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  1. Secretly Dune 2 was coming out just a week later all along 👀
  2. I mean, we have BW vs SC final Th ATP, right? Eternals should be around SC, maybe 1-2% higher?
  3. On the one hand, scores are annoying because 100M might have been close enough for them to make the difference. On the other hand, Spider-man was the first 100M OW, Spider-man 3 was the first 150M OW, and a first-of-its-kind MCU crossover featuring characters from 5 different prior movies was the first 200M OW. Maybe this is a glimpse at the grand design
  4. Avatar 2 isn’t even that club’s biggest problem (so, you should make it — very bold!). A top 3 performance would be great.
  5. Various comps and raw data under spoiler for post length sake 😛 MHA OD combined is +15% D-5 to D-3. DS previews +21%, DS OD +36%. Could conceivably have better final/D-3 despite the worse 5/3, but it’s not a great pace. Comps are now: prev 2.2 OD 4.1 geomean 3 combined 3 Even if the straight comp drops to 2.5, should be able to do 3+ in actuality given changed MTC2 ratio. Unclear what IM will be, but I am thinking 3rd for the weekend +-1.
  6. Bruh, get back to me when you’ve mastered all four elements and restored harmony to the world.
  7. I wish. Just felt it was time for a change. Only so long I want to be associated with Venom.
  8. Yeah. It’s funny how we basically know this with certainty — the huge gap between Kamen and SW mean that a gross anyway from 14B-40B or so puts it at the same rank 😆
  9. Okay but more seriously, Demon Slayer will rank loltastically high after a 2nd movie.
  10. The issues mentioned in negative reviews seem to be relative specific to this being a new entry and trying to introduce 10 unknowns. Something like a Black Knight+Sersi show or Ikaris and phastos popping up in avengers 5 or whatever wouldn’t really be affected, and Eternals 2 would likely be a pretty differently structured movie anyway so I doubt much effect there either.
  11. Wow, Demon Slayer couldn’t even beat MCU, just goes to show what is really popular in Japan
  12. Dune comp chosen like a true genius, ~perfectly matched Tuesday 👀 Though, the Tues to Tues comp May understate things for MHA a bit, right? Dune was just 2 days to the Th comp day whereas MHA still has 3 to go.
  13. I’m not a huge Zhao fan or anything (haven’t seen any of her movies actually — don’t really look like my cup of tea) but I’m not sure another director could have executed this pitch/script much better. If you give this to a Watts type you might be getting better reviews because of lower expectations, but that’s a different question altogether. If it was Gunn or Waititi you’d have a totally different movie, etc. Which is to say, maybe they will feel in retrospect (if the audience reception is bad) that they should have done a different property entirely, or a fairly different ap
  14. Aquaman was also unusually long for a first entry, interesting comp. But it had less important characters to juggle and probably more action, so I suspect this will be less of a crowd pleaser.
  15. Yeah even quite a modest mon multiplier will get it past GvK from here. Good to have another 100M grosser for the year, and impressive to have it be a free streaming release on a platform people actually use. Sequel is only a matter of time.
  16. We’re definitely gonna need someone to post when it hits 53 reviews what the new score is, then 54 reviews, then 55… Crucial info here. Highly path dependent sorta quantity dontcha know.
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