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  1. Avoiding spoilers played a huge part in the OW rush like no other movie before. They marketed the movie that way. People who would normally wait till Tuesday or even 2nd week rushed toward the OW. Not really surprised at the below average legs.
  2. Newest show I actually finished was Umbrella Academy which was good. Oldest show I'm watching is Twin Peaks. On season 2 and is starting to drag (also the main mystery seems to be solved). Hilariously awful Canadian accents for some of the villains though.
  3. I tried to get into Supernatural when it was on Netflix. I liked the first few episodes but then I saw there was 7+ seasons of 22+ episodes each and decided it wasn't going to happen.
  4. I haven't had cable for years now. Are there new crime procedurals and comedies that are doing well? Or is it still the old ones (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Thoery) that get ratings.
  5. I think she had a huge fanbase from some Disney Channel stuff she did prior to Spiderman.
  6. Rewatched the Ip Man trilogy on Netflix. So many cool fights. Don't have good gifs for all of them. Part 1 - Duel in Ip Man's house where he uses the feather duster - Ip Man vs 10 guys Part 2 - Ip Man vs the other kung fu teachers on the table - Ip Man vs British Boxer Part 3 - Shipyard fight - Ip man vs muai thai assassin - Final fight - Wing Chun vs Wing Chun - I liked the cheesy fight with Mike Tyson too Looking forward to part 4
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