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  1. Damn...so on SDCC we are getting a first look at Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam, and Aquaman? Get here ASAP, Comic Con!!
  2. Wait...So people think that Solo's flopping is a result of TLJ's alleged tainting of the brand? Have you seen Solo? Solo flopping was entirely its own fault. When Episode X once grosses 1.5 billion dollars minimum, will people shut up about this alleged implosion/crumbling of the SW franchise?
  3. Infinity War may have been unpredictable due to its denouement, but we all know that Infinity War Part 2, um...Avengers 4 o whatever its name will be, is certainly as predictable as they come. We all know that Thanos will be tricked/forced/beat into undoing what he did, or someone heroic will end up with the gauntlet, and all the heroes we know and love will... shine again.
  4. Thanks for responding (seriously!), but those are not remakes (are they?).
  5. The Last Jedi grossed 1.3 billion dollars and got a 91 % Fresh score at RT. How exactly is this a franchise imploding?
  6. I hope this becomes a huge hit. What was the last horror remake not named "It" to be an actual financial hit?
  7. http://ew.com/movies/2018/06/21/amber-heard-aquaman-interview/ Amber Heard spills on Aquaman role: Mera 'not just making bubbles'
  8. I am really curious about Chris Pratt's career path post [his arguable] stardom. He really has not had any hit that could be considered his and his alone (has he?)... GOTG is pure MCU brand recognition and superhero craze, JW was all about the dinos and nostalgia, and does anyone care about or even remember Passengers and the western remake he made with Denzel? I like the guy and think he is charming as heck; he is still young enough to get more chances to prove his mettle as a box office draw.
  9. Nothing anyone does now will make all fans of SW be happy all the time (short of creating a time machine, bringing back Fisher, Ford, and Hammil when they were young and hot, and making new films starring those three characters battling Vader and trying to destroy Death Stars ad nauseaum). And even that I bet would still get gripes from half of the SW fandom.
  10. StevenG


    Futurist's avatar is a clue as to why he loved "mother." I actually thought it was ok, but Passengers? Now THAT is a travesty and a crime against cinema, and I bet Futurist thinks it's a masterpiece.
  11. I don't care what anyone says: the fact that Marvel Studios successfully launched a franchise around fricking Ant-Man is a triumph in and of itself. That the first film was actually awesome was just, in my opinion, gravy. Hopefully the sequel's box office will ensure that we get a third film (and who knows, maybe that one will feature Stature, so that the whole family can be a sort of Fantastic Three...)
  12. Uh oh...get ready for the litany of "Avatar?? Original? But it was "Pocahontas Meets a Man Called Horse after they Danced with Wolves at Ferngully, the Last Rainforest" excuses.

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