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  1. Title Screens Admissions Change Total Admission Total Gross in USD (Estimated) 1 ONWARDS 80 53.456 -35% 153.919 579K 2 BLOODSHOT 76 19.327 New 19.327 81k 3 SONIC 76 22.283 -50% 700.600 2,487 M 4 THE INVISIBLE MAN 61 10.397 -47% 79.532 276K 5 CALL OF THE WILD 68 9.191 -52% 135.183 465K 6 PARASITE 35 6.923 -55% 308.114 1,132M 8 MY SPY 55 6.815 New 6.815 24K 7 THE TURNING 33 5.795 New 5.795 22K 9 KONOSUBA: LEGEND OF CRIMSON 12 3.464 New 3.464 15K 10 EL ROBO DEL SIGLO 24 2.234 -69% 11.595 49K Well, today Cinemas closed, so this was the last weekend for a while. Ironically, Onwards had an amazing hold considering the circumstances. In normal times it would probably have increased, very sad. Also, ER hit an all-time low, again. Troubling times ahead.
  2. Chile 156 +81 Well yikes. And the government didn't even wanted to suspend classes.
  3. # Título Sello Público Pantallas Sem Ant % Variación Acumulado 1 Unidos DISNEY 37.247 340 127.157 -70,71 203.569 2 Bloodshot UIP 14.913 215 0 - 14.913 3 El Robo Del Siglo WARNER BROS 12.966 119 32.790 -60,46 2.027.430 4 Sonic: La Película UIP 11.909 143 39.597 -69,92 687.379 5 Bad Boys Para Siempre UIP 11.233 95 27.758 -59,53 243.229 6 El Hombre Invisible UIP 9.030 106 23.561 -61,67 89.801 7 Parasite IMPACTO 4.419 47 14.335 -69,17 367.598 8 Grandes Espías DIAMOND FILMS 3.917 120 0 - 3.917 9 El Precio De La Verdad BFPARIS 3.152 42 0 - 3.152 10 Los Caballeros BFPARIS 2.223 46 13.392 -83,40 19.933 Coronavirus in full effect. Argentina closed all its cinemas today until April first.
  4. Yes yes, we get it. You think it would have bombed epically neverthless, you made it clear the 10th time you said it.
  5. Weekend March, 5-8th Title Screens Admissions Change Total Admission Total Gross in USD (Estimated) 1 ONWARDS 80 82.066 New 82.066 320K 2 SONIC 76 44.185 -62% 669.351 2,4 M 3 INVISIBLE MAN 69 19.443 -32% 61.533 220K 4 CALL OF THE WILD 71 18.975 -45% 120.645 425K 5 PARASITE 53 15.286 -48% 295.772 1,1 M 6 EL ROBO DEL SIGLO 37 7.321 New 7.321 33 K 8 BIRD OF PREY 37 7.202 -62% 271.500 1 M 7 THE GENTLEMEN 44 6.821 New 6.821 30 K 9 PRITYAZHENIE 2 28 5.634 -56% 23.187 85 K 10 PACTO DE FUGA 19 3.290 -57% 226.099 800 K My goodness, what an awful weekend. Onward bombed, and bombed hard. It posted the lowest Pixar opening since the original Cars in 2006!!!!. Even if it follows the standard Pixar multiplier (6x) it is headed to be the lowest grossing Pixar movie since Ratatouille in 2007. Bad release date, poor marketing, and Women's Day protests all played a role in this disaster, though not (yet) Coronavirus Despite bombing, Onward totally destroyed Sonic. The last weekend was somewhat inflated (last weekend of Summer always post solid holds for family fare), but a family movie has no business falling over 60%. The poor holds affected all the top 10 (with the noble exception of Invisible Man), so it could be the effect of Sunday protests which were massive. (At least 800k people in the capital Santiago and a lot of people in all the major cities). Coronavirus has yet to make an impact (the protests make it clear that people don't care about getting into big crowds), but it could put the nail on the coffin on the anemic Chilean Box Office on the coming weeks.
