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  1. Wow, I hadn’t put together that TLK’s opening wouldn’t even be the most BO impactful news that weekend
  2. I should think so. I heard in the tracking thread that there were Phoenix/TS4 doubles. If Aladdin only get a small minority of the doubles could be as low as perhaps 3.5. If it gets most of them even 4 wouldn’t be that surprising.
  3. Deadline #s around noon Pacific are a crapshoot. That’s just historical fact. Charlie has only started this year so there will be some kinks but his early estimates have been pretty good so far.
  4. The other huge Live action reimagining, BatB, did just under an 11 IM in March 2017. I’m currently thinking around 9-11 for TLK and 18-24 previews or so, but I don’t have a super fine grasp how summer changes things or how much the people who are really excited about this movie will want to see it Thursday.
  5. And with this, Aladdin’s 4th week just edges out IO’s. And nearly beats Iron Man despite its MDW juice. 330+ is not hard to see.
  6. Porthos, I hope you aren’t suggested sub 32M previews for TLK here 😉
  7. They actually implemented this functionality a few days ago (without much fanfare). It’s been a nice little QoL upgrade for me
  8. Been a bit jerky today. Barring unusual pickup heading a bit under 9m. Not bad exactly, but I would like to see it beat Jatinder’s trajectory at least one of the next few days 😛
  9. TS4 was not, ever, at any point, tracking for or even claimed to be tracking for 200M according to any source. Deadline throwing “200M” into every article about TS4 with a bunch of weasel words was pretty atrocious though.
  10. Every holdover will be much less today than yesterday on Pulse, just a result of TS4 capping out a lot more of the 15 min periods and taking a higher %. Won’t be reflected in $$ dailies.
  11. https://deadline.com/2019/06/toy-story-4-opening-weekend-box-office-childs-play-1202635964/ Usual disclaimer that 12M from Deadline at this hour means like, 10-16. Just funny.
  12. Highest top 2 average Maoyan for a weekend in a long long time, right? Maybe ever, if the average can hold at 9.3+?
  13. Whole last few pages are rife with people asking for spoiler PMs and dancing around saying spoilers, not a good look imo. Can’t remember anything like this in previous threads, but maybe I just missed it.
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