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  1. With the recent successes of Bumblee and Aquaman I really think it would be beneficial for this movie series to get a new director, not a high profile one but someone with a different set of sensibilities and vision. Yates has gotten too comfortable working with Rowling while creating this world and I fear he has little creativity left to offer and little incentive to take chances. The next movie really needs to bring something fresh and virbrant to the table if they want to gain the fans trust/interest back.
  2. The problem here is that Dumbledore can't/wont directly fight Grindelwald until 1945, so for now Dumbledore is just playing a big game of chess against Grindelwald. They're both maneuvering/manipulating people to do their bidding until the time comes for them to handle business themselves. Rowling seems to want this to be a story that takes us all around the world, so the characters we follow should reflect that. Time to leave Hogwarts behind a bit and follow a protagonist from Africa, Asia, somewhere unfamiliar. Slowly tie them into the main conflict of this series and we can really get somewhere.
  3. Minor nitpick of sorts, but I hope they don't continue using a colon in the titles of future movies in this series. Something just feels off with there being no "and" in the tittle of a wizarding world story. Early last year I thought this movie was going to be titled Fantastic beasts and how to catch them or something like that and that they would continue using the "Fantastic Beasts and how to ____ them" template all throughout this series. But now who knows thats gonna happen.
  4. Lets hope this is just the first draft she's finished and not the final one. She started writing for the third movie a few months ago and I sincerely hope somebody over at WB will be sending her some notes and a screenwriter to help shape up her story.
  5. Oh boy, I pray somebody at WB gets that script and looks over it multiple times to make sure it's in tip top, coherent shape. Unless they want to repeat the same mistakes that plagued this movie.
  6. Warner Brothers and JK Rowling went wrong. An actual experienced screenwriter(s) should have been hired for these movies from the get-go. WB mistakenly assumed since Rowling loves to write about this world that she could make good screenplays, And it seems that JK greatest strength is also her biggest weakness; she loves to write and writes a whole lot. She has so many ideas for this world and wants to use as many of them as she can, I fear she has a difficulty in restraining herself during the writing process. WB really needs to listen to the complaints for this movie and improve upon the next because I want this franchise to succeed and will stick with it as long as possible, but there will need to be some changes.
  7. Going forward I feel like Newt needs to be given a better character arc. I'm probably in the minority here but I don't mind the him being in these movies, I just wish the story gave him something to truly struggle against/with. In this movie more than the first Newt isn't really challenged by anything, he's not given any substantial physical or moral problems to overcome. He just seems a bit too untouchable, let him get captured by Grindelwald or have to save somebody's life. Just give him something that he will truly struggle with besides just social interactions.
  8. It's not like people really hated this movie, there was disappointment but it's wasn't vitriolic so I doubt the third movie will be hurt badly. I'll still be seeing the next one, and the one after that and so on. I'm more invested in the world than the characters themselves anyway, so i don't need to connect or care about them to enjoy these movies, or any movie for that matter.
  9. The third movie is already confirmed(for now) to be happening. One misfire shouldn't be cause for all this doom and gloom talk. Feels like every franchise these days is having some issue in one form or another.
  10. If anyone is interested, I found an article that talks about scenes/shots that were shown in trailers and promotional images but did not make it into the final cut of the movie. (right click and translate the page to English after clicking the link) http://www.portkey.it/sito/2018/11/19/animali-fantastici-i-crimini-di-grindelwald-ecco-le-scene-tagliate-e-il-finale-alternativo/
  11. Honestly, if they wont do the whole 5 films I'd rather they just scrap this project all together. I'd rather the story to be told properly and with care than to have them just rush through it because of a shortened deadline. They better figure out something soon before the third film starts filming.
  12. Unfortunately I agree with this. The only thing most people will remember about this movie is that Johnny Depp is Grindelwald, Jude Law is Dumbledore, and Eddie Redymayne is still around. The third movie will definitely need to be somewhat disconnected from this one, maybe introduce a new protagonist and see how they are dealing with this Grindelwald situation. Newt and friends should make a brief cameo in the next movie, but it should not revolve around them. The next movie really will need to be a breathe of fresh air in order to get people back on board with these movies as a whole.
  13. This movie feels both overstuffed and incomplete at the same time, feels like key scenes are missing that would clear up plot issues. Credence should have been the main character, especially if they wanted that reveal to be more shocking. But we barely spend time with him so it doesn’t feel earned.
  14. I found enjoyment in this movie, but understand why others won't/don't. Like many across the internet have said there is too much going on in this movie; too much jumping around to different characters, scenes that should've been cut and there are some scenes that should've been added to give more clarity as to why certain things happen the way they do. I think the acting ranges from fine to good, same for the dialogue as well. The production design is very solid as is the CGI and visual effects, although the big CGI fest in finale didn't need to happen and I hope the next movie dials down on that. Ultimately I feel this movie was not the best it could have been, and I think Warner Brothers has some disappointment with this as well and hopefully some improvements will be made behind the scenes to make sure this situation doesn't happen again. Call me crazy but I will still stick with these movies for as long as they keep coming out because I do love the Wizarding World and it's magic hasn't lost it's affect on me yet.
  15. My biggest issue with this story is how everybody now just knows about Credence and somehow know he is in Europe. Characters that weren’t even in the first movie know about him now, but how? Also grindelwalds escape kinda confused me, when did him and Abernathy switch places? Quite a few things in this story just happen with little to no explanation. But I still enjoyed it for the most part.

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