  6. About Coronavirus and Onward... Onward is also underperforming in South America which is among the regions less affected. The release date is bad but it is opening below Boss Baby in the countries where Boss Baby had a relatively similar date.
  7. South American numbers: Argentina / Paraguay / Uruguay / Perú Onward: 13.790 / 453 / 336 / 20.000 Some comparisons: Abominable: 4.865 / 316 / 2.637 / 12.000 Angry Birds 2: 5.550 / 921/ 223 / No Perú data I didn't found info for A good Dinosaur, but it seems it is doing worse (Its OW will be below it in Argentina at least, though Good Dino did fine in SA)
  8. South American OD are weak. The closest comp I found was Shazam. Chile looks better but I don't have hard numbers (In the evening I will look for more comps)
  9. # TÍTULO (TÍTULO ORIGINAL) SELLO PÚBLICO PANTALLAS SEM ANT VARIACIÓN ACUMULADO 1 SONIC: LA PELÍCULA PARAMOUNT PICTURES 114.888 79 1 592.147 1.775.537.250 2 EL LLAMADO SALVAJE WALT DISNEY PICTURES 34.293 77 3 89.268 258.110.740 3 PARÁSITOS 29.275 67 2 269.967 834.828.505 4 EL HOMBRE INVISIBLE UNIVERSAL PICTURES 28.418 74 0 28.418 86.618.347 5 AVES DE PRESA WARNER BROS 19.100 61 4 256.980 793.031.794 6 INVASIÓN: EL FIN DE LOS TIEMPOS 12.815 37 0 12.815 39.305.239 7 MUJERES ARRIBA 10.533 49 5 87.261 242.380.673 8 PACTO DE FUGA 7.565 33 7 220.029 639.725.880 9 1917 UNIVERSAL PICTURES 4.529 13 8 221.783 728.524.549 10 LA MALDICIÓN RENACE SONY PICTURES 4.072 32 6 27.786 78.405.181 This was the last weekend of summer and Sonic remains solid at the top, easing just 13%. Needs a sub 30 hold against Onward to keep 1m admissions alive. It reached 2m USD. Call of the Wild had a very impressive hold, falling just 4% and overtaking Parasite (-32%) for second place. Parasite barely missed beating The Shape of Water 270k to be the most viewed Oscar movie of the decade, probably did it this monday, but it finally got to 1m USD.
  10. # TÍTULO (TÍTULO ORIGINAL) SELLO PÚBLICO PANTALLAS SEM ANT VARIACIÓN ACUMULADO 1 SONIC: LA PELÍCULA PARAMOUNT PICTURES 130.171 79 1 423.244 1.284.341.751 2 PARÁSITOS 43.216 72 2 225.885 700.837.303 3 EL LLAMADO SALVAJE WALT DISNEY PICTURES 35.661 78 0 40.845 121.807.916 4 AVES DE PRESA WARNER BROS 28.577 73 3 224.911 702.189.377 5 MUJERES ARRIBA 18.492 65 4 68.092 193.494.020 6 LA MALDICIÓN RENACE SONY PICTURES 14.523 61 0 15.126 45.268.983 7 PACTO DE FUGA 11.900 46 5 208.360 607.431.228 8 1917 UNIVERSAL PICTURES 6.416 17 8 215.205 707.912.505 9 JUMANJI: SIGUIENTE NIVEL SONY PICTURES 5.732 36 6 808.391 2.468.739.838 10 BAD BOYS PARA SIEMPRE SONY PICTURES 5.609 20 7 162.492 476.300.331 Actuals from last weekend. Sonic held fine (-26%) and reached 1,6m USD. With one more weekend free until Onward , 1m admissions remains alive and well. Parasite is still trying to reach 1m USD (875k), may end up slightly short of 300k admissions, still excellent. Call of the Wild is fine, I've seen worse. Jumanji reached 3m USD. Summer was very weak, even without major protests. The unrest will come back in full force on March so the BO could get affected even more. Also, Coronavirus has sent the ER to records lows again, down 25% from last year (and I was complaining about ER last year, the situtation is really bad)
