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  1. Kinda thinking FFH final day outsells FB2 (sneaks) rest of run still. But hey, when life throws you a novelty, use what you’ve got.
  2. Today is the first day I have hourly data for CM to compare to. Looking like high 10s to maybe just over 11, roughly +20%, exactly in line with expectations. I’ll edit in a final guess at 16:00 (16:00 is usually the halfway point for PS, though yesterday deviated from that).
  3. I know that there aren’t any better comps, due to the limited showtimes vs normal Thursday previews, but this one is starting to get pretty funny as we near release.
  4. What everyone fails to take into account is the possibility of Maleficent 2 breaking out...
  5. Even if TLK does 200x3.3 or something it will probably only be mid 300s on e.g. July 26. If FFH does 220x1.95 even would be above it and TS4 by then. So, as long as FFH stays steady with current OD expectation, it can make the DOM and WW top 3 for a handful of days even with TLK doing excellent.
  6. The “yearly top 3 DOM+WW is all MCU” dream is now real. Would happen for a brief couple days in late July before TLK breaks it up. Edit: @Charlie Jatinder
  7. It’s_floppening.Ron_Paul If it ends below CM a lot of people are losing points in that Disney rankings contest. Edit: Oh dear I was hoping this wouldn’t need /s, but reading some comments that seem serious down below: /s
  8. It would be really nifty to see the 3rd weekend top 1B, but 900s is great too.
  9. What a wonderful market where you can say this with a straight face about a sub 9M weekend that lands a movie below 50M
  10. Flashbacks to people saying IW and Endgame sucked from the spoilers. Almost like bulletpoints don’t really do a movie a justice.
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