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  1. Marathon


    From Deadline: ‘Halloween’ Scaring Up $14M+ Overseas, Slashing Way To $95M Global Weekend EXCLUSIVE: Universal/Miramax/Blumhouse’s David Gordon Green-directed reboot-sequel Halloween is scaring up an estimated $14.7M bow at the international box office this weekend. This is in line with Uni estimates heading into the launch where Jamie Lee Curtis’ badass strode into 23 markets. Mexico, the UK and Russia are the only majors this frame (next weekend is a bigger push in key hubs). Coupled with domestic, the worldwide bow is expected to hit $95M — these figures may of course shift when we get the full rundown tomorrow and the actuals on Monday. The movie will be the No. 1 title domestically and worldwide for the frame. Overseas, it should come in at No. 3 behind Venom and A Star Is Born. Starts in Mexico, the UK, Indonesia, Finland, Slovakia, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua are all No. 1s. The like-for-like opening of $14.7M shoots higher than Split (+11%), The Conjuring (+50%), Lights Out (+77%), Jigsaw (+133%), Don’t Breathe (+153%) and Happy Death Day (+158%). Looking at reboots of classic horror pics, Halloween is a treat, topping the offshore openings of a host of titles. In like-for-likes and at adjusted rates it’s 88% above Rings, 172% over The Omen, +234% on Nightmare On Elm Street, +227% over Carrie, +277% above Evil Dead, 717% sharper than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 819% luckier than Friday The 13th and 1031% more woke than Amityville: The Awakening. Halloween is not running bigger than recent horror hit The Nun, and some of our industry sources may have been over-bullish on this opening. But as we’ve noted, while horror overindexes in Latin America, slasher films have a harder time there. The Nun also had religious overtones to peak the curiosity of the non-core horror habitués. Many of the Lat Am markets are still on deck for Halloween, and in countries that observe the November 1st All Saints Day holiday, healthy play is expected. Regardless, the $5.1M Mexico bow at 830 locations is the best opening for a Blumhouse film ever and 5th all-time highest for a horror film. The weekend is tracking over The Conjuring (+73%), Lights Out (+181%) and Happy Death Day(+527%). In the UK, at 530 sites, $3.94M buys Blumhouse its 4th highest Friday opening day and the biggest of the last five years. The weekend (excluding previews) is tracking above all comps including The Conjuring 2 (+7%), Split (+20%), The Conjuring(+40%), Annabelle: Creation (+54%), Annabelle (+56%) and Jigsaw (+101%). Russia is landing at No. 2 behind Venom with $1.67M at 1145 locations. This scores Blumhouse’s 3rd biggest opening day ever. The weekend is tracking in line with Lights Out and The Conjuring, and above Happy Death Day (+19%) and Annabelle(+48%). At 220 sites in Indonesia, Halloween is on track to gross $1.1M to come in above Venom’s 3rd frame and A Star Is Born’s first. It’s topping comps there too: Lights Out (+29%), The Conjuring (+49%) and Happy Death Day (+61%). Taiwan’s 84 playdates are worth $546K, in line with Lights Out and above Jigsaw(+14%) and Happy Death Day (+76%), but below The Conjuring (-27%). Central America’s 152 Locations are treating Halloween to $417K; Sweden’s 109 have put $340K in the pumpkin, above The Conjuring (+135%), Happy Death Day(+122%), Jigsaw (+65%) and in line with Annabelle; Finland’s 79 slashed away at $268K, above Annabelle: Creation (+67%), Happy Death Day (+143%), Jigsaw(+275%), Annabelle (+277%) and The Conjuring (+277%); Chile at 70 locations made $266K for No. 2 behind Venom and tracking above Happy Death Day (+20%), but below Lights Out (-16%) and The Conjuring (-22%). Other markets online this weekend include Denmark ($203K/59 sites), Czech Republic ($184K/90), New Zealand ($147K/70), Slovakia ($129K/40), Ecuador ($115K/43) and Romania ($77K/76). We will have an updated rundown tomorrow. The next Halloween frames include France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Spain. Korea bows on the holiday itself.
