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  1. There can be arguments made for each movie. End Game - Follow up to the 2 billion grosser Infinity War (which ended with a cliff hanger) people will want to see what happens next. If the movie is anywhere near decent 1,7-1,9 billion is LOCKED. TLK - Disneys biggest classic. Beauty and The beast did 1,2 billion and Lion King is way bigger - so expect the gross to be at least 1,5 billion. I don't think Pikachu will come close to these numbers. But I guess we shall see when the numbers finally come!
  2. My point was that Alita doing Bayformers numbers in Europe (it will do way more since the movie is better) + smashing in China is enough for it to be a huge box office hit. I'll give you a like for that impressive breakdown though.
  3. It couldn't even beat them in trailer views. What makes you think it will outgross them? LOL
  4. I still think Infinity War is more impressive since it was released during summer and the competition was more packed. I can't even begin to imagine how much it would have grossed with a December release.
  5. Les Miserables (2012) - 441 million Mamma Mia 2 - 394 million (almost 400) Mary poppins 2 - will probably reach 400 million. Not going to include the animated musicals - but as you can see 400 million for a musical movie isn't anything remarkable. Also it being the first drama movie to gross 200 million doesn't put it above Infinity War which has a far greater achievement - being the 4th movie in history to cross the 2 billion mark. It's not even debatable which is more impressive LOL. Putting ASIB over IW is ludicrous!
  6. Infinity War. People said that the first avengers was the cap for superhero movies and that it would decline from ultron (specially after the CW numbers) and still the movie went on to gross 2 billion. Absolutely massive and legendary. Its THE movie of this decade. 90s - Titanic 00s - Avatar 10s - Infinity War
  7. Out of all those movies mentioned I can only see HTTYDragon 3 as a threat since it's already an established successful brand. The rest will probably not be big enough and/or appeal to the same demographic. Adults interested in "The Mule" won't care for Alita and vice versa. I think the film will do great numbers - and in this case the brand/star power is James Cameron (which will attract a lot of people).
  8. Can't believe that the DCEU has the audacity to use James Gunn. Literally picking up MCU scraps LOL. They need to get their own directors and team. This will probably be as messy as Joss Whedon's Justice League.
  9. Hey at least you can get a trip pretty cheap - assuming the drug dealers sell it for a good price
  10. We had many musicals gross 400+ million this decade. So I don't think ASIB's gross is anything epic or remarkable. Infinity War was predicted to do much less (cause of CIVIL WARS gross / superhero fatigue ) and despite that it shattered opening weekend record and went on to become one of the FEW 2 billion dollar grossing movies. Those numbers are far to big to put it under a movie like ASIB.
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