  11. Chile: (Admissions) 1998: Titanic 1.426.749 2009: Avatar 1.653.130 2012, July: Ice Age 4 2.068.957 2012, October: Stefan vs Kramer 2.076.061 2015: Minions 2.088.540 2018, March: Coco 2.241.850 2018, June: Avengers Infinity War 2.335.676 2019, May: Avengers Endgame: ~3.096.000 2019, August: Toy Story 4 ~3.190.000
  12. Thank You! Were did you get this info? Directly from Comscore? Besides lack of time, lack of info has demotivated me to update the thread. Sonic OW is really really good, should be able to reach 1m admissions depending on Onward performance. Parasite is also doing very well, passed Train to Busan 130k admissions to become the most viewed Korean movie in the market, and should be able to pass Shape of Water 270k tickets to be the most viewed Oscar winner in the last 10 years. Unusually, there are 2 local movies in the top 5 and both of them are doing fine!. Mujeres Arriba is your standard local comedy and could be inflated by Valentine's Day, but should get to 100k. Pacto de Fuga on the other hand, a very ambitious prison scape set during Pinochet's dictatorship, is doing fairly well and would be doing even better if the competition for adult audiences wasn't so fierce (There is Parasite, and 1917 also did excellently), though to be fair, it didn't have much choice, its original release date was on October when cinemas closed due to the social unrest. } Frozen 2 became the most viewed Disney Animation movie in the market.
  13. Some actuals from January 9-12th. Some actuals from January 16-19th. LW Release Gross %± LW Theaters Change Average Total Gross Weeks Distributor 1 1 Jumanji: The Next Level $236,395 -33.7% 125 -27 $1,891 $2,344,461 4 Sony Pictures Releasing 2 - Dolittle $194,491 - 76 - $2,559 $257,957 1 N/A 3 4 1917 $151,346 +0.7% 58 +8 $2,609 $425,461 2 N/A 4 3 Frozen II $127,821 -29.2% - - - $4,043,413 8 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 5 2 Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker $99,104 -48.5% - - - $3,485,191 5 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 6 5 Spies in Disguise $87,169 -23.7% - - - $516,472 3 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 7 - Little Women $51,377 - 32 - $1,605 $51,377 1 Sony Pictures Releasing 8 6 Underwater $17,059 -65.5% - - - $96,096 2 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Real Life is so busy these days... Jumanji is holding just okay, now running 29% behind the 2017 one. But is facing a lot of competition. Dolittle is honestly fine given how unknow it is and poor reviews. 1917 rode the Oscar buzz to a flat performance, could top 1m USD. Frozen 2 dragged itself over 4m USD which is very good considering the circumstances, should stop short of 4,5m USD. Skywalker can't catch a break, but at least it passed Revenge of the Sith on USD... (In admissions is going to lose badly) To put things in perspective, Chile BO is 2,75x times bigger than in 2005 admission-wise, and let's not start talking about inflation.
