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  1. No sign so far of BoP on China's Feb release schedule Jojo Rabbit - Feb.12 Little Women - Feb.14 Dolittle - Feb.21 Marriage Story - Feb.28
  2. This movie releases 1 week after Mulan & 1 week before No Time to Die. Disney gives zero fucks about this movie.
  3. The fact that we are getting the originally shot film makes this long 2 year delay even more hilarious. Probably would have made more money back in 2018 than it will now.
  4. This movie has 1 week to make its money. Once No Time to Die opens it's over for this film.
  5. I guess we have moved on from "WW84 test screenings are a disaster" to "WW84 trailer view numbers are a disaster". Speaking of trailer views. Anyone remember earlier this year when Detective Pikachu & Toy Story 4 trailers dropped and Detective Pikachu dominated in trailer views? Box Office Detective Pikachu - $431M WW Toy Story 4 - $1B WW
  6. Why does the Sunday panel consist of only Gal & Patty? That just makes the movie seem so small when you literally have a promotional panel at a con with 1 character from the film. Has Kristen Wiig gone to live on some secluded island? Haven't heard a thing from her since she was cast as Cheetah a year & half ago. She should definitely be on the panel.
  7. Why is it so hard to believe? The first one made $409M overseas. I looked at the overseas data from the first film and I can't really see which markets will have a substantial growth for the second film. It's going to do fine in Mexico, Brazil, UK & Australia. The main problem will be Italy, India, Russia & the Asian (China, Japan, South Korea) market.
  8. WW84 Prediction: $372M Domestic $417M Overseas $789M Worldwide I don't believe for a second that this movie will live up to its predecessor. Which means a lower domestic multiplier than the first and not much growth overseas.
  9. Never forget ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Beating ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ In Advance Ticket Sales http://deadline.com/2017/05/guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-marvel-fandango-advance-ticket-sales-records-1202080383/
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