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  1. I hear it cheaper for them to shoot there. Thats why some say JL production was in fact less than 300 million. Thats Why there is no official figure yet on BOM. The production was maybe only 230-250 million. Its a very smart move to keep the cost down and safe some dollars.
  2. The Nun is gonna be huge
  3. Why are we even talking about RT scores. Every big Disney franchise MCU, Pixar, SW has fresh scores for all their Movies. Its rather unreal. If they re-released plan 9 from outer space with one of these franchise names on it. It would be fresh
  4. How short and isnt there rumors going around both Cavill and The Rock is gonna be in this too ?
  5. Looking more forward to Red Sparrow. Not really feeling this one. Its like they are trying to make a point with this cast. Its a little to on the nose i think. I really liked Luke Cage because it was more diverse. This is just to political
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