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  1. A Tweet has revealed that there’s a clause in a contract relating to the Spider-Man IP which says if Sony were to be sold, the rights would revert back to Marvel. However, then there’s the matter of production and distribution rights, which are entirely separate things. We could end up in a situation where the production rights to Spidey end up back at Marvel, but they still have to put out any solo movies under the ‘Apple Movies’ banner.
  2. Let’s hope that Apple buys Sony so that the Spider-Man rights go back to Disney. We don’t want the brand to be to diluted with crappy movies like venom and low budget non-events like spider verse
  3. I'm a measly peasant working hard to promote the Queen and maintain her legacy as the biggest female movie critic!
  4. nvm I take it back. The queen has spoken and proclaimed it to be the best DC movie since The Dark Knight. Buying 10 tickets as we speak.
  5. This is predicted to open with 39 million? Yikes
  6. Omg Wreck It Ralphney is FLOPPING. They shoved in every Disney princess and character in it - and it's still getting destroyed by the Grinch.
  7. Wow Haliee is winning again. Somehow she always stays there. I can't stand it.
  8. I'm sure that discount ethnic Thor will gross 700m domestically, be nominated for best picture and become a cultural event.
  9. I’ll use a VPN and watch it an extra time in your honor then. Thanks for your contribution ❤️
  10. Ugh this trailer SUCKS. And omg not Black Widow still looking like Tori Spelling's long lost sister. Can she dye her eyebrows and hair already. The END GAME title is TERRIBLE. Like so fucking basic.. If they were going to keep it hidden for so long why not name it something shocking.
  11. It’s nothing against that shitty movie. I’m just tired of the same low budget indie trash being nominated every time. Why should blockbusters be snubbed - if they are good enough?

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