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  1. You hack, it came in at 18.01! Better hope actuals can help out if you want to keep your credibility
  2. SC’s Fri and Sat per screen average will be basically flat this week, just like last week. Sun a bit worse since last sun inflated, overall I’d say 3.2-3.3ish.
  3. Weekend hold will probably be a bit weaker than Fri hold because we’re dropping from a mildly inflated Sunday. Goes for all holdovers. 16 looks right to me, which isn’t a disaster or anything but continues to leave 200 looking a bit dicey.
  4. Peacock “hybrid” is basically theatrical exclusive. Not so for hbo and Disney
  5. True Friday of 18.15(ish) Jat thinks +- flat, I lean more toward the plus, maybe say 19 11 53? In other words I agree.
  6. Big news for Halloween. Bond having a bad drop after all Doesn't seem great for V2 Guessing 4th num is duel? Of that includes previews 5ish seems right. Wasn't sure it would beat af2 on Fri
  7. Look, people just need a certain minimum amount of gray CG to make a trip to the big screen worthwhile…
  8. What is with this “somehow?” Shouldn’t Moon Knight know exactly how? Why wasn’t he playing fortnite at the right time, I mean this was a well advertised event for forcesakes.
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