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  1. I'll say this about Warner Brothers, they definitely do take some risks. Making a Dune movie and another Suicide Squad movie when neither property is considered to be a guaranteed money maker is risky, though I suppose getting two well liked directors certainly helped to maybe tip the scales in their favor. And for whatever it's worth, I don't think this movie will bomb spectacularly, but it's possible. I'm personally not super interested in this but I may check it out eventually. The concern for general audience reception for this is very valid because at the end of the day they'
  2. It's called Hogwarts Legacy, was supposed to come out this year but got pushed back to 2022. You get to play a student at Hogwarts in the 1700s I think, seems like its going to play as a fantasy rpg with some multiplayer elements I believe.
  3. Damn, the UK film industry has been getting a lot of business during the pandemic. At least these productions are providing a lot of people with jobs.
  4. WB knows this movie is in a precarious situation, I don't blame them for keeping things close to their chest. It's the reason why they had test screenings a year+ in advance, trying to salvage things as much as possible. By the end of this year we'll be getting something.
  5. After rewatching both trailers I've become more excited to see this; it may be the movie that actually gets me to go to a theater, if things don't get worse within the next month or two. The last movie I saw in theaters was Rise of Skywalker back in December 2019, and in the before-times I usually only saw maybe one or two movies a year at the theater, mostly due to laziness.
  6. Plenty of movies get bad reactions, Space Jam 2 just released last week and most of the reactions were bad. Expectations play a significant part of course, but as always if the movie is good then the reactions will reflect that and if it's not then the reactions will reflect that as well.
  7. Yes, it is a bad thing. Just because she's the creator of HP doesn't mean she's always right, same thing with any other creator. She's become a liability tbh and I don't see the brand evolving and improving much as long she's still involved with it and calling some of the shots, and I imagine some at WB feel the same way too.
  8. You have a point. I feel like most people aren't even thinking about this movie right now, the first trailer came out towards the end of 2019, and then other trailers came out inbetween then and now, but I just think there's not much interest in this. As funny and charming Ryan Reynolds can be I don't think he's a huge draw and the concept for this movie doesn't seem as good of a hook as they thought.
  9. I think had they not gotten James Gun WB likely would not have done another Suicide Squad movie, and getting him to direct this was one of the more smarter moves WB has made in recent years. Gunn is popular and he's got that marvel clout so those who liked his Guardians of the Galaxy movies would be interested in seeing what his does with this. Making another Suicide Squad movie was always going to be a risk but I suppose they're looking at the long term; making a good movie that does just alright box office wise but helps improve the image of the overall brand could yield h
  10. I agree it won't make that much in total, but comparing a finale with 6 prior movies worth of build up to this one singular movie may be a bit unfair tbh.
  11. Unpopular opinion incoming: I don't think this will do as amazing as some others on here think. It'll likely do good and I hope it does but a billion dollars seems a little far fetched right now, and that's with the assumption that there will have been a substantial enough improvement to create an environment where it could reach a billion. I just hope this doesn't become over-hyped and then people get disappointed when it turns out to be just really good and not absolutely "top 10 movies of 2022" amazing, if that makes sense.
  12. If after the initial first reactions/reviews come out and people continuously give this praise then it will definitely help it's success, as it would with anything else. I have little doubt this will be solid with the general audience, and I do think having James Gun directing gives this a better advantage as opposed to having David Ayer come back to do this.
  13. For whatever it's worth I never saw the first one but I understand that this is pretty much a soft-reboot; different director giving their take on the premise. The trailers haven't really hooked me personally but like I said I understand what they're going for here.
  14. Didn't Birds of Prey simply underpreform rather than flop? It might have done slightly better if they didn't make the title too fancy/long for it's own good,
  15. I feel the same, very disappointed in how they've been handling it thus far. I can't say I'm super excited for this either but I'm quite curious to how things turn out from an observational perspective; if they decide after this movie to cancel the series or try to pull of some sort of soft reboot or whatever. The HP could really use a shake-up, or at least some new creatives to liven things up.
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