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  1. Hi guys. I'm new here but I gotta say I also thought of Friday the 13th when I saw Halloween was getting rave reviews. No way that doesn't get fast tracked as soon as the legal issues are ironed out. It's amazing they never made a cheap sequel to the remake, but Hollywood is dumb... I hated the Rob Zombie Halloween films, and while I'm a little annoyed about the continuity stuff, I am extremely excited for this film tonight. I'm going to the 10:30 RPX showing at my local Regal, and I'll report the crowd size after. Halloween has always been my favorite horror franchise since discovering the se
  2. I'd like to play! It will be my first time. Do I just need to fill out my predictions for the derby like I would any other week?
  3. I love the Simpsons and I would love another movie. I'd also love to see a Family Guy movie, if it's good. I am surprised another South Park movie hasn't happened yet. Hopefully if/when that series ends we get another big theatrical film. The first one made almost $100 million in today's dollars.
  4. As a fan of 2D animation, this list is depressing. I just saw Mary and the Witch's Flower and I forgot how great it is to see hand drawn animation up on the big screen. I was floored from the opening scene. Now I am going to make a point in seeing any 2D animated films playing in Chicago, even that Digimon movie coming up lol
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