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  1. I am no weekend multi expert but Avatar 1st run should be toast at this point right?
  2. Hey we don’t need anything from Spain. You guys already gave SH an all-time lc record, you are heroes. It’s rest of developed world that needs it 😛 Not sure what else can really challenge TFA, even with 5 more years inflation.
  3. Sad! Maybe Avengers 5/6/7/8 can pick up the slack for this weak genre some day and prove it has commercial potential.
  4. So the final day on top has come to an end. The hit from new releases is not so brutal, looks like 10K+ today so like 60% drop. Maybe 7.4 finish, solid legs but definitely robbed of a legendary run here. Really sad state this market has been in for coming on 2 full years now, hopefully this will be the year of true recovery 🤞
  5. For reference, few quick hits: Days spent as more than 50% of overall BO since opening — NWH TBD (70+ ?) Endgame 37 BP 32 TFA 31 IW 30 TA 29 SC 28 Avatar 7 Titanic 0 Guess the hope here is to double previous length record, lmfao. If people want to add some to the list, be my guest.
  6. Through its first 40 days of play, NWH has been 65% of overall BO gross (so about $1.85 for every $1 made by other movies combined). This is an annoying stat/record/trivia to calculate with the way sites lay out info, but with a little informal poking around of obvious contenders that @charlie Jatinder and I did this should be far and away the all-time record, with AEG and TFA ~1:1 in the same time period. Should also easily take record for longest until that falls to 50%/ 1:1.
  7. 1.7 vs 14 DOM, right? Unless you’re comparing 7th to 7th and expecting it to be flat
  8. Never. Stop. Stopping. With a few more great holds and an extended rerelease, hey you know who knows maaaaaaaaybe 👀
  9. There was some legit flip-floppening in days 5-15 or so, but Avatar has basically been locked for some two weeks now.
  10. Ah, thought it was 24.7 cume last Sun. Anyway, anywhere in 27s is great.
  11. Week of .75 so 3M more takes 20% drops, does seem a bit much. 27.5-28 would be my guess though dunno upcoming holiday schedule or local competition.
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