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  1. I don't find that to be so. I still love a bunch of products even though I know that their creation was enabled by some intention to make money down the line. But anyway, this conversation came from discussing whether studios should continue to greenlight films if they are in a genre that produces flops too consistently. And the answer is -- studios are studios, not artists. Artists can still try to do art stuff but they aren't entitled to money from non-artists to do money losing art with 🤷‍♂️
  2. This seems more like wishful thinking than an acknowledgement of reality. A majority of movies exist in the first place because the people who financed it expect a positive return on average, not because they want to say something beautiful about the human condition or whatever
  3. 7-12 and dropping from BOP, I was thinking teens a while ago but after UK debut probably more like 5-9
  4. It’s 32M away off a 26.6M week — but inflated by Columbus Day. Adjust for that and more of a 24.6M week. So it needs 43% avg drops. But the most important week is the next one, where there is reasonably high competition (or maybe ron+dune will be like 35, that could certainly help the holdovers a bit I guess). Roughly 172.6 by th, maybe 180.8 by sun, 183 by next th, 17 away on a 10.4 week takes 38% drops with a large drop likely from Eternals.
  5. V2 is looking to miss 200 and F9’s 3rd weekend hold is inflated by July 4 depressing the 2nd.
  6. It is adjusted. John Marston is completely on point here — the domestic total is gonna be really really bad for bond, a franchise with an almost unparalleled wealth of historical comps that is clearly having generational issues in this market. But DOM isn’t even the main market for these things, on a global level they’re still rocking and rolling.
  7. Oddly high number of old hands in this thread who seem to be expressing the view that moviemaking is more of a charity work for the benefit of (a small niche of) the masses, or a hobby. Which, sure, it can be. But we all know that’s not the primary objective (or sufficient to justify their continued greenlighting) when budgets get into tens of millions coming from publicly traded companies. Mad props to the Shyamalan model though — he made some successful movies, got his money, and he spends his money making movies he wants to make. Absolutely no fiduciary considerations there and per
  8. Extremely skeptical that actions which were both cheap and temporally far away would have helped this appreciably. If so that’s basically a free lunch, so I suppose it would at least be worth testing.
  9. Uhhh… I mean, an isolated flop shouldn’t singlehandedly stop you from trying. But a pattern of flops kind of should, right? “Most of our originals flop so we just commissioned 5 more” is not exactly living up to fiduciary duties there.
  10. Is there actually a positive value prop in marketing these things though? Spending like 3M more on Last duel advertising would have got it over 5M for the weekend but I doubt it sees 3M of marginal return. Hollywood seems to overmarket a lot to begin with.
  11. Good to see Thailand on the board. Maybe 215 OS finish? can kind of see 450 again depending on Eternals bump and Victoria/further SEA reopenings
  12. Yep SC 8th weekend will probably beat Last Duel’s 2nd and that’s pretty much the story of Tinseltown in the 2020s
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