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  1. Apparently there was a limited release in Korea and thats were the leaked images are coming from. One of the leaked concept art images on twitter I saw was Kylo sitting on the throne and Rey standing next to him in a black costume.
  2. The wildcard race looks tight. Must be nice to still be in the playoff race unlike my Habs. (I mean Habs are technically still in it but too may teams to leapfrog.)
  3. Yeah 1917 isn't making up for CATS and Dolittle. But they have a bunch of horror movies coming up which should be profitable and then Fast and Furious 9 in the summer.
  4. Every service needs classic shows that people can put in the background at anytime. Friends The Office Simpsons Sienfeld etc
  5. That new Macgruber series and Psych movie is the only new stuff that interests me on NBC.
  6. I know he said he wouldn't do it in today's climate, but if RDJ wants to get a franchise paycheck and get indie level awards buzz at the same time there is only one option. A sequel to.....
  7. Are you sure those regular shows have reserved seating? Otherwise they would have a seat map. Try logging in and checking.
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