  14. 2016 2016 was a year dominated by animation, even by Chilean standards, with a whopping 41,7% of market share. Ice Age 5 topped the year with a decrease from the previous entry but facing heavy competition from 2 animated juggernauts: Finding Dory and the Secret Life of Pets. The cut for the top 10 was Batman vs Superman with 902k, still the highest cut-off to this date. Total Admissions: 27.659.999 (+6,2%) Number of Screens: 378 Top Movie: Ice Age Collision Course (1.522.936) Over 1m: 6; Ice Age 5, Finding Dory (1,5m), Secret Life of Pets (1,3m), Sin Filtro (1,2m), Captain America: Civil War (1,2m), The Conjuring (1,1m) Also notable: Sin Filtro is the last local movie that managed to be a legit hit. 2017 2017 managed to squeak a very tiny increase but for the first time in a decade, the BO was "stagnant" despite screens growing by almost 10%. Fittingly enough, this year also saw another phenomenon not seen in decades, not since Titanic actually: Coco. With an astonishing 21x multiplier in admissions, Coco actually grossed more in 2018 than in 2017. It was still at the top of the Box Office on its eleventh weekend and finally claimed the all-time crown in March, almost four months after its release. It stayed more than 6 months in multiplexes, longer than any other movie on record. One can just dream what would have happened if it swapped release dates with Cars 3... Total Admissions: 27.744.674 (+0,2%) Number of Screens: 410 Top Movie: Coco (2.234.951) Over 1m: 6; Coco, Despicable Me 3 (1,6m), It (1,2m), Fast and Furious 8 (1,2m), Moana (1,1m), The Boss Baby (1m) Also notable: The Boss Baby also had impressive legs, coming out of nowhere to the million mark. The failure of Cars 3 at winter's holidays is amazing, just 690k admissions for a well-known franchise and the Pixar brand with one of the lowest multipliers ever for animation. 2018 Overall stagnation continued over 2018, which would have in fact decreased if Coco hadn't contributed with over a million admission during the calendar year. Despite this, this year saw another movie claim the all-time #1: Infinity War reaped the steady growth of the MCU over the course of the decade, breaking every OD and OW record on sight. Total Admissions: 28.067.303 (+1,2%) Number of Screens: 472 Top Movie: Avengers Infinity War (2.334.956) Over 1m: 7; Infinity War, Incredibles 2 (1,8m), Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (1,4m), Hotel Transylvania 3 (1,3m), Deadpool (1m), Bohemian Rhapsody (1m), The Nun (1m) Also notable: Bohemian Rhapsody was a huge succes, while Ferdinand at 9th (was 38th! domestically in 2017) is nothing short of impressive considering it had to deal with Coco of all things. 2019 The decade ends with a Book End, the same as it started: Toy Story at the top, this time claiming the all-time crown. 2019 was wild in every sense of the world. First Endgame broke all OW records again with numbers that pushed the market capacity at its limit, only to be defeated by the Winter's Holidays-powered, beloved Pixar film, with both movies breaking the 3 million admission milestone for the first time ever. The Lion King success also means that the all-time top 3 is entirely made of 2019 movies. This year ended the stagnation and was on track to a 10% growth until the social unrest that started in October closed cinemas for 13 days and depressed the BO for another 2 months. Things have calmed somewhat, but the future remains very uncertain. Total Admissions: 29.500.000 (+5,1%) (provisional) Number of Screens: ?? Top Movie: Toy Story 4 (3.190.000) Over 1m: 7; Toy Story 4, Avengers Endgame (3m), The Lion King (2,4m), Joker (1,5m), Captain Marvel (1,3m), Spiderman Far From Home (1m), How to Train Your Dragon 3 (1m) Also notable: Dragon Ball Super Broly (11th) broke the animated OW record in summer to the shock of everyone, becoming the most viewed non-US foreign movie of all time. The Joker also broke the all-time record for a +14 movie and would have touched 2m admission without the unrest.
  15. 2013 A Pixar sequel released near Winter's Holiday? That's a sure way for success (Unless you are Cars 3 but we'll get to that later). Monsters University easily won a year which saw no less than five movies packed in the 800-900k range. Growth slowed down a lot but the previous rate was simply unsustainable. Total Admissions: 21.200.044 (+5,4%) Number of Screens: 330 Top Movie: Monsters University (1.353.792) Over 1m: 2; Monsters University (1,3m), Iron Man 3 (1,1m) Also notable: Life of Pi was 9th (barely 27th in the US in 2012) showing that Chilean BO is more than just family fare. The Conjuring also was a breakout succes at 4th with 916k and a huge multiplier. 2014 2014 was a pretty even year with no huge smash hit that nevertheless saw many success stories. While the original How To Train Your Dragon was, almost literally, crushed under the earthquake, its sequel was blessed with Winter's Holiday, multiplicating by 5 the number of admissions of its predecessor. Its lone companion in the million club was Transformer 4, which after the diminishing returns of the previous entries, ironically benefited from small kids seeing it on the holidays. Total Admissions: 22.015.883 (+3,8%) Number of Screens: 341 Top Movie: How to Train your Dragon 2 (1.046.434) Over 1m: 2; HTTYD2, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (1m) Also notable: Global smash hit Frozen was just 5th here in Chile (released in summer 2014), under Big Hero 6 and Rio 2. Also, the last year with no MCU film in the top 10. 2015 You get a million! And you get a million! And you get a million! A record-breaking number of films passed the million milestone in another year of explosive growth. Minions won the year and the all-time crown with 2,076m admissions thanks to Winter Holidays. That might seem appalling to many but if it's any solace, Inside Out was second. Total Admissions: 26.036.426 (+18,3%) Number of Screens: 365 Top Movie: Minions (2.076.255) Over 1m: 7; Minions, Inside Out (1,5m), Fast and Furious 7 (1,5m), Star Wars TFA (1,3m), Avengers Age of Ultron (1,2m), The 33 (1m), Jurassic World (1m) Also notable: Star Wars was only 4th but it was a very good result and beat Ultron. Chilean idiosyncrasy catapulted The 33 (6th, based on the Chilean miners' rescue) and earthquake-movie San Andreas (8th) to very high results.
