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  1. Imo: RotK easy 2B+ TTT probably FotR more in the JW-2B range
  2. Market growth worth more than that imo. Iirc it was 2nd highest import in China in 2002? And HP franchise was highest import in a couple years. That points to 300-400M+ in today’s China, vs just 20M atp and er adjusted. Bit of market growth in other territories and you’re over 2B. Also it was #2 WW. Ranks don’t translate perfectly across decades but seeing as how even #5 nowadays is 2B+ I’ve gotta consider HP1’s performance a 2B+ analogue.
  3. Today was a bit slow, even for a Sat. Still heading towards a nice open.
  4. The 2000 in 24 hours is basically an accounting trick with time of day. E.g. if on Wednesday they report a lot at 1PM, Thu report a lot of the day by 11AM, the a substantial fraction of the 2-day total is in that 24 hour window. We haven’t had a single day over 2000 from any source of data with a real daily reporting window (worldometers or covid19tracking, for instance). I wouldn’t be surprised if we do have a couple days where it happens, but the 7-day average isn’t going to get close so those comments you quoted were correct.
  5. Demand is determined by price, but usually a well chosen price from a profit perspective generates a lot of complaining from people who wish they were getting a bigger consumer surplus (or who are actually priced out) without implying that cheaper would have been a better decision.
  6. People love complaining that [thing] is overpriced almost as much as they love buying [thing] anyway.
  7. Last weekend pretty much yes, but it looks like it will hold well and have 2nd weekend way over Sonic’s first, which is not what I would have expected given their grosses elsewhere.
  8. Wow, actually pretty decent business for Dolittle compared to everything else.
  9. So, I don’t really know the things about the sportsball. Could an expert gimme a quick levelheaded recap of how this is all going?
  10. This is going to be such a fun run to follow. If the grosses are too low it will probably kickoff the final flight from 2020
  11. This idea that you can’t close all indoor operations of bars and restaurants for a year (or earlier if vaccine goes well) seems totally unsubstantiated to me. I strongly suspect that’s the option with the least economic damage, to say nothing of its obvious superiority on the public health front.
  12. I was reading through the early pages a bit, and... 😬 It’s interesting how little we knew about the virus even a fair bit after it started spreading. US gov would recommend against mask wearing for quite a while after this.
  13. Anybody who thought it was gonna torpedo the year on Feb 1 was a madman... but anyone who thought it wouldn’t on Feb 29 wasn’t paying attention (huge majority of the board, though an even larger majority of the american public tbf)
  14. Ooooh, lmao. This is true. I was thinking about movies before 2020 and after 2020 so much that their decisions in 2020 totally slipped my mind
  15. I don't get the joke. Does WB have some history of randomly dating their important movies on the exact same spot as larger blockbusters that I’m somehow unaware of? Claudio’s reasoning seems pretty reasonable.
  16. I think I gave it a 5 coming back from premiere, would go for more like 3 now. But yeah, personal feelings aside the numerical metrics for reception are all pretty good-great
  17. Or could end up having to be more along the lines of BW April(/May) Eternals July Shang-Chi Oct I think 2022 definitely shift around a bit.
  18. Awesome. Could do 4 McU movies this year in theory when BW gets pushed. Maybe 13 or so in 2021-2023
  19. Yeah, I wouldn’t actually mind a total collapse of exhibition that much as a consumer (it would be a bummer to miss out on the preview night experience for some blockbusters, but cheap and at home has its perks) it would be devastating from the BO number nerd perspective. Things may look a little different on the other side of all this but I’m confident we’ll still have exhibition numbers to track in 2021.
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