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  1. I've been thinking this for a while. The Coronavirus could be seen as a blessing in disguise for some movies that came out this year, in a normal year something like Scoob or an Artemis fowl would not have done well at the Box Office but putting them on streaming saved studios some embarrassment. Streaming is gonna become more viable for certain movies with uncertain box-office potential in the coming years.
  2. Pretty rough that this dropped on Christmas Eve. Among the biggest reveals in there are that Olivia Wilde fired him from her movie for being a jerk (sounds like she has no time for any of that) and replaced him with Harry Styles and that he was being strongly considered for an MCU movie. Pity that he's apparently ruined a potentially good comeback story. Shia has had many issues throughout the 2010s and even earlier I'm sure. I believe he got arrested at some point, that time he wore a paper bag on his head during a red-carpet premiere, etc. I'm glad Olivia Wilde stood her ground and fired him and hopefully we start seeing that happen more often when an actor/actress can't behave. Tbh I thought Shia was actually turning things around but it seems like it'll be a while before he gets his shit together.
  3. I believe they actually did end up changing the title to Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey like a few days or a week after the movie released, but yeah they got too fancy with the original title and I wasn't particularity impressed with the marketing which I found unusual as I think Warner Brothers is usually great at making trailers for their movies.
  4. In addition to messing up their DC stuff their attempt to revive the Harry Potter/wizarding world IP in the past few years has not gone as well as they hoped, with those lackluster Fantastic Beasts movies and the involvement of controversy-glutton JK Rowling. Warner Brothers has been fumbling around a lot lately and occasionally they'll score a few wins, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of this bold move. As the saying goes "expect the unexpected".
  5. I do find it funny how there are so many people online going "You can't put Godzilla vs Kong on streaming. It has to be on the big screen only!" ,acting like that last movie King of the Monsters was so beloved when instead it flopped and got crap reviews from audiences and critics alike. And now all of the sudden y'all wanna get on board this monsterverse train again lol I got nothing against these movies but it's funny how fickle people can be.
  6. That makes sense, and tbh I don't think this movie would do too well box office-wise under normal circumstances anyway. King of the Monsters flopped despite having good trailers and seemingly attempting to offer fans more monsters that the 2014 Godzilla but there just wasn't enough interest from the general audience. Those who skipped King of the Monsters might be more inclined to watch this now that it'll come to streaming. I do understand the spectacle aspect of wanting to watch something like this on the big screen but I do feel like putting this on HBO max is a good move, and likely the first of many big budget movies they'll put on there in the coming years.
  7. I'm sure he'll still be hanging around for a while. Hollywood does love giving out multiple chances. He'll just lay low for a bit and do some small movies, a new decade means a new opportunity to reinvent oneself. Maybe he'll pull an Adam Sandler and do something like Uncut Gems soon. I'm usually a "never say never" kind of person so who knows how things will turn out, anybody's guess.
  8. The film/entertainment business at times has considerable ignorance on the realities of the rest of the world.
  9. Honestly, I feel like the first half of next year is not gonna be good for box office as well, may not be until next fall that things improve significantly. Not sure how much longer they can kick this can down the road, other studios too might have to swallow their pride and make changes as well. It's amusing/fascinating to watch how some people can adapt and others just wait it out until they could/can catch a break.
  10. At this point it seems like next year is gonna be a bust in terms of any big movie looking to gain profits in theaters. So many studios are gonna keep playing the "kick the can down the road" game until they have no other option but to just release their stuff on one streaming service or another. A lot of executives are gonna have to rip-off some band-aids in the coming future, this pandemic aint gonna be over for a while no matter how badly they (or anybody else) wants it to be. I'm personally not comfortable with going to a theater for a long while, the last movie I saw in theaters was Rise of Skywalker and it may remain that way for another year or so, until a real serious vaccine is ready(which I know takes a while). And I'm sure plenty of casual folks feel the same way as well.
  11. Yep, just like I said in the best actor 2020 thread; Chicago 7 is very much an ensemble film which it conveyed quite clearly within its first few minutes. My guess would be either Sacha or Yahya getting the nomination.
  12. I'm still not sure entirely sure Chicago 7 has a solid lead role, like I said in an earlier post the film juggles around multiple cast members fairly well. The supporting actor nominations could be filled by nearly everybody there though.
  13. I thought Redmayne gave his best performance yet but it's hard for me to say he's the sole lead, as the movie juggles a bunch of different characters throughout. He felt like a piece in a larger puzzle based off my first viewing. I could see Sacha and Rylance competing and sure Redmayne is more popular than Rylance but maybe a bit too popular? The academy might try and pivot towards Sacha more since he's gotten one nomination (for writing) before and I could see people being very happy with him getting the win, he was the most charismatic of the bunch.
  14. This is one of those movies that just happened to catch my curiosity. I'm not a huge history or political buff nor have I seen anything from Aaron Sorkin nor have I even seen most of the cast members before so I went into this with the probably the most objective/fresh eyes one could have, and I really enjoyed it. The most obvious takeaway from this movie is it's relevancy, same things happening in here are still happening in america today. If there was an award for best/smart movie release time this would certainly take it. Just as many other people across the internet have been saying the cast is the best part about this movie, everyone comes to play but the particular stand outs to me in no particular order were Mark Rylance, Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, and Yaha Abdul Mateen II. This is easily the best thing Redmayne has done thus far and while I'm aware his acting/performances can be hit or miss for some people I'm standing by the opinion that he's definitely got chops, especially when the script is good. Sacha Baron Cohen was really good too, especially towards the end when he is put on the stand, heard he's usually a comedic actor and he certainly brings it here. Yahya Abdul Mateen II impressed me greatly, his character is the most sympathetic of the group and the scene of him getting bound and gagged during the trial was tough to watch but unfortunately very reminiscent of the things we see in the news these days so I'm glad they kept that it. The editing was really good as well, weaving back and forth between the trial and the riot/convention that took place a year prior in-universe in a way that could have been jarring and confusing in the hands of lesser editors and writers but they managed to keep things coherent and well-flowing throughout. Overall a very entertaining and relevant movie, maybe not as impactful or as deep as you'd think/want it to be but still a good time and a good lesson in that while some progress has been made the past few decades some things still remain the same, history repeats itself too often.
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