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  1. Warner Brothers is going to squeeze as much out of these movies as they can, maybe they'll just end up only making four or they might still continue on with the whole 5 no matter what. It's hard to say, the third movie will likely be coming out in 2021 so lots of things could happen between now and then but I'm still interested in seeing where this whole thing ends up.
  2. I really doubt this is true, production for the third movie has been delayed so they won't even begin filming until fall of this year. I could be wrong but it would be rather odd for them to start filming anything right now.
  3. Warner Brothers ceo Kevin Tsujihara to step down Now I believe he is the one mostly responsible for getting this Fantastic Beasts movie series up and running. Now I wonder if this will have any effect on the third movie at all, since last month he made some comments about how they are seeking make improvements to the next installment and how Rowling has been toiling away at crafting this story. Will a new CEO at WB be something that could potentially benefit this franchise in some way? I would like to think so.
  4. At this point I think Rowling just likes messing with people, she's certainly can be snarky and has clapped back at people on twitter in the past. She's not as oblivious as some people think she is.
  5. Danny Elfman is the man. I've yet to be disappointed with anything he produces.
  6. That’s kinda what she did with the first movie, all new characters and an all new setting. Going forward I hope she goes back to that formula, can certainly work.
  7. That’s too much of a coincidence to be believable imo, too much work to try and justify why this character just has to be related to Dumbledore. It really doesn’t need to be this way.
  8. I really wish they would drop the “Credence is a dumbledore” storyline. The more I think about it the more uneccesary it feels, because I’m 99% sure Grindelwald is lying and I sure hope he is because otherwise how the hell are they going to explain how he knows about any of this. I’m not even sure what message Rowling is trying to convey with this credence story, that you’re only special if you come from a famous family?
  9. I remember reading about that too. Now I'm not sure if Depp will be completely exonerated in the court of public opinion, but maybe now people will see that him and Amber Heards relationship was mutually toxic/abusive, which is what I've suspected for a while.
  10. https://comicbook.com/movies/2019/02/28/fantastic-beasts-3-movie-crimes-of-grindelwald-script-jk-rowling/ So basically this confirms that WB and Rowling are currently trying to straighten this story out and (for now) indicates that the third movie will be more of a stand-alone like the first one was. This quote also kinda admits "yeah, know the second movie was overstuffed, we're planning on correcting that now."
  11. Rowling has been unusually quiet on twitter for over a month now. She could just be taking a break/be on a vacation but I'm fairly positive she's been putting in work writing for the next movie. With news of the production delay on the 3rd movie I like to think WB is gonna be a bit more hands on with these FB movies going forward, not just leaving Yates, Heyman and Rowling to their own devices. Personally I'm just along for the ride, I don't think TCOG is a blight on the wizarding world franchise nor do I get riled up whenever Rowling adds new content to her world. As long as these movies keep me mildly entertained and give me my urban fantasy fix then I'm all set.
  12. I agree. I like him too but it's time he takes a step back from being a main character, him and Newt went on an adventure together twice now and them doing it for a third time would feel rather stale. They have to change the character dynamics if they want to keep/make things interesting.
  13. The third movie will definitely have to be a huge improvement over it's predecessor if it's to get even a 60% RT rating. It'll be tough but hopefully that production delay will ultimately yield for a lucrative results in the long term.
  14. If any new director were to come on to do one of those movies i'd imagine it would be simply because they love Harry Potter and would like a chance to work with JK Rowling. If a new director was brought in I doubt it would be a big name one, nor should it be.
  15. It's extremely unlikely that Depp will get booted from these movies. Unless he gets into more foolishness I don't see WB changing their decision to keep him on anytime soon. Grindelwald is likely to barely be in these movies anyway, considering that Voldemort didn't get much screen time and he was the big bad of the whole HP story. Creative changes are sure to be made during this production delay but I'd be shocked if switching any of the actors are a part of those changes.

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