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  1. Crash for spidey starts at midnight, presales should be 3AM or so I guess.
  2. To respond to the content of the post, it could well fall short of the 2016 one and the biggest 2021 us film will be 600M+
  3. Well, that's definitely the first sentence. The sentence seems to suggest "and therefore the competition will be less of a problem" and I'm just not sure how that is supposed to work. NYC will also be slammed by NWH M4 Sing2 Kings Man Underdog Jordan.
  4. I don't understand the thesis here. It's not like the competition will be skipping the big urban centers.
  5. I think the key with that quote is, he's suggesting they were thinking about those questions while making it. So, if it was on their mind in the middle of production, they probably didn't decide to answer it with "nah, we'll choose the finished product where he doesn't have a character arc -- that will really subvert expectations"
  6. WSS’s release date is so unfortunate. NWH mid weekend alone would be okay but then 5 wide openers —including a few moderately big ones — in the first weekend its past contracts. Yeesh.
  7. IW pt 1&2 was a placeholder they gave in 2014 to movies coming out 4-5 later. This is being announced 10 months before. I’m pretty sure it’s the final title.
  8. If you had about two hours worth of story about the universe finding a new hope, about 4 hours of story about the empire striking back, and about 2 hours of story about the Jedi returning, it wouldn’t be that out there to make: Star Wars: A New Hope Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Part One Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Part two Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Could you give one of those middle movies a different subtitle altogether, sure. But I don’t really see why one is much better than the other.
  9. This is my NWH username. Now I can skip 100s of comments this month about being a product driven marketplace
  10. I think we can do 250-350. Maybe a little optimistic losing Xmas, but several factors are here for nice sequel growth.
  11. Sony probably more concerned with selling to people who didn’t see Spiderverse than people who liked spiderverse a lot. That’s how you get sequel growth. On the other hand I assume there was a lot of directorial freedom here, harder to speculate where they wanted to take the story until we see it.
  12. I am not sure we will see any live action characters in this one honestly… but if we don’t, Part Two for sure.
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