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  1. I agree. I like him too but it's time he takes a step back from being a main character, him and Newt went on an adventure together twice now and them doing it for a third time would feel rather stale. They have to change the character dynamics if they want to keep/make things interesting.
  2. The third movie will definitely have to be a huge improvement over it's predecessor if it's to get even a 60% RT rating. It'll be tough but hopefully that production delay will ultimately yield for a lucrative results in the long term.
  3. If any new director were to come on to do one of those movies i'd imagine it would be simply because they love Harry Potter and would like a chance to work with JK Rowling. If a new director was brought in I doubt it would be a big name one, nor should it be.
  4. It's extremely unlikely that Depp will get booted from these movies. Unless he gets into more foolishness I don't see WB changing their decision to keep him on anytime soon. Grindelwald is likely to barely be in these movies anyway, considering that Voldemort didn't get much screen time and he was the big bad of the whole HP story. Creative changes are sure to be made during this production delay but I'd be shocked if switching any of the actors are a part of those changes.
  5. Personally I think they should get someone thats never done a HP movie before, maybe even a younger non-british director. I just feel like we need someone outside the norm for this franchise, somebody that can provide a breath of fresh air. Having Yates on is the "safe" choice, he'll deliver you a decent product and gets along with everybody, but he doesn't bring much innovation or uniqueness to the movies he makes. I seriously think this "prep time" delay for the third movie is for WB to definitely make some creative changes behind the scenes.
  6. So I guess this means that the possibility of a 2021 release date for FB3 has gone higher now? By all means I really want them to take their time and straighten this story out, and hopefully this is a sign that WB really is paying attention to the response TCOG received and is working with Rowling to help straighten this story out.
  7. Honestly, I don't want them to bring in Alfonzo Cuaron to direct one of these movies. I'd prefer it if they got someone who's never been involved with HP before. Also I feel like Cauron is too popular and obvious of a choice right now to bring in, disagree with me if you wish but I'd prefer they get a director who you wouldn't expect to do these kinds of movies, something different is all I ask.
  8. I wonder when we'll hear of any new casting announcements for the next movie. I imagine we'll be seeing some new faces going forward, hopefully not too many. Hopefully we also get a title reveal as well, maybe by July? I just hope they stop using a colon in the title, just go back to the "Fantastic Beasts and ______ " format.
  9. Exactly, look at the response to this recent Bumblebee movie. Its the highest rated live-action transformers movie to date and all it took was getting someone who wasn't Micheal bay to direct. Aquaman is another example of success by taking chances and doing things different from other movies in a franchise. I imagine one of these FB movies will end up getting released during the summer, as a few of the HP movies got released during the summer as well. Perhaps FB3 may get pushed back to December 2020 or June/July 2021 if significant changes are made the require more time to implement.
  10. In order for Depp to have a comeback he would need to have already been gone for a while, would he not? At the moment he’s just kinda there, not entirely wanted but not hated by everybody. It seems that there was a fair amount of people who liked his performance in the recent Fantastic Beasts movie so he’s definitely sticking around for those, he’s also starring in an upcoming movie called Waiting for the Barbarians alongside Robert Pattinson. I’m kinda glad Pirates is moving on without him, he needs to break away from that role anyway.
  11. Is there a possibility the next movie's budget will be decreased? Based off the reception from this movie the next one might struggle at the box office. I think a reduced budget could maybe be beneficial to the story; cut back on the CGI riddled creatures and epic flashy finales in favor of simpler story.
  12. This could be a fun movie, but this trailer just looks to digital to me, like an overload of CGI. I do like Chris and Tessa though.
  13. So apparently this film is being considered for some Oscar shortlists. It might win best costume design just like the first one did, but this time Black Panther is also one of the considerations for that category so who knows what will happen. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/academy-unveils-2019-oscar-shortlists-1168394/item/best-makeup-hairstyling-1168389?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral https://ew.com/oscars/2018/12/17/oscars-2019-shortlists/
  14. With the recent successes of Bumblee and Aquaman I really think it would be beneficial for this movie series to get a new director, not a high profile one but someone with a different set of sensibilities and vision. Yates has gotten too comfortable working with Rowling while creating this world and I fear he has little creativity left to offer and little incentive to take chances. The next movie really needs to bring something fresh and virbrant to the table if they want to gain the fans trust/interest back.

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