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  1. Omg Luke Bomb cancelled. Another garbage Netflix show over! Can they erase all of those shows (except successica Jones)?
  2. GraceRandolph

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    Britney Spears could have easily made a huge comeback. A successful music career isn’t necessary for a successful acting career. Cadillac records was 10 years ago. She’s now bigger than ever and has reached legend status and is being compared to the likes of Michael Jackson. With Beyoncé as the star it would have pulled in a bigger African American crowd and thus a greater gross.
  3. GraceRandolph

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    I’m out! I would have been IN if Beyonce or Britney Spears were cast as leads
  4. GraceRandolph

    Monday Numbers

    Clearly Disney disagrees since they paid her 25 million to be involved (highest paid black actress of all time).
  5. GraceRandolph

    Monday Numbers

    All this talk about ASIB is getting me hyped for Beyoncé’s Lion King. Can’t wait for the absolute massive slayage. That’s REAL popstar power.
  6. GraceRandolph

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    The future of pop music has arrived. Poor Fad
  7. Worst studio in regards to superhero movies - Sony with their messy Spider-Man universe attempts, Warner Bros with their one movie wonder (woman) or Fox with their shitty X-men franchise that’s been rebooted countless of times?
  8. Yes delusional znyder fanatics. The general consensus still remains that it’s a shit movie.
  9. Anyways I saw the movie and it was ok. The intro was to long and I wish there was more Venom. Also the final battle was far to confusing - I could barley tell what was going on. I also wish Venom was more evil - he reminded me of a lamer Ultron (personality wise).
  10. It already happened with Ant Man and th wasp. We have now entered the reign of Anti-Heroes.
  11. I feel like Batman and robin is meant for kids hence why it gets away with being absolutely atrocious. Not to mention that it encompasses the cheesiness of the 90s - it’s a bad cult classic at this point. BvS on the other hand was supposed to be the “follow up” to the Nolan series and it just failed to deliver. Either way both are awful and I seriously doubt anyone will praise them 10 years from now.
  12. BVS is terrible . It ruined 2 of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Watchmen is different since it’s about a bunch of nobodies so there was no prior work to compare it to. BvS will always be known as the worst Batman movie.
  13. I am a huge stan sis. Harry Potter is my life.

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