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  1. Yeah. I detest what she does but I will say she understands how prevalent confirmation bias is within franchise fandoms as she tries to thread the needle in appealing to as broad a swathe of those fans as possible. But I also find her efforts glaringly obvious.
  2. One thing Randolph does with figures like Larson who have both large followings and a group of constant detractors is to try and appeal to both groups. It's very similar to Kathleen Kennedy, just in reverse. She has frequently sung Kennedy's praises, especially prior to TLJ. But when the negative reaction to that movie reached a certain point she decided to start making her appeal to those stomping their feet over it, even though she herself has always said she likes TLJ. That was when she ran that video about the super secret meeting of the various studio heads and started working the Kennedy would be fired if they could find anyone willing to take the job as her replacement angle. And she's not voiced the same full throated support of Kennedy she once did ever since. She wants both segments of the SW fandom to consume her paid subscription content.
  3. If you think that was an attempt to get her off the hook you're completely misreading it. She overstates how connected she is in an attempt to pass her whole schtick off as fulfilling some sort of journalistic responsibility to spearhead an intervention from behind a webcam instead of being yet another one of her plays for clicks and subs. And yeah, a pretty shitty thing to do.
  4. She said she followed up with someone who had read the script. Those "sources" she cited when she mentioned test screenings were other people on social media who had tweeted about liking what they saw in the test screening.
  5. It could be a map of Endor showing the debris from DS 2.0 that didn't fall to the surface settling into a ring around the moon or the planet proper. But if you look at the monitor to the far right, that does look somewhat like the DS schematic, similar to the one they showed while planning the attack, with the 4 main corridors running to the core.
  6. Marvel Entertainment twitter. Marvel Studios has a separate account. So it probably is related to the comics. Maybe a TV show (Marvel got those rights back in the deal with Sony) which I suppose could be run by the ME side of the house.
  7. I think a lot of that has to do with Kevin Feige being very out in front on point for Marvel. Kennedy is his counterpart over at Lucasfilm so she draws fire in the way he draws praise, given the current situation with the two fanbases (using "current" loosely with SW here, elements of their fans have been in various states of agitation for nearly two decades now). Alonso did ruffle some feathers with the rant brigade recently in an AMA on reddit where she mentioned the X-Men name being a little problematic, in the wake of JL's line in DarkP. The YT cottage industry hasn't quite taken off on that one yet though.
  8. I'd venture a guess that pulling the trigger on a change of director(s) after production has started will still fall to Kennedy and whoever her successor as the head of the studio ends up being.
  9. So she's taking over the live action parts of Kiri Hart's former position. I wonder if she's taking over the Story Group as well or if they're completely breaking apart the duties that Hart had into 3 separate positions?
  10. Girls usually reach their adult height earlier than guys do, generally in their mid-teens.
  11. No doubt. He should have at least left out the "they basically said yes to each leak in their obtuse way". That pretty much screams "believe me guys, I'm legit. The one bag man who re-reads old EU novels on the weekends confirmed it." If lawyers had visited him they'd have given him nothing like that to go on.
  12. Yeah I did to. My first ISP offered free trial versions of a couple of different web browsers. I dunno who it was on their end that thought a 2 hour time limit on a connection was a good idea but you couldn't download any of those files over dial-up within 2 hours. After trying for like a day and a half I called their customer service number to register my ire and a few days later they extended the time limit to a whopping 4 hours. I was able to get Netscape Navigator with a whole hour to spare
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