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  1. Lol tired of supporting movies and games like SCOOB and MGSV where they basically fire the old voice actors
  2. Yo I just saw uncut gems. Easily best movie of the year..... thank you julia fox gawt damn
  3. i wonder if people will ever learn to not be so cocky in their box office predictions ... just risking embarrassment when petty people save your post and come back to haunt you with it
  4. 175.5m opening for TROS right? im gonna say around 55% drop so around 90-95 milllion
  5. I dont know. She even said in that video "we're winning". Something is really icky about the subtext of that statement
  6. Gonna be funny in 30 years when they go for a second round of nostalgia baiting only for disney to find out nobody likes these characters at all
  7. How can you be excited for mulan, that garbage looks like china pandering to me. Not to mention that every disney remake has been trash , or the fact that the main actress came out against hkers protests. I'd rather lose both my legs than see that movie.
  8. Commendable is back for what is arguably two of the biggest disasters in modern movie history. On the same weekend. Truly is one for the history books.
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