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  1. I will say, despite the issues I've had with these movies the scores have been pretty solid. James Newton Howard is one of the best in the business and I'm glad he's still getting work.
  2. Just read somewhere that apparently James Newton Howard will be recording the FB3 score next week at Abby Road Studios, the same place they've been doing the score for Matt Reeves The Batman as well if I'm correct.
  3. You're right, that was definitely a situation almost nobody saw coming/predicted. I guess I'm just tempering my expectations because right now I just don't see it doing super amazing.
  4. This might be an unpopular take but I thought this trailer was just...fine? I'm not the biggest Batman fan but it looks cool at least. And I have to disagree with people saying this is making a billion, unfortunately I don't think the general audience is sold on Pattison yet. Outside of film buffs/critics I don't think he has that "butts in seats" pull yet, the same could be said for the rest of the cast here. That being said I do think this movie will be good, just not a massive hit like some are hyping it up to be.
  5. I still believe they should wait till mid November to release a trailer, idk I just think it's better to shorten the window for trailer releases during this time. But then again we're about to get a new trailer for The Batman which is supposedly coming out in march 2022 so who knows.
  6. As someone who's never watched The Sopranos but was looking to watch a new movie I thought this was just alright. I've learned a bit about the show from browsing the internet and the trailers made it seem like the characters of Young Tony Sorprano and Dickie Moltisanti were gonna be the main characters in this but tbh thats not really the case. This movie felt rather unfocused to me, felt like it was just a bunch of stuff happening and that there wasn't a solid enough throughline/plot that tied everything together. The performances from the cast are solid, especially Alessandro Niv
  7. I don't think this film is taking place in 1939. The last film took place in 1928 so I imagine this film will take place only a couple of years later, like around 1932 is my rough guess. And tbh I'm not really down with this series going into world war 2, especially when the title of the series is Fantastic Beasts, just doesn't really mesh well to me.
  8. Eh, idk it stills feels kinda contrived to me, I'd rather the beasts and politics not mix too closely. It also still feels contrived having Newt be involved in this Dumbledore and Grindelwald conflict, they've not done a good job showing whats his personal stake in that conflict beyond him tangentially knowing Dumbledore. Is Dumbledore even paying him?
  9. Just going off of the answers you received from the reddit guy I also believe that this third movie will be a good improvement over the 2nd, but it also seems like some of the issues that were in the previous movies are unfortunately also in this one such as mixing the magical creature stuff with the grimdark magic politics. But still, I think it will do alright.
  10. Idk, part of me thinks they shouldn't release a trailer this early. The trailer for the new Matrix movie came out just a few weeks ago and that movie is being released in December. With theatrical windows being shorted I feel like trailer windows need to be shortened as well. Instead of putting out a trailer 6 months in advance I think 4 months is better, it'll keep the movie fresh in peoples minds, at least that's what I think.
  11. I mean, whatever title is chosen for a piece of content creates certain expectations from the audience about said content. If you decide to title a movie series Fantastic Beasts then any person would/could infer from said title that the movies would revolve around dragons, unicorns, various other mythological creatures. If the title of something doesn't accurately reflect it's contents then it's pretty much false advertising.
  12. Okay you're right, looking at the official synopsis it doesn't exactly match up with the one that I got from Wikipedia. There are similar lines in both such as Dumbledore sending Newt and other people on a mission against Grindelwalds followers. The biggest difference is that the one on wikipedia gives out specific locations whereas the official one does not, not yet anyway. But many here have consistently theorized/predicted that part of this movie will take place in Rio De Janerio although it's not be officially confirmed as such yet.
  13. The quote I provided from the wikipedia matches the synopsis that other people post in this thread a few days ago.
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