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  1. I’d come to expect a ~35% dip from the breakout first one by a week or two before opening. It’s not great but it looks a lot better if you compare it to literally any similar movie except for It 1.
  2. I think a stronger Sat bounce is in the cards for It. But yeah, final destination seem pretty clear now.
  3. Ah, I did miss that. With a 11.7 True Friday 35 would seem kind of conservative though.
  4. BOP has 35 off of the Friday. It’s strange since they’re usually pretty good, but that x3.2 the true Friday is not happening.
  5. 100 is on the table at least with this opening, but I’d for sure take the under. Hustlers seems to have a pretty good chance at this point.
  6. I’m liking Sully as a Hustlers comp with the way M, W, Th, Fr have shaped up. A similar IM would be almost 18M for the weekend, we’ll see if Saturday can make that possible.
  7. Is that DA number including the 2.2 sneaks, @RthTIFF? Or just Previews+True Friday?
  8. Audience RT obviously isn’t perfect. There’s self-reporting bias and often rather small sample sizes. But still it’s still got some informational value, and is available before Cinemascores and continues updating after, which is why people bother talking about it at all.
  9. You’ll have more emotional connection to the characters, appreciate certain details more, and maybe catch some Easter eggs, but it’s not required. The first 10 minutes of the movie are kind of recappy.
  10. 15 other people might care about this info, you know who you are: 18 25 Official Secrets IFC 482 +151 +45.6% - - - - 4
  11. Disney fumbling the ball how, exactly? More like they inherited a really weak 2019 Fox slate.
  12. Early Deadline is early. Aside from DA which seems to be overperforming but could be frontloaded, everything is pretty close to what was expected.
  13. Beat TLJ by like 38% in box office. Looks on track to beat it by maybe 15% in comb physical video sales. Seems quite impressive to me considering about a year and a half in between and physical sales should be on a downward trend.
  14. )Frozen 2  Black Widow Knives Out WW84 Jumanji Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Onward Mulan Charlie’s Angels 10) Terminator
  15. More details from that article for Joker: And Gemini Man Pretty close to BOP’s 27.
  16. Well, that happened. Finally got the perfect team name 😈 SLAM!, I was curious whether you were looking for the Sunday cume for Downton Abbey (including the 2.2M sneaks from last week) or just the money made this weekend without that 2.2M.
  17. Deadline with: Downton 23-25 Rambo 23-25 Ad Astra mid-high teens Hustlers 18 It 17 https://deadline.com/2019/09/will-the-downton-abbey-gang-take-out-rambo-at-the-b-o-weekend-preview-1202738117/
  18. I'm also an outrageously remake friendly person, as far as the general concept goes. DO NOT REMAKE THE PRINCESS BRIDE
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