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  1. Yeah Disney spends millions of dollars financing these movies, ditto on P&A, pays the critics to give them good reviews, pays RT to silence any of the ordinary joes who won't play along, to then turn around and buy up large blocks of tickets to these movies. I can just picture the executive meeting where this was all concocted. Bob Iger: Gentlemen, we have a problem. Our parks are generating entirely too ... much ... money. What I need from you are ideas on how we're going to dump copious amounts of cash under what would otherwise seem to be a sound business plan. Hit me.
  2. Howard Stark developed the theories behind the new element from his research on the Tesseract. So it's related in that way. It may not be called that in his notes as shown in IM2 because The Tesseract wasn't always going to be the housing for an Infinity Stone in the MCU. It was originally intended to be a Cosmic Cube, which may explain the hypercube references. They just decided to go with as the first of the stones and gave it an original (not from the comics) name.
  3. Kamala Khan isn't really a sidekick of Carol's in the comics, at least from what I've read. She's inspired by her, occasionally interacts with her, but she by and large seems to do her own thing to the extent that a teenager trying to hide her abilities from her family can. And Kamala has a sidekick of sorts of her own; a brainiac science guy, who happens to be white.
  4. Yes Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby, on his way to winning the Triple Crown. It was the manner in which he won the Belmont Stakes that ended up making him a legend. Ron Turcotte was his jockey.
  5. In an acquisition like this I would fully expect them to sit down and broach the topic of a potential renegotiation with someone of Cameron's stature when there is as much on the line as there is with the Avatar franchise. There may be changes that both parties would consider mutually beneficial that couldn't be reached when Fox was sitting on the other side of the table. It's not simply a matter of the bean counters and lawyers trying to wring a little more blood out of the existing deal.
  6. Yeah I think the buzz definitely helped it's legs. We're on the same page for sure.
  7. The ending generated so much buzz for that movie it helped drive people out to see what all of the fuss was about. There were references to "The Snap" flying all over social media and getting mentioned in circles that don't normally talk all that much about CB movies. Even the Russos said they didn't expect it to get the reaction it did. In retrospect you almost wonder how could they not have.
  8. I don't think it really even matters who owns Fandango (apart from "no one" that is). They're in the business of selling movie tickets, for movies of every studio. If one of their own subsidiaries is showing signs of becoming a playground for organized efforts to adversely impact the sale of tickets for big budget franchise films, they're gonna have an interest in closing that off before one of these campaigns manages to have some discernible level of success.
  9. Well it does say "we're hearing" without giving any hint or qualifier of who they're hearing it from. For all we know they're having an intern read some random reddit post aloud just so they could punch up the piece.
  10. Micronauts probably has the messiest collection of rights issues of any of Marvel's old titles. Hasbro has the rights to characters that were based purely on the toy line (like Baron Karza or Acroyer). Marvel has the rights to any original characters they created for the comic (like Bug or Captain Universe). And then the rights to some of the characters are essentially split (Marvel has the rights to Arcturus Rann but not his Space Glider persona that was based on one of the toys).
  11. And that connection to Endgame is, so far, pretty much limited to the IW post-credit tease. CM's marketing hasn't touched on a connection at all while clearly pushing it as a prequel. The smattering of Endgame marketing hasn't touched on it either outside of leaked merchandise imagery.
  12. Well the Captain Marvel thread was locked for 24 hours just a few days ago.
  13. That's how it all got started, yes https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47408969 Shazam will be fine though. The comments for the current trailers aren't locked.
  14. Yes, it's already started. I've seen some YouTubers already explaining why the comments have been disabled on their videos. Apparently YT is using some sort of recognition software that locks them based on the video thumbnail.
  15. Honsou's MCU role is even sandwiched in between him playing two different DC characters. He was Papa Midnite in Constantine.
  16. Does the kill count involve a bunch politicians and a pee joke?
  17. I believe Fandango actually bought them a couple of years ago.
  18. One question is can you make a 6-8 episode series as CGI intensive as Alita would be on a little more than half of the current movie's budget? That's more or less how they're budgeting the Star Wars shows they have planned for the service. And would Cameron go along with the changes necessary to scale it down for that?
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