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  1. This movie comes out in 2 months we haven't seen any promotional material from it. It's moving to 2021
  2. Good lord. Another 2-3 weeks delay is not going to do a damn thing when cases are at 40,000+ a day in the US. Hollywood continues to be in denial about movies coming back to theaters in 2020.
  3. In many of my previous posts I have stated that I believe that none of these blockbusters are coming out in 2020 and it's all due to the US. COVID-19 is running rampant in the US because you have politicians who politicized wearing masks, opened again too early in many places and idiots who think wearing a mask is taking away their freedom or some shit.
  4. How is it that these studios think 2 weeks will make a difference? I don't understand it.
  5. This is becoming ridiculous. If studios are literally waiting for everything to align properly in the world, you might as well cancel all 2020 release dates. It's going to be difficult to get China, NY, LA and other major markets in the world to all be okay at the same time during a pandemic.
  6. A theater full of people not wearing masks while they are eating/drinking when watching the movie is safe, but god forbid someone enter the theater complex without a mask. Got it.
  7. The funniest thing about this whole AMC mask "controversy" is that most of the people complaining about it are people who probably won't even be going to the theaters until a vaccine is out.
  8. Exactly Pretty shocked that people are surprised by this AMC announcement. If they plan on selling food and drinks they can't have a mask policy in place. What's the point of a mask policy if people are just going to take it off when the movie starts and they start eating and drinking?
  9. I still contend that none of these big blockbuster movies are hitting theaters this year. Just don't see it happening.
  10. The performance of WW84 in Oct may determine if Nov & Dec blockbusters (BW, NTTD, Top Gunn 2 ect...) move to 2021. If theaters are fully open when WW84 comes out and it does poorly due to attendance, other studios are going to move those movies to 2021.
  11. Doesn't surprise me. Even in a video Grace released today she still insists that WW84 was pushed to June due to re-shoots to change the film. She is the worst.
  12. I don't think it's moving because of competition. I think it's moving because Gal is starring in both movies which are now a week apart.
  13. If Gal Gadot is so hated wouldn't her recent Vogue video on YouTube be bombarded with tons of dislikes? The video has nearly 50k likes and 2.1k dislikes. Spend less time on Twitter. The cancerous people on that platform are cancelling a different celeb every 12 hours.
  14. When AMC opens they better pray that none of their theaters is linked to a COVID-19 outbreak. If so, they are done.
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