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  1. Turns out this is one of those survived development hell projects. The Jim Henson Company originally announced they were developing this in ... 2008.
  2. I don't know about any sort of power struggle between Abrams and Kennedy but I do recall some people at LFL (I specifically remember Pablo Hidalgo as having been one) indicating that things didn't always go swimmingly between JJ and the Story Group. No idea who carried the day between them.
  3. I had been interested in this when they announced it but after seeing that trailer ... yeah, it's a pass. I'm down with toilet humor but it needs to be just a little clever to take in well over an hour of it and almost none of that was. They seem to be leaning way too hard to on "They're puppets! Sayin' and doin' dirty shit, HA!". That can be a start but it would wear thin quick.
  4. If you were involved in the SW forums and newsgroups that were around back then it was every bit as nasty. At least how I remember them. The difference today is the effect that social media has had on distilling down these online communities into more tightly focused pockets of common perspectives than those broader communities were while at the same time making it easier to thrust their ugliness out in front of the whole world. It was loud back then but the evolution of the medium gives it the illusion of being so much louder now.
  5. I could see the possibility (small chance) of it being in a show for Disney's eventual streaming service, depending on what kind of budget they end up giving to those, but otherwise yes a movie appearance. I don't think they'd plan this far out for Agents of Shield and the Netflix characters have all been basic brawlers for more than just narrative reasons; they're relatively inexpensive to realize on screen.
  6. I wouldn't say he's over it but he's become increasingly unhappy (and willing to say as much) about the approach they've taken to managing this unified canon they've got going on. He's a canon junkie who wants more of the characters that originate in the books, shows, and comics to show up in the movies so that he can feel like the time he's invested in all of that stuff was worth it. He doesn't quite put it that way but that's what it amounts to.
  7. He's been reborn/reincarnated several times in the comics. Once as a woman and I believe they had a run with him as a teen as well. Not that I want to see either of those but it would be a basis for recasting.
  8. He's just saying her soul is contained within the Soul Stone which I thought was rather obvious on viewing (apart from her soul having also been placed there in the comics). Her body was still dead at the base of that cliff Thanos threw her off of. Now it probably does provide an opportunity for her to be brought back (which again, also happened in the comics. She was actually brought back twice in the Infinity Gauntlet story; once with Adam Warlock and a second time when Nebula reversed what Thanos had done with the Gauntlet). How they decided to handle her body being dead on the movie side is an open question at this point.
  9. Yeah I think it's a stretch to consider BP in the top two must see movies to enable someone to hit the ground running with IW. Either Guardians movie introduces you to way more key characters (the first one explains what the stones actually are) and CW intros T'Challa. I'd put BP somewhere around 4th or 5th on the list.
  10. Nah you can tell which side is "up" from the V in the lines separating the major colors.
  11. It's possible that the popular conclusion drawn from it is a little off. I don't know if someone at Marvel just goofed and got the colors reversed or if they've incorporated the dual gold lines into his costume, but the blue over red coloration that the symbol on the beeper had is from Mar-Vell's costume, not Carol's.
  12. Some of them very plainly do not want any more Star Wars movies to be made and will say as much. But they obsess over them to such an extent you have to wonder what would they do with their lives were it not for these travesties being cranked out by Disney to give them something to incessantly rant about.

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