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  1. GraceRandolph

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    scar-jo highest grossing actress of the year stomping on everyone.
  2. venom has potential to do huge numbers. the issue is the movie will most likely be low budget and bad - a netflix movie. they would have probably invested more had they known how much interest there is for the character.
  3. it's a good idea. this way the downfall of the oscars will happen quicker. can't wait until people realize what a shitty sham it really is. just lol at caring what a bunch of old men in suits deem to be the best picture of the year.
  4. every other artist that headlined the superbowl got 200+ m tours. so thats not really impressive at all.
  5. eh I'm still not feeling newt and co. I really just want the Dumblerdore and grindelwald storyline. Couldn't they have just made it a trilogy and cut out the useless bs ?
  6. true true. So happy Disney bought fox. Now Cameron can make Disney great again.
  7. this looks great. But as Grace said it would have probably been better if Cameron directed it.
  8. GraceRandolph

    Monday's Numbers

    the rocks meltdown on instagram. omg ARTPOP teas
  9. Black panther will reach 700m as a double feature with BP2
  10. So this is going to be marvels first sub 200 million movie since 2015. I can see captain marvel and the solo black widow movie suffering the same faith. The future looks dark and grim. Just bring us avengers 4 and cancel the rest alredy!
  11. damn looks like Grace's recently formed friendship with the rock was all for nothing. If he can't help his own movie then he sure as hell can't give her a career push. Oh well - RIP Dwayne Johnson you had a good run.
  12. GraceRandolph

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    Sub 200m?? blockbuster emergency!
  13. GraceRandolph

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    My brain every time I attempt to read one of your posts: Am I low IQ?
  14. GraceRandolph

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Kylie is kinda self made though. None of her sisters (even Kim) had the power to become a billionaire. Kim made a career embarrassing herself with sex tapes and vulgar nude pics. Kylie just got some basic lip fillers and made a fortune by tricking girls and homosexuals into thinking that they could achieve the same results with overpriced lip kits. Beyond business savvy.
  15. GraceRandolph

    Tuesday's Numbers:


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