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  1. Shazam dropping 56-60% is fine it's super normal for superhero films. I think it's still considered a success at this point.
  2. A good number for Shazam, will be interesting to see how it holds this weekend.
  3. But oh my Hellboy may be the worst rated superhero film of the decade hahah.
  4. Could be right, but to be fair Idk how much overlap Hellboy and Shazam would have. Hellboy is R Rated, right?
  5. I think it's going to play more like Antman and the Wasp tbh.
  6. I'm just not sure it's a film folks really will rush out to see in it's second weekend, near 60% isn't uncommon for superhero films. But it's just a prediction.
  7. Predictions seem a bit high for Shazam IMO, I'm not sure it will play like a family film, I think it will drop 60%, Hellboy will probably do worse than 15mill, Captain Marvel is probably spot on. Just my thoughts on it. Probably will be wrong.
  8. I am giving CM 1.2 million for Tuesday, in my guess.
  9. Captain Marvel making a billion ww, which as a whole was so-so as a film, kind of makes me think EG will have a massive opening weekend, near/above IW. shows in my area are sold out, and this theater rarely sells out during 2:30 showings on a Sunday, I live in a rural sort of area.
  10. If that holds the late Legs for CM are really great, The anti CM YouTubers may need to retire after this one.
  11. Spiderman, Avengers, BP, and IW. are the only MCU films with a better day 27. The CM legs are good this week.
  12. in total daily gross, only 2 MCU films grossed higher than CM on day 26 of release. obviously, idk the % comp though.
  13. NoLegMan

    Monday numbers: Dumbo- 2.88 Us- 2.69 CM - 1.66

    I just want CM to pass Civil War, but probably won't domestically. unless endgame gives it a boost.

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