  2. Marathon


    The biggest OS box office for a Halloween movie before this one was from the 2007 version, $21.98m, which adjusted for inflation would be about $26.76m today.
  3. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    A few new openers (all of them over an FSS frame), but sadly the news is not good for any of them. Smallfoot opened with 9 734 admissions, but with the caveat it was massively previews-heavy (2 392 admissions, so nearly one fourth of the total admissions!). This should mean a relatively harsh drop next weekend, unless there is some magical word of mouth kicking in right now. Christopher Robin opened with 7 981 admissions. It was also a bit previews-heavy (1 364 admissions out of the total OW). The result would be sort of ok if CR had a low or even a modest theater count, but unfortunately CR had the second highest theater count (117) for the weekend. It thus remains to be seen whether exhibitors will have patience for the flick or will it start shedding theaters quickly. This week is crucial because it's a national, week-long holiday for all of the educational institutions, and thus all family fare should get a boost. CR is not trending all that high in the main ticketing service's top sellers list (currently 9th), so it'll need lots and lots of walkups. First Man had a lousy opening with 6 304 admissions. It doesn't seem the kind of movie to get a rapturous word of mouth, so I'd expect a finish well below 60k admissions. Bad Times At The El Royale predictably bombed, with a total of only 3 440 admissions. The holdovers: Venom dropped 41.1% from its opening weekend. That's a solid enough drop for now. We need to see the 3rd weekend drop as well, but the finish line is probably somewhere between 100-125k admissions. Olavi Virta dropped a disappointing 55.2%. Granted, the share of previews in the OW was very big, but even if you compare to the "true" FSS weekend, you still only get a so-so drop of 44.6%. I'm going to assume the word of mouth is thus not all that. Next weekend drop just became even more interesting! It's either poor word of mouth or a momentary blip. 😶 Johnny English Strikes Again had a slightly better drop this time, 37.4%. It's almost at 100k admissions (which it will cross this coming weekend). But, unfortunately, because of the only solid (and not spectacular drops), the first two movies of the franchise are already completely out of reach, but maybe if JESA exhibits some firepower in the late stages, 150k admissions will be reached. Incredibles 2 dropped a very harsh 54.2%, most likely due to all of the new family fare that opened in theaters this weekend. But, most importantly I2 crossed the 200k admissions milestone (201 893), and thus, everything after now is pretty much gravy. The finish line is probably at 215-220k. BlackKkKlansman dropped 33.1% and frustratingly missed out on the 200k admissions milestone - with 199 802 so far, lol. 😋
  4. I'm not sure about First Man's overseas prospects. Or, at least in my market FM looks to be doing not much. It is currently being outsold in the main ticketing service by Incredibles 2 in its 7th week and (albeit a massive hit here) BlacKkKlansman in its 10th week. There will be walkups, of course, but for a movie to barely be in the top 10 sellers list (currently at 9th) by Saturday afternoon is not a good sign.
  5. Awful for El Royale. 😑 Since it doesn't look like a movie with much overseas appeal, either, that's going to be a writedown.
  6. 💣 Times At The El Royale. Too niche of a movie in such a combative box office frame. Needed a more forgiving release date.
