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  1. I dont get it, avatar WW and Avatar domestic aee locked right? All that's left is tfa which might be impossible
  2. Lol it's not even gonna make IW dom in 3 weeks , its gonna do that in less and in both china and NA ... looool
  3. so we need to talk about where its gonna end up domestically... if the cinemascore is A+ then 100% will reach 1bil domestic. Watch me
  4. Yo im kinda done watchin marvel movies after this seeing as there is no more gonna be any captain america movies. Fucking lame
  5. Movie underperform domestically--> makes money in china ----> doesnt really make money ----> basically warcraft
  6. god i am never gonna fucking watch this movie. they'll make a michael jackson one with someone who can look sing and dance like him before i ever buy this thing
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