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  1. No it doesn't. The fact that he managed to pull down suspensions and threadbans all along the way across at least 3 different alt accounts doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the potential for future good behavior either. Poisoning the well and vigorously stirring the pot afterwards is harmful enough to peaceful discourse all on it own without ever finding the need to target specific users.
  2. I don't think it ceased to exist. The alternate timeline was created when the Avengers showed up there to get the stones, it went some undisclosed amount of time without them, and then carried forward after they were returned with those events as part of it's history.
  3. The people complaining about overt political messages in funny book movies never cease to amaze me. "These characters weren't created for that!!!". Makes you wonder if they've ever actually read a comic book written in the 60's?
  4. Midnight's Edge ... that's not quite as bad as a Geeks and Gamers citation but it's not off the mark by much. Contracts below the CEO level get extended all of the time without much fanfare. Feige's previous contract extension only came to light when he was asked about it in an interview. No press release, no big story. Alan Horn's contract was up last year. Did he sign an extension? One was never announced but everyone just has to assume so because he's been talking about the integration of Fox like he very much plans to be around and involved in it.
  5. I'm expecting them focus on the upcoming movies at SDCC and Disney will make this years D23 a showcase for the streaming service, so Marvel will save their Disney+ stuff for that.
  6. Lucas has at times mentioned wanting to make it 9 movies and sometimes 12. I specifically remember the number 9 being thrown out in a Time Magazine article all the way back to just before Empire came out. All of the central characters except the two droids dying over the course of those was also mentioned in it. So even the deaths of Han and Luke is just carrying through on one of his old plans.
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