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  1. So whats the list of stupid shit that movie pass does? I see that they are making you upload ticket stubs. For what reason? Also I hear that you can't subscribe after cancelling for like 3 months.
  2. Wow you are right i really need to watch some more spy films. I guess the only real one i have watched is manchurian
  3. I forgot about manchurian... woops. But i was only thinking recent memory.
  4. I am not a marvel fanatic and yes I have been freaking out the last few days about this movie but I do not think it is perfect. But the success and impact of this movie in the U.S. and some places worldwide is undeniable. this movie will make 1.3 billion worldwide, and I don't think its sequels can create a perfect storm of excitement like they did with this one.
  5. best spy movies 1)skyfall 2)MI:5 3)SPY 4)the bond movie with eva green in it 5) ghost protocol
  6. God I love weekend threads. Black panther might take another #1 record after biggest monday of all time. Biggest 4th weekend (42m TFA) is in the cards this weekend. Deadline is reporting 41-42 so lets hope for the best
  7. I have no idea how drmi Lovato became a celebrity . Her best song is this is me from camp rock
  8. wow and look at poor batfleck now. honestly after TDKR no batman movie should make less than a billion dollars
  9. No i don't think aang is a navi which you described. Are you sure we are watching the same thing
  10. wtf i just watched avatar and it is no where near as good as titanic. I think titanic is the only good film in the top 10 highest grossers to be honest.
  11. BP - 41.1m Wrinkile - 36m Strangers - 10m Gringo - 5m
  12. Does anyone else agree with me that Silence of the lambs is the greatest movie of all time? Honestly
  13. Trailer looks like crap, that said, it's illumination so 900m WW
  14. Question: How do spy movies other than bond fare in UK? I know skyfall is their highest grossing movie so im wondering if they tune out anything else
  15. no man it is just that you really want this film to fail and its weird, you are just saying the same thing people have said about black led films in asia for years. not to mention you call the chinas marketing SJW which makes absolutely no sense to me...
  16. The movie did try to make him grow or change, by having him reject his ancestors ways. But that doesn't hold up since they were already doing outreach missions in civil war :/ so yeah essentially he is just another king, hopefully he faces tough decisions in the next movie.
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