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  1. Thanos is going to be the most popular movie character, one that will go down in history after this. Along with Ironman. Even china love this guy. Also, I predict ant-man will have a 150m Opening in china.
  2. You guys are right about the tuesdays, me and my friends all paid 18$ per ticket at the AMC online, then we went to the front desk and got our prices cut in half for free easily. instead of paying around 110$ it was more like 50 bucks.
  3. Just got out, very enjoyable film. I can see why China likes it, it's full of action and is smart, not too smart to confuse people and just smart enough to make it feel fresh.
  4. In theater right now for RPO. Pretty excited
  5. Frozen is a pretty bad movie. IDK if it's just my disney standards speaking but it was really supbar. Let it go scene was great though
  6. The numbers are too small, but for me it was when TFA wasn't going to get 1 bil domestic. (Which it could do with a rerelease anytime it wants)
  7. Titanic is locked, but I don't think 700m is in play. If it did, would be embarassing for TLJ (700m conservative predictions)
  8. haven't watch spirited away yet. waiting for my friend so we can get together
  9. best animation films are 1. Grave of the Fireflies 2. Inside Out 3. Summer Wars 4. Finding Nemo 5. Beauty and the Beast 6. Chicken Run
  10. Not for a long time, at least not domestically. it will be #3 highest grossing movie domestic, hard to reach.
  11. I think we have two box office surprises in our midst. watch them either over perform this weekend or have insane holds
  12. it seems that you guys are actually in agreement but arguing over something inconsequential. A good villian (antagonist) is one that pushes the protags to their limit. It doesn't have to be physically (most superhero movies and anime) it can also be psychologically (joker). Everyone likes certain villains for the same reason, not because you sympathize with them, or they have cool powers, or they have a cool laugh, but because they actually challenge the protagonist in more ways than one.
  13. What the fuck is going on with i can only imagine. do christians really turn out for these films all the time
  14. Remember when we were talking about how the poster and all the faces were gonna make it real bad. its even worse... I think this will make BP this weekend drop by 75%
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