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  1. This seems a bit too boisterous and fantastical, especially considering how simple the original Dr Doolittle was. I liked the Eddie Murphy version and found it charming in places, just a guy who has the ability to talk to animals and comedy ensues. Not really sure where they're going with this one, it might be a train wreck or a "so bad it's good" type of thing.
  2. The first Men In Black movie without Will Smith was not going to have the same success as previous movies unfortunately. I also wonder if they just titled it MIB 4 instead of international would it have made a difference. After reading all that behind the scenes production drama on this movie it's a wonder it didn't turn out worse. Poor Sony.
  3. This movie is just alright. As someone who enjoyed MIB 3 I was cautiously optimistic about this movie, but the trailers did little to sell me on it. The MIB movies were never all that serious, but this one feels the most lax out of them all. I liked the idea of Tessa Thompson character but the payoff isn't all that great. Chris Hemsworth is a little too jokey for my tastes but there are occasional amusing moments from him. Overall I felt like this movie would have worked better as a limited series run on a streaming service(since everybody is getting one these days). There was an MIB cartoon series in the late 90's which I quite enjoyed, maybe someday they'll make a continuation for that. This franchise would be better served on the small screen, where they could flesh out some ideas more. C
  4. This is correct. I admit for a while I would only look at the percentages, until I realized that the average rating is the real way to gauge the critical reception of a movie. Imdb is better in that regard in that it's primarily an average rating system instead of a percentage one.
  5. I rather enjoyed the Men in Black series thus far, but the trailers for this one just aren't doing it for me. It's looks too "shiny" to me, too much CGI used for the aliens and weapons. The first 3 movies mostly used practical effects and most of the aliens were handmade by using extensive makeup, and suits, where in these trailers all the aliens look too computer generated/cartoony. Besides the chemistry between Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson this movie looks like it's gonna be a dud, below 60% on rotten tomatoes. It might do okay at the box office though, ultimately this movie feels like it will be inconsequential.
  6. If any new director were to come on to do one of those movies i'd imagine it would be simply because they love Harry Potter and would like a chance to work with JK Rowling. If a new director was brought in I doubt it would be a big name one, nor should it be.
  7. In order for Depp to have a comeback he would need to have already been gone for a while, would he not? At the moment he’s just kinda there, not entirely wanted but not hated by everybody. It seems that there was a fair amount of people who liked his performance in the recent Fantastic Beasts movie so he’s definitely sticking around for those, he’s also starring in an upcoming movie called Waiting for the Barbarians alongside Robert Pattinson. I’m kinda glad Pirates is moving on without him, he needs to break away from that role anyway.
  8. This could be a fun movie, but this trailer just looks to digital to me, like an overload of CGI. I do like Chris and Tessa though.
  9. The problem here is that Dumbledore can't/wont directly fight Grindelwald until 1945, so for now Dumbledore is just playing a big game of chess against Grindelwald. They're both maneuvering/manipulating people to do their bidding until the time comes for them to handle business themselves. Rowling seems to want this to be a story that takes us all around the world, so the characters we follow should reflect that. Time to leave Hogwarts behind a bit and follow a protagonist from Africa, Asia, somewhere unfamiliar. Slowly tie them into the main conflict of this series and we can really get somewhere.
  10. Warner Brothers and JK Rowling went wrong. An actual experienced screenwriter(s) should have been hired for these movies from the get-go. WB mistakenly assumed since Rowling loves to write about this world that she could make good screenplays, And it seems that JK greatest strength is also her biggest weakness; she loves to write and writes a whole lot. She has so many ideas for this world and wants to use as many of them as she can, I fear she has a difficulty in restraining herself during the writing process. WB really needs to listen to the complaints for this movie and improve upon the next because I want this franchise to succeed and will stick with it as long as possible, but there will need to be some changes.
  11. I found enjoyment in this movie, but understand why others won't/don't. Like many across the internet have said there is too much going on in this movie; too much jumping around to different characters, scenes that should've been cut and there are some scenes that should've been added to give more clarity as to why certain things happen the way they do. I think the acting ranges from fine to good, same for the dialogue as well. The production design is very solid as is the CGI and visual effects, although the big CGI fest in finale didn't need to happen and I hope the next movie dials down on that. Ultimately I feel this movie was not the best it could have been, and I think Warner Brothers has some disappointment with this as well and hopefully some improvements will be made behind the scenes to make sure this situation doesn't happen again. Call me crazy but I will still stick with these movies for as long as they keep coming out because I do love the Wizarding World and it's magic hasn't lost it's affect on me yet.
  12. I did watch a couple of reviews/critics say they didn't get the hype for this movie, that it's nothing special, score's are too high etc.
  13. I will be very disappointed if it goes below 600 mil. Even if FB2 flops I don't see Warner Brothers dropping the 5 movie plan, pulling it down to 4 would be pushing it. This story feels very much like a slow burn which could turn into a catastrophe if they try to rush it, so I feel like WB may be stuck with making the whole 5 for now at least.
  14. I was thinking this exact same thing when I read they scrapped the US premiere. Originally there was supposed to be premieres in New York, France, and London, but they just suddenly cancelled their New York appearance and gave no reason why. I suspect they crunched some numbers and decided to be less concerned with domestic box office. Each of these FB movies are going to be taking place in a different country so this franchise will truly become an international one in spirit and box office wise.
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