. Also check out the comments on the trailer. It's never-ending memes how no one is buying that "The Saga Ends"
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