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  1. Ah, must have missed it before on Mojo. I guess for now that’s the number we’ve got, but I’ll be shocked if another order of magnitude doesn’t sneak its way in there by Monday.
  2. It is not (at least, if you think it’s implying what I think you think it’s implying). But yeah, that comment should be removed.
  3. The episodes aren’t long enough to kill cinema If only the Mandalorian had a respectable episode length like 60 mins, FvF 20M CA 5M
  4. Yeeup, only occurred to me when I was thinking of other recent movies having miserable openings.
  5. @Shawn, is Downton really supposed to be 26k, -96%? Nobody else is showing a Friday number so I can't cross check, but given the theaters 260k -59% seems a lot more likely? Either way don’t think Focus is going to go for 100.
  6. Sounds like good times. Pretty much what I was doing for latter part of Aladdin in SK, planning on something similar for F2 in SK.
  7. Ohh, you know what Charlie’s Angels reminds me of? Shaft. It’s actually spooky. 70s franchise, 2000 revival, 2019 third attempt with lukewarm marketing. Shaft was forecasted around 20M and came in at 9 for OW.
  8. As far as I know the Japan tracking situation is usually: nobody tracks PS because it’s a legs market (like the only one on earth, at least to the same degree) Corpse tracks weekends (and weekdays when exciting), gets posted here from WoKJ If any other people are feeling excited about weekdays, they just go to a direct source and post what they’re seeing.
  9. On my laptop, iPad, and android phone I’m getting a 403 error now when trying to access the dashboard. Has anyone encountered the same issue in the past/know how to fix/work around it? Following DM3/WIR2 would be about 44 final PS, maybe 150 OD. Would be nice but will hardly count on it at this point.
  10. Looks like maybe 3.6-4 for today with how things have been running. Looking at the DM3 chart from @Jedi Jat, seems good.
  11. Just realizing that Won’t You Be My Neighbor was never in enough theaters to get a Cinemascore, but if it had I’m guessing it would have been yet another A+ for 2018+2019! In addition to being an insane pair of years for SH/CBM gross, this has gotta be the strongest pair of consecutive years for A+, right?
  12. Been tracking the CM/AoU/IW trajectory pretty closely the last 3 days. Today seems headed to 370s, which could make 1B a near thing if it keeps tracking AoU/CM.
  13. I don’t think it’s the cast. I think heist comedy feels fresh in a way that action comedy does not.
  14. 4+ per year is not the exception. 4+ per year is the RULE. Oct and end of July fairly novel calendar spots.
  15. Oof, The Good Liar. Don’t see much point putting a lot of stock in Deadline holdover Friday noon nums. @keysersoze123, how would you say FvF true Friday is looking?
  16. Very curious how much screen time we’re talking here. If this isn’t executed very deftly it seems like it could end very badly.
  17. Well, today I learned there are 4-6 movies releasing on 1/10 for some godforsaken reason. Still so stubborn with the F2 OW. Hope they don’t end up right.
  18. Oof. Bad reception in China too, and critic RT has turned rotten. I expect to enjoy this as a light popcorn action comedy, but could be looking at maybe just 40M or something DOM+China...
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