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  1. Yeah, the article even mentioned that: "Disney’s live-action “Dumbo” is heading for as much as $58 million in North America on its opening weekend on March 29-31, early tracking showed Thursday. The first estimates from tracking services were unusually varied, with one estimating “Dumbo” to fall in the $28 million to $33 million range in its first weekend." Oh, and hilariously enough, even with that large of a range they still missed the actual number 6 times out of 8.
  2. I'd be quite surprised it's not today, because going back through their articles at least one of the three sites posts Thursday tracking for reasonably big movies. I decided to compare the tracking from those three sites to BOP's, to see which was more accurate. It turned out that neither was more accurate, but what was the case was that BOP tracked equal or higher 3 weeks out every single time: Combined trade tracking range, Boxofficepro, Actual Glass (4-day): 50-75, 78 (extrapolated), 46.5 The Lego Movie 2: 45-60, 59, 34.1 HTTYD 3: 40-45, 49, 55 Captain Marvel: 100-120, 160, 153.4 Us: 35-40, 44, 71.1 Dumbo: 28-60, 60, 46 Shazam: 40-45, 49, 53.5 Pet Sematary: 21-28, 27, 24.5 Endgame: 200-260, 265 So with that in mind, I'm guessing the early tracking is going to be $70-85 million.
  3. So Rita Ora's "Carry On" song is already up on Chinese social media. Given the lyrics in the song "let me through the deepest waters", I wonder if it's going to play during the Bulbasaur scene. Tim is wading through a stream, is literally carrying a out-of-commission Pikachu, and the scene looks like a montage where a song might be playing.
  4. I really want to see his reaction to this. Out of all the trailer reaction videos I've seen, he is only one of four people who has definitively played through the Detective Pikachu game in its entirety. I haven't even watched either of their trailer reaction videos all the way through because they spoil a lot of the game's plot, but man are they enthusiastic about the movie.
  5. There's no way reviews and WOM can sway a movie this large across that kind of range. Smaller genre movies sure, and I can certainly believe Get Out's OW increased 50% from reviews and WOM (it's the only movie I've seen twice on opening weekend). But the general audience doesn't care that much about reviews, and WOM doesn't spread that fast. As for Japan, I was going through the comments on the casting video trailer, and almost all of the Japanese comments were saying that the Pokemon looked creepy and scary (Cubone was an exception). Of course there are positive reactions elsewhere, but this is probably the top reason for the lukewarm reception that Corpse reported the trailers were getting in Japan; I guess they simply don't like seeing anime characters getting realistic makeovers in Hollywood movies. On that note, I wonder how Japanese people are taking to the Mewtwo Strikes Back CG remake. Western fans have not responded well at all, but they turned off comments on the trailers so I don't know what the Japanese reception is like.
  6. Thanks a lot for this. I think I found the 2018 archive, the one called Fandango Pulse Purchase History, but it doesn't contain Detective Pikachu's data; where did you get those numbers? Also, it looks like the Incredibles 2 data is split into 2D, 3D and IMAX 2D, so your comparison is including all three ticket types, right?
  7. Yeah, Scott Mendelson even called the third one (based on the trailers) "the 'most' video game movie this side of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle." It's interesting that Jumanji and the Wick movies capture the spirit of video games better than most video-game movies themselves. I wish this came out later in the summer though. It's a shame that my three most-anticipated movies come out within three weeks of each other.
  8. $150 million sounds too high for a film like this. Looking at similar live-action movies, the two live-action Smurfs film were $105-110 million, the Yogi Bear movie was $80 million, the last Alvin and the Chipmunks movie was at $90 million, and the Sonic movie is also $90 million. The most expensive ones I could find were the two Ninja Turtles movies that averaged $130 million between them, but those looked like they had a lot more action set pieces in them. It could be that the higher quality CGI is more expensive to render, but just from a financial standpoint, $150 million is a lot to risk in a genre that's not known for large grosses.
  9. Oh, I'm quite grateful for what he's doing. It's just that I'd like to track other family films this summer, and I'm not sure if I should start tracking SLOP2 right now, or wait until a more official announcement. I also feel that the number of days out tickets go on sale and the kind of promotion they have for it is really influencing early presales (e.g. Detective Pikachu had the exclusive trading card promotion, and now John Wick has the digital download promotion). Did HTTYD3 and Dumbo have similar promotions? When did tickets go on sale for them?
  10. Given how early tickets went up for this, and the complete lack of fanfare that they're even being sold, how do you make comparisons regarding presales for family films? Has there been any correlation with early presale numbers and opening weekend numbers for these films, or is it more about the final two weeks leading up to opening night?
  11. They're certainly not skimping on marketing the movie in China. Last night 5 Pikachu mascots crashed the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, and tomorrow they're going to hold a two-month Detective Pikachu exhibition in Beijing, with visitors getting a chance to walk the streets of Ryme City, go into a subway car with fuzzy, yellow seats, and take photos with life-size Pokemon, including a 3.5m Snorlax.
  12. Whoa, tracking is that complicated? How do they determine what country the social media reaction's are from? That was one of BOP's caveats, that there was the possibility buzz could be heavily skewed by international audiences.
  13. To be honest, this matches up more with what I've seen in reaction videos; aside from the tail whip parts, they tended to only laugh when they heard their parents laughing. I'd be interested in what children reacted best to in those reports of good trailer reactions in the theaters. By the way, I assume your kid is mainly into animation?
  14. I took it to mean that you get engrossed watching Iron Man do all the robot tech stuff, and similarly you get engrossed watching the Pokemon? Maybe, I dunno. The trailers seems like they're emphasizing the comedic and action parts of the movie. From the unnecessarily spoilery articles I've read detailing the premise of the movie, Tim's story arc gets fairly emotional, and perhaps they thought it didn't fit the tone of the trailer.
  15. Whoa, I can't believe I didn't know about this before. Justice Smith's first Hollywood role was in Paper Towns, and this is what he sings in the movie.

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