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  1. Because a lot of people are still not comfortable going to theaters and that won't change in a few months.
  2. No way in hell are they going to do that. It would cost way too much money to build those sets again and bring everyone back.
  3. What are the realistic predictions for the numbers Fri-Sun? Deadline 2 days ago estimated around $10M for the weekend.
  4. It sure has been fascinating watching certain users on this forum just beaming at every negative review or bad outcome for this film. Just fascinating.
  5. Was just saying that it is not cool that it is doing horribly.
  6. Box Office Mojo says Croods 1 made $63,310,000 in China. WW made $90M.
  7. Croods 2 so far has made $46.1M in China. It will be really embarrassing if WW84 can't top that.
  8. The surprising thing about the first movie is that it had a 2.4x multiplier in China. Most CBM movies in China end up with a 1.8x-2.1x multiplier.
  9. They already have 3 films scheduled for 2022 The Batman - March 4, 2022 The Flash - Nov 4, 2022 Aquaman - Dec 16, 2022 WB has two untitled, unannounced “event films” locked for June 3 and Aug. 5, 2022. One of these will probably be Black Adam
  10. It's not the same. Major provinces were fully open during TENET. They are currently closed and will remain closed until mid January.
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