  16. It is referring only to ER, not total USD gross but is still very bad. Even in admissions /lc Argentina has been stagnant for years and even Brasil has seen some yearly declines (though not this year)
  17. Decade Recap. This has been a decade of spectacular growth and many surprises at the BO. I'm going to do a little recap giving commentary on each year. 2010 The decade started with a huge earthquake in Central Chile that paralyzed the industry for weeks. This year, in fact, together with 2011, are the only ones of the decade that saw a fall in the number of screens. This contingency negatively affected the top movie of the year, Toy Story 3, which would have likely claimed the all-time crown from Avatar otherwise. Total Admissions: 14.714.031 (+1,9%) Number of Screens: 284 Top Movie: Toy Story 3 (1,408.862 admissions) Over 1m: Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After (1 million) Also notable: Just 3 animated movies in the top 10, fewer than domestic. 2011 2011 saw another tiny fall in the number of screens but achieved very strong growth in admissions. Tickets sold were bigger than the country's population for the first time in decades, probably helped by the student revolt that canceled classes for months. Despite this, no movie cracked the 1m admission mark, the last time this has happened. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 won the year with 931k. While the Potter movies had always ranked high in yearly top 10, they hadn't won a year since 2001 with the original HP. A very fitting ending for the saga in the country. 1.408.862 Total Admissions: 17.320.697 (+17,7%) Number of Screens: 283 Top Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2 (931.634) Over 1m: None Also notable: No less than 5 animated movies in the top 10. Rio being particularly notable at 2 with over 900k admission (was just 18th domestic) 2012 2012 was a very notable year, in the sense that it saw many milestones being crushed. It saw 2 movies claiming the all time crown, and if last year saw no movie over 1m admission, this year saw 2 over 2 million admissions. First, Ice Age 4 rode the long-time goodwill of Chilean audiences with the saga and powered by Winter Holidays it crushed Avatar record by 25% and it became the first movie to pass 2m admission. This triumph would prove to be short-lived, as the local comedy Stefan vs Kramer (about a famous comedian) managed to beat it by 26k. The first time in ages since a Chilean movie won the year, and so far the last time it has happened. Total Admissions: 20.122.604 (+16,2%) Number of Screens: 313 Top Movie: Stefan vs Kramer (2.056.451) Over 1m: 3; Stefan Vs Kramer (2m), Ice Age 4 (2m), Avengers (1,3m) Also notable: Avengers was third, and it marked the beginning of the MCU playing in the big leagues here. It would only grow from here.