  7. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Am late with the update. 😅 Venom opened with 28 737 admissions over an FSS frame. That's slightly better than what Black Panther opened with (26 238 admissions). BP had fantastic legs (final total 151 480 admissions). Matching BP's final admissions figure would be a fantastic achievement for Venom. We'll have to wait and see... But the biggest overall opener of the weekend (because of its hefty previews) was a local biopic about the legendary local singer Olavi Virta (which is the name of the movie as well). The overall haul was 33 714 admissions. If you take away OV's previews, Venom was slightly ahead. But they are very neck to neck. Thus, it will be very interesting to see their respective 2nd weekend drops. Onto the holdovers: Johnny English Strikes Again had the epitome of an "alright" drop in its second weekend, 43.5%. Not much you can read into that, but at least the movie is not showing excessive frontloading. Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja (Happy Times, The Grump) had more or less a xerox copy of its last weekend drop with 24.6%. 300k admissions will be crossed by the end of this month or slightly earlier. Incredibles 2 just missed out on the 200k admissions milestone due to a slightly harsher drop of 37%. No panic, only a slight delay. 😊 BlacKkKlansman continued its already-legendary run with a 28.2% drop this time, again a very good drop considering two sizable openers and a generally combative box office landscape with various genres and offerings on play. It should get past 200k admissions this coming weekend, and thus, overtake Deadpool 2. That's absolutely mental. Yes, there are some special circumstances at play here (mainly a Finnish actor), but still, show me another market where BlacKkKlansman outgrossed Deadpool 2. 🤯 The Nun had a slightly better drop, 40.1%, but again, nothing all that stellar. 100k admissions will require a late crawl if they are to happen at all.
  8. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Johnny English Strikes Again, the only major opener, posted 39 027 admissions from an FSS frame. A good start. The Johnny English franchise has been something of a huge blockbuster series here: the first movie (from 2003) did 260 643 admissions, the second one (from 2011) 279 283 admissions. Let's see where the latest one will end at. Holdovers: Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja (Happy Times, The Grump) dropped slightly harsher this time, but nothing dramatic, with 24.4%. 300k admissions will be crossed sometime later this month. Incredibles 2 had a very good drop, 23.3%. It should get past 200k admissions this coming weekend. BlacKkKlansman is, once again, a highlight of the fall box office weekend, by dropping a mere 16.8%. Crossing 200k admissions won't quite happen this coming weekend unless it essentially stays flat, but the weekend after that should seal it. Just an amazing run. I think I'd already nominate it for the best box office performance of the year, considering expectations weren't even remotely near to what is has done. The Nun had an almost carbon copy drop from last weekend, 44.8%. The second weekend drop promised a lot more in terms of legs, but the subsequent weekends have definitely disappointed. Sure, it hasn't crashed and burned, but it hasn't really taken to flight, either. 100k admissions could still happen, but the prospects are dimming with each lackluster drop. Mamma Mia 2 dropped a bit harsher again with 35.5%. I wonder if the movie's late run is starting to sputter out somewhat. Not yet a panic at a possible late-run downward spiral, ha, but maybe finally the most demand having been burnt is showing up. Anyway, MM2 now has a mighty haul of 354 438 admissions. The Predator's miserable run continued. It dropped even worse than last weekend, which is just ridiculous considering that was already an awful drop to begin with. The movie dropped an absolute (preda-?)mammoth 64.1%! Movies don't drop that much here unless they have truly venomous word of mouth. So, at least in terms of box office, this movie here is truly a (preda-)dog.
