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  1. 460 from current markets probably misses 500, and it’s not hard to see current markets below 460.
  2. If the biggest non-Disney opening this year is FFH that will be just 26% of Endgame. Previous largest discrepancy this millennia between highest Ow and highest OW from a different studio was 2017 with It 1 at 56% of TLJ. Just bonkers.
  3. The connection between deliberately lowballed studio “expectations” and what causes meltdowns around here is... rather faint.
  4. 84 might not be too exciting, but I suspect people would be shocked and melting down in the 70s. Anyway, I *am* pretty curious how this drops next weekend vs Hustlers.
  5. To be fair, it’s more an indication of how within expectations the opening is (albeit low side). If this was pulling a Solo or a JL (say, maybe a 70M debut) we’d be a lot more lively.
  6. The weekend threads have been so dead since TLK. Wonder if Joker will save us or we need to wait for November.
  7. I guess Red Sox fans didn’t “win the World Series” either. I mean they aren’t actually a part of the team. C’mon man, this is a pretty high level of being deliberately obtuse.
  8. Not quite sure what you’re getting at here. The pronoun pretty clearly dereferences to “MCU fans.” Are you surprised to learn that I’m an MCU fan 🤔
  9. Hmmm... my Christrivia might be failing me here. Nothing to pair with in 2018, 2014 offers Before We Go, 2012 offers The Iceman, 2011 offers Puncture and What’s Your Number. I haven’t seen any of those, but are they really in contention for yearly top 2?
  10. )Frozen 2  Black Widow Knives Out WW84 Jumanji Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Onward Mulan Charlie’s Angels 10) Terminator
  11. So yesterday we had Deadline and Jat at 33 while Rth was at 22, came in just about halfway between.
  12. We’re winning the $$$ so don’t really care about awards that much. If we’d crossed 2 billon marks in the 2010s instead of 11 I bet people would have been more invested in the BP BP nom.
  13. Same reception and hype movie with a 2 hour runtime, clear 400 easy. Problem is that you can’t really make it much shorter and keep the quality. It 2 170 minutes is a bit saggy, but Endgame 180 minutes was necessary.
  14. Bye bye theaters. But hey, at least it’ll have lasted longer than without the MCU
  15. I feel like it was for Endgame May 18. Dunno why I would possibly remember that. I’ll go check the weekend thread.
  16. Me too I was pretty sure the 26 was serious, but geeze, that is a big drop off in the late hours. It will need a good Saturday bump to lock 200.
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