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  1. Movies frequently get press screenings prior to the premier events. If they had the full week for press screenings with nothing to follow they might have dropped the embargo a few days earlier but if you're Disney and you think you've got a good movie on your hands you don't want the reviews dropping on something like a Friday leading into Oscar weekend.
  2. A morning after addition to an earlier reaction:
  3. He's obviously cherry-picking numbers to feed a narrative for his viewers, taking the high end of one tracking range and pairing it to the low end of a different range. Odds of his viewers being any the wiser are low.
  4. In fairness to Bosman, BP really did have a strong ensemble of supporting actors who delivered surrounding him.
  5. It's 3 comic book movies and 2 Rock movies. Looks like the sample might skew young. As popular as TLK is, it is an older property with a following spread out across a wider age range.
  6. Is top right an entire firing squad of Nick Furies?
  7. I think it was at around 85% just a couple of days ago, with about 4500 votes.
  8. Sure CinemaScore has it's issues as well. I think he just considers it the least imperfect out of a set of imperfect options. I don't rely on any of them personally. They're more scoreboard chatter than anything else in most discussions.
  9. I haven't seen what Campea said specifically about Alita's audience rating but he's always maintained that self-selected rating systems like those on RT are not as reliable as CinemaScore if for no other reason than it being the only rating that is derived from people who have verifiably seen the movie. That doesn't even get into the issue of campaigns to affect a particular score positively or negatively.
  10. Or better yet any thread on the forum with updates from 4chan with regard to anything.
  11. I genuinely question just how much awareness there is in the general audience of such a connection. The CM marketing certainly hasn't highlighted one while at the same time making it clear that this movie is a prequel to the entire existing arc of the MCU save the first CA movie. Nor has the Endgame marketing (though granted, that could change sometime over the next three weeks). And I doubt the stinger at the end of IW landed with anyone beyond the core MCU fans at the time. I suspect the spikes in Google searches for "Captain Marvel" that occurred after IW came out was mostly MCU fans who don't read the comics or don't follow the development of the movies closely looking for connections to what they had just seen.
  12. Yeah that's the same featurette they released a while back.
  13. Have there been any screenings yet outside of those more or less internal test screenings that Marvel does? Have any been announced for the press yet?

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