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  1. The 227 and 332 are for production+PA, not PA alone. Not sure how that affects the broader argument, haven’t been following along closely.
  2. In increments of $171.5M (this is, obvious, a highly engineered choice — the following is for humor rather than being a good cutoff): BV — 14 (EG 5, TLK 3, TS4 CM Ali 2) Sony* — 2 Uni — 1 WB — 0 (soon to be 1) rest — 0
  3. Counting in $200M increments: BV — 11 (EG 4, TLK TS4 CM 2, Ali 1) Sony* — 1 WB — 0 (soon to be 1) Universal — 0 Lionsgate — 0
  4. Counting in $150M increments passed: Disney — 14 (Endgame 5, TLK 3, TS4, CM, Ali 2) Universal — 4 Sony* — 2 Lionsgate — 1 WB — 1
  5. Over 1.1 OS with the highest market at 120 is just a bonkers distribution.
  6. -50%, though should improve with actuals. 300 OS looks doable, maybe can crack 550 WW.
  7. Fri 13 + near 3 hour runtime+ no prior non-OW weekends makes the whole thing pretty tricky. I think the Sat bump would have cleared 50% on a normal weekend but there’s just no way to know for sure. Pretty interested in the 3rd, 4th weekend Fri and Sat daily increases. Those compared to It 1 will help interpret how skewed these 2 days were.
  8. Kind of a big OS drop for a TLK, isn’t it? JW looks very safe. @Brainbug will be pleased.
  9. You’d think so, but a lot of people didn’t want to hear it.
  10. A very nice Sat Bump for It even from the huge Friday. I guess It 1’s 2nd Sat bump was pretty subdued, might not have been the best base. Think odds to clear 215 are good.
  11. For anybody confused, these are China weekend numbers (in ¥) I haven’t heard about an extension yet, without one run will be over on Thurs iirc.
  12. I kind of wanted to forget, though It looked pretty solid to me, but predicting BO of movies like that is super not my specialty so I’ll take your word for it. Edit: Upon further review Selma made a bunch more money than I realized and I totally agree.
  13. Sub 1.9 multi would be really exciting, just for the historical novelty. I bet the target age demographics will prevent that though.
  14. RDJ will be just fine if he never gets another cent in his entire life.
  15. Yeah, I mean it would be pretty weird for this to make print if it wasn’t based on anything. I think it’s probably happening. It’s just such a strange place/way to mention it.
  16. My first reaction was that it wouldn’t boost that much, but RDJ cameos might be more potent now that Tony is dead. Oddly casual parenthetical reveal of big news, I’m not even 100% sure they have their facts right.
  17. It was making a billion anyway I hope this isn’t the new Civil War where it would make a billion without RDJ but it gets talked about like “that movie which made a billion because of a RDJ.”
  18. My posts seem to be not showing up with no explanation. It’s pretty bothersome. If this is deliberate rather than some weird bug it would be great to get any kind of explanation (just, like, 5 words or something) from whoever is responsible, and I could stop making posts wondering why my posts are getting eaten.
  19. Tracking definitely nudged my expectations up, but it’s just a ballpark. I didn’t get the sense that Baumer would be shocked with e.g. 75M, which is still quite possible. That honestly wasn’t a “this will definitely open low” comment, more of a “wait and see for the actual OW, there’s always some uncertainty” comment.
  20. If anyone manages to score above 20% on Goldfinch I'm sure that'll help
  21. It 1 Saturday the 14th was x1.34 the Friday. Both adjacent Saturday’s were x1.6, so the 14th was about 5/6ths what you might have guessed if you just forgot about the 13th. Without the 13th I was thinking a 35-45% Sat bump, so with it I’m expecting just 12-21%.
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