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  1. Will TWTh actually look harsh? I thought there was some break this week too.
  2. I think the Thurs numbers will be *very* difficult to interpret until a few days after the advance have passed. I.e. right before it opens, lol. We have no mtc tracking for Aquaman, Shazam, WttJ, etc because they were too long ago, but II wonder if there was a noticeable effect for Downton/Knives
  3. Wow, 2M OS week is almost flat. For sure passing Joker and TS4
  4. WOW, I had to go look up the long-range forecast cause I couldn’t believe it was in your tracking range.
  5. I was thinking 2-2.5x the weekend and ballpark 5 from Japan
  6. From opening Saturday. I guess now I’d say more like 85+130. WThF were shockingly low, but it’s been a remarkably predictable/normal run since then.
  7. The idea that only China+SK+Japan will be significantly affected may be comforting, but it’s also rather unwarranted. Talking definitively about what Disney should do when it depends on the next 35 days of viral spread is just silly.
  8. 5 days before their release date, Detective Chinatown 3 and the rest of the CNY slate was expected to make over $1B. Now nobody knows if they’ll even see the light of day before June. Virology can hit like a speeding freight train. Delaying Mulan’s release worldwide just because of China is foolish. Delaying it because of China+minor corona #s in Singapore+South Korea+Japan+Iran+Italy is unlikely. Delaying it because of medium-major corona numbers in those markets+India+France+Germany+Spain+Australia+New Zealand+Southeast Asia would be another thing entirely. I hope Disney won’t be in a situation where the pros of multi-continental indefinite delay outweigh the cons, but I don’t think it can be totally ruled out at this point.
  9. Expected BRAHMS: THE BOY II (2020) CALL OF THE WILD, THE (2020)
  10. That’s why you always need at least one hour of run rate to go along with the level 😛 Anything in the 20s is well better than I expected. Fox getting bought is justice for awful budget decision like this.
  11. Nah. Those didn’t really matter for Frozen at that point. Very small % effect
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