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  1. Movie underperform domestically--> makes money in china ----> doesnt really make money ----> basically warcraft
  2. god i am never gonna fucking watch this movie. they'll make a michael jackson one with someone who can look sing and dance like him before i ever buy this thing
  3. out ... wtf does CM have to do with anything? it was good and made bank
  4. rise of skywalker? just fucking hell 🤣somehow i knew they'd have title problems Also wth was that first part of the trailer. so anticlimactic and dumb. wow she flipped so hype. palpatine is the only good part. and all the backtracking is stupid too
  5. Thanos is going to be the most popular movie character, one that will go down in history after this. Along with Ironman. Even china love this guy. Also, I predict ant-man will have a 150m Opening in china.
  6. commendable

    Tuesday's Numbers (IW 23.5) page 2

    You guys are right about the tuesdays, me and my friends all paid 18$ per ticket at the AMC online, then we went to the front desk and got our prices cut in half for free easily. instead of paying around 110$ it was more like 50 bucks.

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