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  1. Lot of great holds there. Lion King definitely making it out of the 530s, Scary Stories might crack 70, PBF having quite the nice little run.
  2. 31.5 would be perfect. Still got a really nice It weekend, I’ll wait for the Sat bounce there. Goldfinch just unbelievably putrid numbers
  3. RT audience down a tick at 73 with 936 reviews. I don’t think it’s getting rejected or anything, but definitely adjusting my leg expectations down some.
  4. So I know different scores mean different things for different genres. Is that B- not as bad as it looks? ‘Cause it doesn’t look great to me.
  5. Now that we’re closer I’m getting more big sequel drop vibes. Dunno if this even beats Shazam!
  6. Palindrome,palindrome,palindrome Also the perfect “I love you (eight hundred fifty eight million three hundred seventy) three thousand.”
  7. If the weekend is actually more than 10x Thursday it couldn't be a clearer sign that weekdays are being depressed by runtime.
  8. Film festival crowdpleaser doesn’t always mean actual crowds crowdpleaser — but the verified score is just 344 reviews for now, pretty early. Maybe it’ll go to 80s (fine). Maybe it’ll go to like 65, and that wouldn’t bode so well.
  9. Right about where previews were expected, now I just need a slightly better than expected IM. It2 as expected. That Doctor Sleep forecast is right around what I was thinking too.
  10. 1)Frozen 2  Black Widow Knives Out WW84 Jumanji Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Onward Mulan Charlie’s Angels 10) Terminator
  11. No joke, if they put that TV spot in front of any movie, this weekend, I would go buy a ticket for that movie. To be even slightly on topic, I think some of the difference in marketing vs TFA also has to do with which movies are coming up to the plate beforehand. TFA had Bridge of Spies and The Good Dinosaur, which combined for like 180M. Before TROS they’ve got Maleficent 2 and Frozen 2 to market (as well as Ford vs Ferrari, kind of). Obviously they won’t until until F2 to go hard on TROS marketing, but I feel like they might be waiting until after Mal2.
  12. I put F2>TLK in the Disney rankings, so pretty much need this to come through...
  13. Oh my god, this sounds fucking intense. It sounds like you saved your friend’s life though, definitely a good thing!
  14. RIP Definiteky for the best that that that club die though
  15. Seems like Well Go doesn’t report US dailies, not too shocking. @Charlie Jatinder, is that something you can see? Would be appreciated.
  16. Missing 200 from here would be really surprising. Reception is clearly better than The Nun, but the Nun’s multiplier from the 6-day would still be 198M. For 220.... well, we’ll see how the weekend goes, but it’s dicier.
  17. It 1 was +30% in 2017 with the same calendar configuration, with 2 more years of Discount Tuesday growth +46% is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. We’ll see how much it can hold onto Wednesday, but the Tues:wknd multiplier should be weaker than It 1’s x5.25
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