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  1. Boxofficepro is projecting 19mil for It2 this weekend. That seems optimistic.
  2. They don't have to wait. Social media accounts of TV Shows make official gifs/memes for people.
  3. Deadline's conservative range is 65-80m OW. Boxofficepro has it at 85-105m OW. So 90m OW tracking makes sense. Close to Logan.
  4. Watching some old kung fu movies on Netflix and enjoyed this one. Also referenced in songs by the Wu-Tang Clan.
  5. Signed up for a free trial of DAZN (sports live streaming service which is 20$ a month). Seems to be working good so far. Got it for NFL games. Has other sports like MLB, Cricket, Soccer etc. Not sure what I'll do for NBA and NHL yet.
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