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  1. Lol tired of supporting movies and games like SCOOB and MGSV where they basically fire the old voice actors
  2. You a funy issue with star wars movies ill always have is that it could easily all take place on one planet and maybe two moons. Every planet is just treated like a city. no variation. Tatooine is desert, that ewok planet is jungle, cloud city is floating cities that look like clouds. meanwhile earth basically contains all those things. I guess thats the price you pay for large universe
  3. Yo I just saw uncut gems. Easily best movie of the year..... thank you julia fox gawt damn
  4. Lol i thought this movie was about soul music , the birth of hip hop and african american-centered. sad that its just inside out 2.0.
  5. ayo world wide this gonna increase gona hit 1b WW. So is domestic
  6. i wonder if people will ever learn to not be so cocky in their box office predictions ... just risking embarrassment when petty people save your post and come back to haunt you with it
  7. more like a necessity in my opinion. I can see how it can be viewed as a "dig" though now that i think about it more.
  8. 175.5m opening for TROS right? im gonna say around 55% drop so around 90-95 milllion
  9. There are no "digs" against TLJ in the movie. except MAYBE the holdo thing but thats a reach. everything you think was a "critique" or "dig" is just their attempt to tie things up. Case in point luke throwing the light saber
  10. TLJ had flashes of brilliance and I was a fan of the risks they took but the movie just has a whole lot of wasted time. Yoda force ghost talking to Luke is one of my favorite scenes ever. But so much time is spent on crap like the Casino when you could have spent that time solving nearly all of TROS's problems. Also more could have been done with Finn, him battling or struggling with the first order brainwashing and the past acts he has committed because of it. And also the theme of not knowing where you are from this is something finn and rey have in common that i feel wasn't explored enough. TLJ made me think that Finn and Rey are opposite of each other, rey was optimistic and good and struggling with the temptation to join the dark side, while Finn had to come to terms with what he had to do in service of the the dark side and see the good inside of him. The issue is that this is already fulfilled by another character: Kylo Ren. It just makes me feel like Finn is an even more useless character that had so much potential. He absolutely should have died in TLJ: Full stop. I don't really understand the point of Poe Dameron aside from comic relief ( he was very funny) but c3po is good enough in my opinion. In TROS it just seems like nobody knows what to do with any characters. Rose literally did not need to be in the movie, the relationship between finn and the other Stormtrooper wasn't developed enough, too many new characters being introduced in the last movie... and a lot of fucking dangling loose plot points. What about those kids at the casino planet? What did Finn wanna tell rey? how did palpatine come back? What And a lack of sense of scale.... or time. I understand at the end they tried to do a lord of the rings-style entrance when the backup comes for the final battle.... but who the fuck are those people? Its just a bunch of ships? We are lead to believe that lando gathered them all but we only know who are on two of those ships: Lando/chewie and Babu Frik. Weren't a bunch of planets destroyed in TFA? Why not spend some time in TLJ showing how the other planets cowered in fear from the first order. And how they overcame this fear and decided to send their ships into battle. I feel bad cause you know they felt so limited by Rian Johnson's decisions in the movie. Rian Johnson is one of the best directors in this time in my opinion, but just not having a cohesive idea throughout the 3 movies really came back to bite them in the ass. We already knew rian was gonna go crazy on this one, and it seemed like a good idea. You have JJ abrams who IMO is one of the most overrated bland and mediocre directors out there to do what everyone fears he can't do: Open the mystery box. I wonder if Lucas film heads were like "Yo let me get JJ back see if we can finesse 2 bill if he directs this again" when we all know boxoffice doesn't work like that.
  11. Lol i just watched it . Rey is really out here callin herself Rey Palpatine Skywalker Poe Dameron the 3rd
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