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  1. Not that they could ever lure him back, but giving GotG 3 to Edgar Wright and watching the Gunn fans and Wright stans go at it would be at least an amusing post-A4 distraction.
  2. The Inhumans didn't work out for them on TV but on the comics side they did detonate a Terrigen bomb that awakened the latent mutant genes in a lot of people of various ages (it's part of Ms. Marvel's origin). They could do something similar to that. They might even wrap that into The Eternals movie and have a Celestial "switch on" the mutant potential of humans at some point in that.
  3. I think non-standalone is more apt. I mean what is the "main saga" after IX, RJ's trilogy or Weiss and Benioff's series?
  4. Horner

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    MoviePass: See a movie a day for only $9.95 per month /attend 2 movies in a month MoviePass: You're abusing the system !!!
  5. I've never heard of this scene before. I know Abrams shot a scene of her talking to Korr Sella before sending her to Hosnian Prime to ask for help and he cut everything except a quick shot of her on the planet as the blast from Starkiller Base came in but I've never heard where they shot one of Leia herself going to the Senate.
  6. Horner

    Moviepass and its Impact on the Box Office

    It supposedly still works for buying MI tickets for Landmark theaters.
  7. Horner

    2018 Comic-Con Thread

    I've always thought that George was willing to take a bit of a bath on TCW in the interest of getting his animation team up to the point he wanted them to be at in the event that he was able to put Strange Magic into production. Didn't end up helping the later none too much either way.
  8. Truly horrible news. After seeing Kevin Smith, who is not much younger than Schnepp, cheat death not too long ago, I hope some of the same good fortune can find it's way to Jon. The guy is way too young for this.
  9. People always seemed to like all of those Deathpool gags on the Twitter. We should give that a shot.
  10. I watched quite a few of the older ones growing up during Creature Feature on Will C.'s Red-Eye Cinema on WCTI in NC. Well I saw the first part of a lot of them anyway. The second movie would never start before about 1AM and I could never make it through to the end of those.
  11. Thinks about offing his evil nephew, ends up killing the woman that birthed him instead. Yeah no down side to that one. It's not like Luke fans have anything to complain about these days anyway.
  12. Looks like Starscream won't be alone.

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