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  1. I can't see Disney passing up the opportunity for a viewers bump to one of their other properties by just cold dropping the first A4 trailer unannounced like they did with TLK. Oh wait ...
  2. Depends on what fighting "for" or "against" entails. Most with at least a shred of knowledge of Marvel comic book history are assuming she's referencing the Kree-Skrull War. That may not end up being the case.
  3. Yeah I think if they release anything this soon it will be something akin to that production announcement video they released of Rian Johnson saying "cut" on the island with Hamill and Ridley that they put out almost 2 years before TLJ was released.
  4. This is true. It's both more flexible and has a more solid foundation underneath it; decades worth of source material and a fanbase that's willing (for now anyway) to allow them to adapt it as needed for motion pictures. The closest thing Star Wars has to that is a comparatively small amount of old EU material that was jettisoned when Disney took over. The things that have been written since then, some of it quite good, is hard to adapt when no deviation is allowed between anything laid down in different mediums, all in the name of preserving a single, unified canon. Lucasfilm has intentionally painted themselves into a corner with having to develop everything for the movies from scratch.
  5. I'm sure Marvel would rather not but that's Sony's call isn't it? I would tend to think they would want to keep the Spider-man promotional focus on the animated version for now.
  6. The POP reveals his name, which for some reason Marvel and Law had been secretive about:
  7. The splitting off of Marvel Studios from Marvel Entertainment happened in the middle of 2015, after the full Phase 3 slate had been set and announced and they've pretty much stuck to that plan. Even if Feige had immediately decided to put a female led movie in The Inhumans old slot after it was scrapped as an FU to Perlmutter it wouldn't have been out yet. I think if the MCU wasn't as reliant on a unified narrative using crossovers as much as it does but was more of a collection of standalone movies then saying they should have released one by now if Perlmutter was really the problem would be more valid. It's a big ship they're steering over there and those can't turn on a dime.
  8. That will be at an Infinity War screening that Collider and ArcLight are hosting. I would think they'd go with a bigger outlet and Disney typically likes using their own platforms for debuting trailers. Though plenty of people already think Collider is in the mouse's pocket. If it does drop at the Q&A tomorrow it will certainly throw fuel on that fire.
  9. I doubt it. It's cheap and easy to seamlessly edit much of the dialog that helps DP earn an R rating because the primary potty mouth is wearing a mask. Minus that it would play much more like an R rated movie edited for airing on network.
  10. So they key to taking down Thanos is going to be to travel back in time and defeat him and his Black Order in various winter olympic sports?

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