  9. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Three new movies opened, but they really didn't do much of anything. A Simple Favor (6 199 admissions), Crazy Rich Asians (3 832 admissions), and Peppermint (2 223 admissions) are all non-starters at the box office. Onto the holdovers: Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja (Happy Times, The Grump) had an absolutely stupendous drop, only 10.5%! It is already the third most watched movie for the year*, and will usurp Infinity War for the 2nd place this upcoming weekend Incredibles 2 dropped 27.6% this frame, It has now zoomed past the original Incredibles, and should get past 200k admissions sometime in early October. The Nun dropped harsher this time, 45.4%. That means we have to calm a bit down on the projections, but I'll still have it on over/under 100k admissions. BlacKkKlansman had another outrageously good drop, only 10.9%! This movie just keeps on astonishing. 200k admissions should happen now, though how much over that is still up in the air. Regardless, this movie is already one of the absolute best performances of this year (vis-à-vis expectations). Mamma Mia 2 dropped, perhaps understandably due to an increase last time, slightly harsher this weekend, with 32.3%. Nevertheless, MM2 will get over 350k admissions this upcoming weekend. The finishing line is still approximately at over/under 370k, depending on the late-late-legs. The Predator, despite its lowly opening, crashed and burned in its second weekend with a 58.2% drop. Even allowing for unrealistically good legs from hereon out, will finish under the 2010 Predators. For the rest of the holdovers, I'll update on them once they cross a milestone, given that they are posting quite small weekend numbers now. *The top 3 for the year in admissions are: Mamma Mia 2 (348 878) Avengers: Infinity War (~234k) Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja (229 521)
  10. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    A slightly delayed update due to being struck down with flu. The Predator was the only big opener, but it didn't do well. With 9 021 admissions over an FSS frame, the movie's fate as insignificant even in terms of the local box office was sealed right away. The earlier Predator(s) movie from 2010 did 32 630 overall admissions here. Thus, for the newest movie, the multiplier required to reach that would be slightly under 3.62x. That multi shouldn't be too tall of an order for most modest openers, but who knows with The Predator. Anyway, the second weekend drop will be very interesting to see. Onto the holdovers: Incredibles 2 had a nice drop, 22.9%. Will get past 150k admissions the upcoming weekend. 200k admissions will probably be crossed in early October. Also, in October, it should get a pretty good boost from a week-long holiday most educational institutions have. Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja (Happy Times, The Grump) dropped fantastically well, only 14.8%! It will officially overtake Deadpool 2 as the third most watched movie for the year this upcoming weekend. After that, overtaking Infinity War for the second most watched movie for the year will also happen (might be as soon as the last weekend of this month). The Nun had, interestingly, a very good drop, only 31.6%! I wonder why this is? We've seen quite a bit of frontloading for the movie in most markets, but not here so far. Whatever the reason for the good hold, if the 3rd weekend drop is sweet as well, we might need to upgrade the total admissions target to over 100k. 😇 BlacKkKlansman had another amazing drop, a teeny 14.3%. The dream of 200k admissions is still alive, which is crazy for this kind of movie. While I do think the presence of a popular Finnish actor in the movie has been necessary for this run, I do not think it would have been sufficient if the movie itself sucked balls, if that makes sense. Mamma Mia 2 is showing enormous vitality late into its run by increasing 2.5% from last weekend! Thus, 340k admissions were also broken. If the the movie gets some extra late legs, maybe even 370-375k could be possible. The multiplier from the opening weekend is already slightly over 6.38x. A 7x multiplier would be a lovely achievement considering how massive the opening was. The Meg had a pretty decent drop at 40.7%. Mission: Impossible - Fallout recovered tremendously from last weekend's harsher drop by dropping a mere 12% this weekend. That's a relief. I was worried the movie might start to slow down significantly, but this drop should calm some nerves. Rogue Nation will be passed at the end of September, roundabout. Hotel Transylvania 3 recovered even better from its own recent harsh(er) drops by increasing a whopping 23.5%! 150k admissions' dream is thus still alive.
  11. China release not in this frame. Still unclear when/if it will open there (no official release date yet).
  12. Woeful overseas opening for The Predator. It only has 4 markets left as well (Argentina, Belgium, Italy, France). Will probably top out at $150m worldwide. 🙈
  13. Very muted number for ASF. Let's hope word of mouth gives it a lift as the weekend progresses.
  14. Marathon

    Chile Box Office Thread: Venom holds strong

    The Happytime Murders was also a megaton bomb at our box office. It opened (the August 24th weekend) in 11th place with 1 277 admissions from 46 theaters - one of the absolute worst openings I can remember. Dropped a crazy 61.2% in its second weekend, and now in its 3rd weekend was already out of the top 20. Seems like a movie that is bombing massively everywhere.

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