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  1. Nah. 40 million dollar is a fantastic number for a musical starring a bunch of nobodies and released 10 years after the original, which, as beloved as it was, was never in need of a sequel. Who the hell was clamoring for a sequel anyway? The first film was a once-and-done story that closed the book on Donna's tale. Heck, everyone I know who loved the first film still was shocked they made a sequel. Let's not sugarcoat it. People had forgotten about the original film, and sequel announcement was received with a resounding 'meh' bymany people (this board included); the only reason this sequel suddenly had people predicting huge OW numbers was that it got surprisingly solid reviews. 40 million is an amazing numbers all things considered.
  2. LOL And Shazam...don't forget that Shazam is getting a whole lot of positive buzz. Maybe the tide is about to turn...
  3. But the poor victim (Gunn) made two MCU films, dude. He deserves to be excused for his...um...quirks...
  4. And I could not be happier! Let GOTG3 go to a director that does not condone pedophilia and rape.
  5. Seriously, his blog and tweet feed (which luckily has been screenprinted before he deleted the incriminating evidence) is disgusting. Everything from "jokes" about being raped, giving BJs to children and "getting lucky" with kids to. The guy is straight up pedo trash. I am shocked that Marvel has not taken him off GOTG3 by now...
  6. I also like the fact that Marvel zombies^^^ will defend a pedophile just because he's done movies for the MCU.
  7. He is going nuts on Twitter trying to "apologize" for those tweets and making sure that people understand that they were immature "jokes" from his past. Hmmm. I bet that the suits at Marvel have already talked to him about the potential fallout of his pedo self being revealed...
  8. James Gunn really posted those tweets? Ugh. Dude is truly gutter trash.
  9. I wish that somewher down the road they make a hip hop version of a Star is Born (I am serious).
  10. Loved the trailer. I am a guy and I am looking forward to watching this on OW. Jlo is still hot as hell, and she still has charisma that lights up the sky. Keeping my fingers crossed for a breakout.
  11. Zazie Beetz for Vixen (DCEU proper) and Monica Rambeau (MCU), since she has been in a non-MCU Marvel film and now in a non-DCEU DC film. As far as I'm concerned, she makes everything better.
  12. It looks like a Greg Berlanti show as directed by Zac Snyder. Why? Why did they do this to the New Teen Titans? If any DC property was ripe for a great live-action film, it is the Marv Wolfman/George Perez NTT run. This is awful... is "Fuck Batman!" the new "I'm the goddamn Batman!"??? Yuck.
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