  18. Last weekend actuals (January 2-5th) Rank LW Release Gross %± LW Theaters Change Average Total Gross Weeks Distributor 1 2 Jumanji: The Next Level $557,407 -9% 183 +3 $3,045 $1,349,537 2 Sony Pictures Releasing 2 1 Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker $384,110 -45.7% - - - $2,962,992 3 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 3 3 Frozen II $279,361 -15.2% - - - $3,478,603 6 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 4 - Spies in Disguise $162,882 - - - - $162,882 1 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 5 - Charlie's Angels $37,021 - 47 - $787 $37,021 1 Sony Pictures Releasing Excellent holds for Jumanji and Frozen, absolutely awful for Star Wars, TROS will barely top Revenge of the Sith in dollars and in admission is going to be one of the lowest of the saga, including prequels. Spies in Disguise failed to make an impact but summer should give it good legs for a not disastrous total.
  19. Weekend December 26-29th Rank LW Release Gross %± LW Theaters Change Average Total Gross Weeks Distributor 1 1 Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker $707,682 -48.4% - - - $2,403,842 2 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 2 - Jumanji: The Next Level $612,738 - 180 - $3,404 $612,738 1 Sony Pictures Releasing 3 2 Frozen II $329,249 +6.2% - - - $3,103,202 5 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 4 3 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil $11,842 -36.5% - - - $1,576,373 11 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 5 4 Downton Abbey $10,042 -24.5% 6 -4 $1,673 $69,462 3 N/A SW had a slightly better drop than TLJ (-53%) but is significantly behind in total gross because of its weekdays being deflated by Christmas. Frozen recovered after a bad drop last week. The Good Dinosaur also increased this equivalent weekend. It needs to weather Spies in Disguise, if it manages that then 4m USD is in play. Jumanji TNL is very good, almost the same as the first one despite much worse ER.
  20. I will try to revive this thread, no promises though. For now, let's take a look at what the press reported about 2019. Admissions reached 29,5 million in Multiplexes, a growth of 6% versus 2018 and the first major increase since 2016 (The last two years saw very anemic growth). This was achieved despite the social uprising that devastated the industry over October-November, with 13 days of almost total closure of all cinemas and very weak numbers since then until recently. Without the protests, the Chilean BO would have likely seen an increase of over 10%. Top movies were these: Chile yearly top 10 Toy Story 4: 3.190.000 (#1 all time) Avengers: Endgame: 3.096.000 (#2 all time) The Lion King: 2.435.000 (#3 all time) Joker 1.571.000 (Record for +14 movie) Captain Marvel: 1.369.000 Spider-man: Far From Home: 1.092.000 How to Train Your Dragon 3: 1.050.000 It 2: 864.000 Frozen 2: 824.000 (still on release) Aladdin: 812.000 2020 will have a hard time keeping the impressive streak of 13 years of increases in admissions. 2006 was the last time the Chilean BO saw a year-to-year decline. Not only the lineup of movies is weaker, but next year there are a lot of elections and cinemas have to close on election day (which is always Sunday, the second strongest day of the week). But considering that 2019 lost 13 days, 2020 has nothing to complain about losing 3 Sundays. My biggest fear is that one should never, never, underestimate the infinite incompetence of this government and the authoritarian tendencies of the Chilean right. Protests are likely to reignite in March and if the government responds as well as last time then there's nothing that can save cinemas next year.
  21. Joker would probably be around 2 million without the social uprising. Chile is a very leggy market and many avoid seeing a movie in the first week because of restrictions on discounts. It's true that it wouldn't have beat TLK though. Frozen 2 was still affected but less so. Is going to end near Spider Man/ HTTYD3 when it had the potential to do CM numbers.
  22. Chile yearly top 10 Toy Story 4: 3.190.000 (#1 all time) Avengers: Endgame: 3.096.000 (#2 all time) The Lion King: 2.435.000 (#3 all time) Joker 1.571.000 Captain Marvel: 1.369.000 Spider-man: Far From Home: 1.092.000 How to Train Your Dragon 3: 1.050.000 It 2: 864.000 Frozen 2: 824.000 (still on release) Aladdin: 812.000 Dragon Ball Super: Broly was so close. It was #11 with 807k admissions, missed by only 5k.
  23. Honestly is not a brand thing. Is just that Pixar movies are the ones that usually gets a Winter Holiday releases. If it wants to be a top tier release in LA it either needs to: 1) Be Coco 2) Have a June/July release date
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