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  1. They have Mulan slated for 2020 and it's already in production. They don't seem to be in any hurry with TLM, yet.
  2. She's defending her "scoop" from a few months ago about some super secret conference call between Iger and various Disney execs regarding KK and Lucasfilm in the wake of Solo's miserable performance at the box office. A story she was smart enough to hedge at the time by adding that they wanted to replace Kennedy but couldn't find anyone both qualified and willing to take the job. So she can claim she was right regardless of whether Kennedy stayed or was let go. And that's what she's doing. Claiming victory from the fallback position.
  3. If you missed him in the international trailer you may need to have your eyes and ears checked.
  4. It probably does but as soon as you add a viewer participation component you're creating what some will view as a platform. What you'd end up with is the prestige normally associated with an Academy Award crossed with the shenanigans of the RT audience score.
  5. Considering they've cast McKenna Grace to play a young Carol I'm thinking the same thing.
  6. They're probably gonna milk it out over the rest of the week with more. edit: Or not ...
  7. The guy sitting on the horse next to Chewie in some shots kinda looks like Michiel Huisman though he's not been announced as having been cast for anything.

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