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  1. That was kinda my point, Super-Hero Fatigue never kicked in, Charlie Fatigue will also never kick in, because he has been super accurate and on point with the daily numbers. But if I have to explain, it means I failed.
  2. Charlie is awesome, my sarcasm must have failed
  3. I have one question since superhero fatigue never set in, have we hit "Charlie Fatigue" with the daily numbers?
  4. That's not actually true, this was three weeks out. that's all I'm going to say not really wanting to debate. https://variety.com/2019/film/box-office/lion-king-box-office-tracking-opening-weekend-disney-jon-favreau-1203253369/
  5. Yeah Tuesday is the reason, I added the charlie estimate numbers which would be around 45.5% only BP would be better than that. Third weekend will be interesting.
  6. I find it suspect, As Spider-man went Far From Home, Annabell decided to come home.
  7. If Sony ended the partnership with Marvel, that would be the worst decision in the history of decisions.
  8. I saw Aquaman talk, I finally got around to seeing it and honestly, I thought it was boring. Which is pretty hard for a superhero film to do for me, the talking under water-stressed me out, and I felt like too much was crammed into it. CGI was great other than the Sand part.
  9. The wheelchair seating is the worst, the sound is atrocious, screens are not well kept. the one in my town is soo bad I drive an hour away to see films. They are building a new one so I am hopeful.
  10. I need to rant about how shitty Malco theaters are.
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