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  1. The Mitchells vs the Machines (2021) - 9/10 - Thought this was great and the animation was top tier. Love and Monsters (2020) - 8/10 - Really fun and upbeat movie. I liked the setting and characters alot so would love a sequel if they decide to make one. Yasuke (2021) - 6/10 - Some cool ideas but everything felt rushed and all over the place. The voice acting was subpar too. Best part of the show was the music. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) - 7.5/10 - Solid MCU show that touches on some timely topics but felt uneven and rushed. Definitely some me
  2. Loved most of the trailer. Cast (so happy for Simu Liu) and fights look great. Awkwafina at the end kinda killed the buzz though. Hopefully her character is more than Darcy 2.0. Can't wait for the Ben Kingsley cameo as well.
  3. Someone screenshotted that beginning and it looks like Mecha Godzilla.
  4. I was about to make a Wonder Woman 1974 joke but now its at 72% already. Absolutely horrifying.
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