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  1. I don't follow the awards race or twitter bloggers but word on the streets says these are the locks for Best Actor this year. Joaquin Phoenix Eddie Murphy Adam Sandler Mads Mikkelsen Norman Reedus
  2. Why is audience score on RT unlocked already? 83% verified 45% non verified (lmao) First example of the system at work it seems unless I missed a previous movie that got review bombed after the change.
  3. Ford vs Ferrari is pacing behind Ad Astra for Thursday previews at Scotiabank Montreal. We'll see where it ends up tonight. Both had IMAX. Charlie's Angels has no previews. Also all the showtimes throughout the weekend are in Ultra AvX and are looking dead. There are no regular shows. Bad idea for movie with little hype. Ford vs Ferrari has IMAX and Regular options.
  4. Never signed up for a streaming service at launch. How does this work? The app will show up on my Playstation 4 store at midnight? Will there be lag and crashes?
  5. The AC franchise has been so diluted that Ezio missed the top 50. But nice to see Majima and Sadie on the list!
  6. Death Stranding is pretty great so far. Only on Chapter 3 and started getting weapons are whatnot. Story is intriguing and the online aspect with people contributing to building bridges and roads is neat. The "likes" thing is overdone but I guess it fits with today's social media environment. Game looks gorgeous and runs so smooth on a regular ps4.
  7. I think most of the Mexican comments are sarcasm. Franchise fatigue, repetitive plot, poor marketing and average reviews killed this.
  8. Doesn't bother me tbh. Although we'll see how much they rest him later on if playoff seeding becomes an issue especially in the west. Edit: However, I do blame the Clippers for making everyone think this wasn't going to be an issue.
  9. Media and people really angry at Kawhi Leonard for this load management thing. He won a title resting games in the regular season. Sucks for people buying tickets to certain games but wtv if the league is cool with it.
  10. Arriving today according to Amazon. User score on metacritic already down to 6.1!
  11. Whats the limit for the oscars? Can they send the entire cast list from the final battle?
  12. Wow I haven't seen this trailer until now. Adam Sandler playing serious role and Kevin Garnett out of nowhere lmao. This looks great although I wasn't really able to finish Good Time.
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