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  1. I was about to make a Wonder Woman 1974 joke but now its at 72% already. Absolutely horrifying.
  2. Movies Equalizer 2 - 7/10. Pretty decent action movie. Denzel is still badass. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse - 10/10. Rewatched this on Netflix and its still a masterpiece. The animation style, music and cast are all wonderful. Video-Games Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) - 8/10. The main campaign is pretty short and some of the developments towards the end are rushed but I found the story and characters to be great. Miles swinging and combat gameplay is actually more fun than Peters from the 2018 game. The Venom powers are a blast to use.
  3. I mean we are going to have to get used to these types of experiments unless those vaccines arrive early next year.
  4. The Boys Season 2 - 8/10 - Wasn't that hooked at the start like in season 1 but the ending came together well. Homelander is the highlight once again and Stormfront was a good villain. Didn't care for the Deep's plot that much but enjoyed everything else. Looking forward to season 3.
  5. No idea when I'm going to watch Tenet. I'm just here to witness Nolan save cinema one more time.
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