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  1. Before FFH makes some sense. Way earlier than other movies have had an extended footage dealio, but the MCU is in an unusual situation with the broader serialized narrative. I’m kind of surprised an extended footage version exists at all, not exactly what Russos are known for.
  2. Off to bed. Based off what I remember from CM, I think FFH is headed to about 5.2-5.4 today, which would be solid in my eyes given showtime growth has been modest.
  3. At the moment this is merely at the level of a nebulous off the cuff observation. I’ll investigate whether there’s any actual statistical power there over the next few days, and if so experiment with predictions off it.
  4. TS3 adjusted OW 127M. I’d like to see TS4 above that at least, and I feel pretty confident in it.
  5. Recently I've been getting the sense that Tues% of weekday gross is inversely correlated how well a movie holds.
  6. Tbh my memory is pretty good, tests are some of my favorite parts of school. Especially objective areas like math and hard sciences. Hate long readings, essays, research projects, etc about subjects I have no personal interest in.
  7. Got a bit more Organized than last time. Before anyone asks, is this excessive, yes. Will that stop me, no.
  8. Wasn’t sure if I should go as crazy as I did for CM. I was a bit starved for content there since there had been no MCU films for 8 months, but now I’m still basking in the calming afterglow of Endgame. On the other hand I’m not doing anything besides enjoying summer break atm, and back in West Coast timezone, so I think I will start back up with detailed PS watching after all.
  9. Most days are less than 96k total count because most 15 min periods don’t hit the cap.
  10. It’s capped at 1000/15 mins, so 96000/day. Endgame’s 75k Wed and 80k Thurs represent the practical cap, since you get less than 1000/period in whenever another movie sells any tickets and e.g 3-4 AM is not exactly prime selling time. Uncapped it would have gone waaaaaaaaay past 100k in release week.
  11. A brief explainer on the BOM adjusting tool: Average ticket prices are tracked by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization National Association of Theater Owners on a quarterly basis. Every year they release the Q1 average price, Q2 average price, Q3 average price, and Q4 average price, which combine via a weighted average into the yearly average ticket price. Given a target year, the BOM tool adjusts each day from the ATP of that day’s quarter, to the ticket price of the target year. Since there is only Q1 data for 2019, using 2019 as the target year sends things to the Q1 2019 ATP, which was lower than the 2018 Q2 ATP where I2 opened. Adjusting e.g homecoming into “2019” will give a different result now vs after the Q2 2019 report is released vs after the Q3 report vs after the Q4/yearly report is released — but once that happens the 2019 ticket priced will be locked in and using it will be stable. Imo the tool shouldn’t even let you use the current year as a target for this reason, and it almost always makes the most sense to use the most recent fully completed year if you’re trying to adjust to “current day.”
  12. Some who, Deadline? I feel like they jumped the gun after the first day of presales and are just digging their heels in since with the ability to go “hey, we used weasel words” when it’s mid 100s.
  13. This is veering into fan war territory. I know Charlie is planning a global admissions breakdown for all 2B movies at end of month, that will be in its own thread. Let’s table this for now.
  14. Just realized how much less inclined I am to put up with Asgard 2’s bit now that Asgard 3 exists
  15. Pssshhh, clearly this will be vastly inferior to Paddington 2 now. Time to refund my tickets.
  16. Depends a lot on how hard SLOP is hit by TS4, since there’s a good chance of below TS4+CP and above MIBI.
  17. Aladdin probably just barely kicked out of top 3 next weekend, but I’ll hope it squeaks in. (And next weekend as well)
  18. For those who aren’t sure what’s going on and just want to skip to the solution
  19. If we’re talking literal possibility, everyone could decide to refund their TS4 tickets and give Anna a 150M OW instead
  20. Unless people have grown soft, and weak, and spoiled, and no longer posses the will for true midnights. Then we might see a midnights:OD ratio far outside historical norms. Speaking as occasional US moviegoer, I think we have grown soft, weak, and spoiled 😛
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