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  1. Cool. It's really useful to have a ratings system that can easily tell WoM, and usually not be affected by false reviews
  2. an actual c-list superhero is going to beat a star wars movie... and become the 2nd highest grossing superhero movie of all time..
  3. Am I misunderstand or did u say 169m opening day? You mean final gross right?
  4. So with average WoM, 90m opening, what's the final gross?
  5. Did zootopia really connect with Chinese audiences that well? I'm pretty sure i'm remembering that movie wrong
  6. Also here is the most important question: Are they gonna ban it in china
  7. I'm so confused, this is not the pooh I grew up watching on playhouse disney. Is he supposed to be a teddy bear? or a big huge real bear with no pants that chugs honey 24/7
  8. Wait a minute, I thought BatB made like 1.3 billion. Lmao it will take the winter record, I mixed it up with star wars.
  9. Was very worried for rampage, now it can have a decent 2nd weekend drop and not get absolutely crushed
  10. I'm putting spider-man 3 on it. Sorry. watched it about 30 times as a child
  11. I don't see why winter solider can't be around 90-100 on someone's list. it's all subjective. It's a good spy/political thriller that asks a lot big questions and is regarded as the best of a franchise that has average to great quality movies.
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