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  1. It's be absolutely crazy, but not #1 all time, 2.8B with bad ERs, over 350M OW, over 1.2B WW opening crazy. Most surprising, maybe, but not most impressive.
  2. It does seem like it will displace Aladdin and Ne Zha for 2nd most impressive of 2019. That's plenty, no need to go overboard with it.
  3. Expecting roughly: Joker 55 wknd TAF 30 wknd GM 21 wknd Jexi 3.25 wknd Could I trouble either of you for an Abominable number?
  4. 2008: Ledger just barely hits a bille, WW top 4 all time 2019: Phoenix just barely hits a bille, miss the yearly top 8? If course as WW-C goes even 900s is unbelievably bonkers.
  5. 1) Thanos (he's appeared in video games -- before he appeared in the MCU even) I'll probably try to put together an actual list, all I need to do is choose at least 3 great video games and at least 5 characters each to have a legal list.
  6. 1.6 Every daily with this one either a good surprise or a bad surprise. Could still hit 7 if actual comes in on the higher end and Sat+Sun good.
  7. Apparently I didn't comment on this before. I think I'm OUT, but not by much.
  8. My club never specified first run, so I'm perfectly happy to call the BONUS a victory in 2029
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