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  1. I hear it cheaper for them to shoot there. Thats why some say JL production was in fact less than 300 million. Thats Why there is no official figure yet on BOM. The production was maybe only 230-250 million. Its a very smart move to keep the cost down and safe some dollars.
  2. The Nun is gonna be huge
  3. How short and isnt there rumors going around both Cavill and The Rock is gonna be in this too ?
  4. this is cool. Really dug Boomerang he was funny and such a lively character, now we just need some news about the long awaited MoS sequel. It must be coming any day now with how his reception from JL was hell there is even petitions on the net about MoS sequel
  5. Nice. He was one of the WW producers too. DCU full steam ahead. Batman is being outlined now we only need to hear an announcement for the MoS sequel
  6. This does look very good indeed. Is it supposed to be a trilogy like the book series or just this one movie ?
  7. Since Trump support Disney and even campaigned together with Disney to buy FOX. I think its the other way around the MCU fans are Trump supporters.
  8. The Snyder Cult are a joke glad DCU is done with them and he will only be a producer. He fits for that role better
  9. You forgot it will likely bump down Thor Ragnarok featuring Hulk and Spider-Man too
  10. Something doesn't add up with these foreign numbers. Looks like the-numbers has not added fridays domestic gross yet while higher foreign than BOM boxofficemojo Domestic: $226,635,639 34.7% + Foreign: $425,800,000 65.3% = Worldwide: $652,435,639 the-numbers Domestic Box Office $226,475,639 Details International Box Office $426,900,000 Details Worldwide Box Office $653,375,639
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