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  1. The movie would have grossed 130m easily if more black people had shown up for it!! Guess they didn’t want to watch it cause of the half white lead actress!!!!
  2. A small budget film that any movie student could pull off LO. It takes TALENT to make a big budget blockbuster - much more things to keep track off. She should stick to indie flicks.
  3. I’d say making a 130m movie look like an episode of “Once Upon a time” qualifies as talentless. Also let’s not forget that AWIT was PANNED by critics - who have no problems praising black-led movies. Or was it a critical failure because of “muh racism” too?
  4. Lol at this excuse. “Racism” does not prevent a movie from being a huge smash (case in point - Black Panther that has the 3rd highest DOM gross of all time.) AWIT BOMBED because it was a terrible movie directed by someone with no talent. It literally looks like a TV movie - why would anyone pay to see that?
  5. Ugh I’m so annoyed that this won’t pass TFA. It’s to close
  6. GraceRandolph

    Incredibles 2 second weekend over $100m club

    What makes you think it will have a 45% drop? This isn’t even comparable to other animated movies since none of them opened as big. I would put this in the same category as superhero movies and they always have big 2nd weekend drops - not to mention that JW2 is coming to take a lot of its gross.
  7. GraceRandolph

    Incredibles 2 second weekend over $100m club

    Out. I think this movie will be very frontloaded. JW will also take a lot from it’s gross 2nd weekend.
  8. Well I thought the movie would be performing on the level of an animated movie and not a superhero one. It should be doing 200m OW given the circumstances.
  9. 94%? Yikes this is really bad for Pixar standards. Not looking good!
  10. These graphs are flawed. They don’t account for the huge population growth and ticket price increases. The movie industry is doing everything in their power to maintain a facade and cover up that it’s rapidly declining. Cable TV isn’t even comparable to streaming. They earn their money from ads and other endorsements. Streaming relies on direct consumer payments. Disney along with other studios want a streaming service where users pay a fee once per month and get to watch unlimited content without ads.
  11. Yes and my main point is piracy and the fact that we have other forms of entertainment. People just don’t think it’s worth going to the cinema anymore. Why do you think every major studio is desperate to create their own streaming service? They know where the real money is at - case in point Netflix being more valuable than Disney.
  12. GraceRandolph

    Tuesday's Numbers: Ocean 8 - $6.22M

    Stating that a movie is targeted at a certain audience is bigoted. “Don’t say Book club was targeted at older women - that’s ageist and sexist!”
  13. GraceRandolph

    Tuesday's Numbers: Ocean 8 - $6.22M

    No but it explains WHY BP outgrossed IW. They were tapping into an unexplored market. This is obvious when looking at the OS gross where black people aren’t a huge part of the population - hence why IW OS gross > BPs WW gross.
  14. GraceRandolph

    Tuesday's Numbers: Ocean 8 - $6.22M

    BP made more cause it was the first of its kind and also had no competion for months.
  15. Making 2B today is much harder because the prices are insanely high over seas and it’s simply not worth it when you have free entertainment at home.

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