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  1. Recently it’s been more like 3 weeks out or 4 for especially huge movies, so Batman on the 4th or the 11th should be. We might get something tomorrow about Nile/Marry Me, or next week for Uncharted, but for the most part there hasn’t been much worth doing long range for.
  2. NWH could be 9+ I guess, which at least beats may 14, may 7, April 16, Mar 5. Certainly going to be the doldrums though.
  3. Now that is a full on disaster. Only upcoming movie that can accept below 150 is ant man.
  4. Looks like it’s going over 1M likes I think, would be the second TV trailer over the mark after GoT S8 if so? Hardly the same in 2022 as 2019 and the like:view ratio is going to be waaaaaaaay lower but it’s certainly overindexing my rough expectations.
  5. Yeah, so far it seems that they”re willing to release anything from HW… as long as it won’t make any money
  6. Has been holding better+meteorologically deflated sunMon (+competition is the pits)
  7. I agree with 770 (or maybe even 80), expecting really strong hold the next few weeks.
  8. MK with 650k at 10 hours, easily beating the nonHawkeye stuff. Of course Hawkeye has the weakest views, so the predictive value here is… not high. But at least indicates some strong level of pre-release interest, I guess. Perhaps a bit notable as it’s the first about a new character.
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