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  1. Once Upon a Time in the West - 10/10 - My all time fav western. Just an epic movie with great characters and score. Tombstone - 10/10 - I can't believe I slept on this film for so long. The costumes, the mustaches, Val Kilmer's performance. All around badass movie. High Plains Drifter - 8/10 - Clint Eastwood's character here is a bit too similar to the dollars trilogy. Otherwise still great. Unforgiven - 9/10 - Didn't really care that much about this when I first watched it years ago but appreciate it much more now. Great stuff from Eastwood and Hackman.
  2. Apparently the gov of NY really enjoys making posters. Its so dense, every single frame has so much going on.
  3. Because our politicians lack a backbone sometimes. Always reacting instead of being proactive.
  4. Mandatory masks for indoor public places and transit rolling out in some places in Canada. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/masks-to-be-mandatory-in-montreal-s-indoor-public-spaces-by-july-27-mayor-plante-1.5012934 Currently in Montreal, masks are only mandatory in one suburb, Cote-Saint-Luc, where the rule went into effect last week. They will become mandatory on public transit on July 13, though there will then be a two-week grace period, and enforcement will also begin July 27. Other Canadian cities have also moved recently to make masks mandatory, though with shorter delays. On Monday, the City of Ottawa announced that masks will be required as of 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, just a few hours later. Toronto announced on June 30 that it was giving about a week's notice before masks would become mandatory starting July 7, the same day as Ottawa.
  5. Old School - 9/10 - Re-watched this comedy from the director of Joker. Still holds up. One of my favorite Will Ferrell movies. Gemini Man - 6/10 - Some cool action scenes but not much else. Might watch it high FPS if the blu-ray ever gets cheap enough. The Meg - 5/10 - Feels like they couldn't decide between serious thriller or over the top shark action movie. Also pretty tame for a shark movie. Jason Statham carried this to watchable status.
  6. Might be a new name like Redtails or Warriors which I see being thrown around. Would relate to the military.
  7. Theaters opening up today here. Cineplex downtown playing Bloodshot, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Birds of Prey, 1917 a few others with limited reserved seating. Looking like 30-50 seats max per showing.
  8. They wanted Vegas too but.... The expected move comes after Las Vegas, once a front-runner to host the NHL's return, saw a major spike in positive coronavirus cases. The initial hope was for one Canadian and one American city to host the remaining games.
  9. NHL might be able to as well. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2020/07/01/nhl-picks-toronto-edmonton-canada-hub-cities-report/5355726002/
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