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  1. The great wheel of shuffling keeps on rolling. I give this a decent chance of being he final date — say, 50%ish.
  2. Hmm, think this will be the 2nd list I actually end up doing. Just gotta remember which KOTOR was better and then figure out how to order the bottom 23.
  3. Russia and Brazil have really been rocketing up the charts. Brazil went over 15k today on worldometers, significantly above any non-US single day. Russia will pass Spain this Sunday and take #2. Brazil looks to surpass next weekend and the top 3 will have shifted from US+Western Europe to US+Russia+Brazil. Though of course, these are just the officially confirmed cases, and reporting can vary wildly by region.
  4. They could release it as part of virtual SDCC, but I tend to agree with Venom that they’ll want to be confident they’ll actually hit the Feb date and they probably won’t be yet. So... probably sometime in like, August to December.
  5. I hope they do this just for how hilarious it would be for AMC to pretend they wouldn't show Disney Blockbusters
  6. I really don’t understand the “X movie would make about as much in th Christmas/over summer as it did in [the other one], just with [bigger OW+worse legs/worse OW+better legs].” Yes, Christmas tends to spread out moviegoing more into the weekdays in a way that changes the shape of the curve, but it doesn’t preserve the area under. People just flat out go to the movies more during Christmas, and whatever is open then benefits. No doubt in my mind that Endgame at Christmas hold outgross TFA in April. Of course the fair comparison would be both Christmas or both April, and I suspect TFA would still win there. It had truly bonkers reach into the casual audience thanks to the 40 years of SW culture domestically.
  7. Jeeeeesus, the BRL cratered even more I wonder where ERs will end up once the economic effects of covid really set in.
  8. Positive rate seems good, though not much movement in the right direction.
  9. I feel like this has been debunked in this thread already like half a dozen times. Two main issues: If the epidemiological conditions are bad enough that people should be forced to stay home, the economy won’t recover it restrictions are lifted. The virus kills the economy, not the government reaction. Evidence that more people die in a depression is mixed at best. Probably it’s the opposite.
  10. At the end of yesterday on worldometers, the US was more than a third of global cases for the first time. I know it’s kind of meaningless with the data issues, but I’ve had my eye on that benchmark for along time.
  11. Imagine that. Somehow a forum devoted to box office attracts a lot of people who care more about big movies than tiny ones. Truly puzzling 🤔
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