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  1. Maybe it'll set a new record for closest to billion without actually hitting a billion. 😜 As it is, the first Harry Potter film still holds that title (unadjusted) with $974.8m.
  2. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Lmao at me for boldly(?) predicting 150k overall admissions for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 😅 The movie suffered what can only be described as a precipitous drop: 59%. Ouch! From a normal FSS opening, that is a bad, bad drop, and there is absolutely no sugarcoating it. It remains to be seen how fast and to what extent JWFK could recover from this, but I'd say those 150k admissions are already dead. The next weekend would have been challenging no matter what (due to Midsummer festivities), so JWFK needed a good drop right from the get-go. Well, that didn't happen, so... JWFK will probably get over the 100k admissions line, but finish under 125k at the end of its run, which would be quite a hefty drop from JW1. The current admissions are at 64.5k. Deadpool 2 held very well again, in fact leapfrogging Solo into 2nd place, with a 37.5% drop. Having said that, excitable as I sometimes am, I got overboard last weekend by saying DP2 could still have a chance at 200k admissions. Technically yes, but realistically not. Not without absolutely phenomenal (sub-20%) holds. So, DP2 will more likely finish in the 175-185k range at the end of its run. The current admissions are at 162.5k. Solo dropped slightly harsher this time (and slipped to 3rd place): 49.5%. The current admissions are at 111.9k, and looks like the overall run will finish with well under 150k, an ignominious result for a Star Wars movie in Finland. Infinity War dropped nicely: 37.6%. The current admissions are at 222.8k. The crawl towards 230k continues.
  3. Marathon

    OCEAN'S 8

    From Deadline: OCEAN’S 8 Warner Bros Pictures Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s Ocean’s 8 opened in a handful of new markets this session as it continues offshore rollout and looks to counterprogram against the World Cup. The weekend was worth $19.3M on 6,356 screens in 36 markets. The international cume is now $37.1M. Korea got off to a good start with $5.3M on 837 screens and taking the No. 3 slot behind local pic The Accidental Detective 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The debut is 83% ahead of Ocean’s 13. In France, the all-femme caper scored No. 2 with $2M from 554 screens. And in Taiwan ($1.1M/No. 2) and Hong Kong ($789K/No. 2) the movie had the best launch for the franchise. Australia, Mexico and Brazil are all No. 2 this weekend with running cumes of $8.3M, $4.8M and $3.3M to date. Rollout continues next week in Germany, Russia and the UK with Spain, Italy and Japan to follow.
  4. Marathon


    Here's the opening frame: Philippines 13 June 2018 Argentina 14 June 2018 Australia 14 June 2018 Chile 14 June 2018 Colombia 14 June 2018 Greece 14 June 2018 Indonesia 14 June 2018 Israel 14 June 2018 Cambodia 14 June 2018 Mexico 14 June 2018 New Zealand 14 June 2018 Peru 14 June 2018 Russia 14 June 2018 Saudi Arabia 14 June 2018 Singapore 14 June 2018 Ukraine 14 June 2018 Bulgaria 15 June 2018 Croatia 15 June 2018 Sri Lanka 15 June 2018 Nepal 15 June 2018 Pakistan 15 June 2018 Vietnam 15 June 2018 South Africa 15 June 2018 How much can we expect for the opening from these markets? Will Deadline give us an estimation?
  5. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opened with a normal FSS frame and grabbed the top spot with 33 018 admissions. That's only slightly down from JW1's similar FSS opening frame (39 006 adm.), a mere -15.4% difference. However, JW1 finished its run with 198 143 admissions, a stellar 5.08x multiplier. So, even in the unlikely event that JWFK matched that multi, it won't match the total haul of JW1 anyway. And since it stands to reason that the legs could be affected by sequelitis, the overall haul of JWFK could fall to 150k admissions, which at face value sounds bad, but even that would be a 4.54x multi. But, as always, the 2nd weekend drop will tell us more of its longer-term prospects. In holdover news: Solo had an absolutely fantastic hold, dropping only 36.3%! It still won't reach 200k admissions, but at least it's not dropping like a stone. Overall admissions at 101.6k. Deadpool 2 took one look at Solo and said: "You may have shot first, but I dropped better!", and drop better he did, with a stupendous 24.8%!! That honestly is an absolutely crazy good hold, so maybe the initial frontloading scare has evaporated somewhat. If, IF, DP2 can stabilize from hereon out, 200k admissions could still be on the table! It currently has 152.7k admissions. Infinity War also had a fantastic drop, only 28%. The overall admissions are currently an almost perfectly balanced 😜 220 200. Not much left in the tank, so IW will probably finish over/under 230k admissions for the totality of its run.
  6. Infinity War and $2b. A more frustratingly, agonizingly maddening story than Achilles and the tortoise.
  7. Marathon

    OCEAN'S 8

    Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $117,154,724 37.6% + Foreign: $194,157,900 62.4% = Worldwide: $311,312,624 Crossing $200m overseas along with what it makes domestic would be nice, and would take it over O13 (unadjusted).
  8. Marathon

    OCEAN'S 8

    From Deadline: OCEAN’S 8 Warner Bros Pictures Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s all-female reboot of the George Clooney & crew reboot of the original Rat Pack pic began international rollout in 16 markets with a strong $12.2M on 4,267 screens. Mostly targeting Latin America a week before the World Cup kicks off — and before Jurassic World 2 stomps into the markets — this counterprogrammer caper was No. 1 across the region. Australia, however, led individual play with $4.7M on 487 screens, ranking a clear No. 1 with 49% of the Top 5 films in the market. As with domestic, the opening result is the best for the Ocean’s franchise. It’s also more than double of Now You See Me 2. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and the rest of the gang further dominated Mexico with $2.6M on 1,630 screens and 47% of the Top 5. The numbers again top the boy Ocean’s movies as well as Focus (+37%) and Now You See Me (+33%). Brazil likewise bested the previous installments with $1.7M on 653 screens and is 88% ahead of NYSM and 29% bigger than Focus. The next openings will come in France and Korea this week with Germany, Russia and the UK bowing throughout June. Spain and Italy are in July and the ladies swipe Japan screens on August 10.
  9. A worrying drop for Adrift*. It doesn't look like making much overseas, so it needed/needs a big domestic performance. *Hopefully the movie's title wasn't a nomen est omen type of thing with regards to box office performance...
  10. Marathon

    OCEAN'S 8

    An encouraging start. Next week: Belgium 13 June 2018 France 13 June 2018 South Korea 13 June 2018 Philippines 13 June 2018 Hong Kong 14 June 2018 Croatia 14 June 2018 Iceland 14 June 2018 Singapore 14 June 2018 Taiwan 14 June 2018 Bulgaria 15 June 2018 Estonia 15 June 2018 Lithuania 15 June 2018 Pakistan 15 June 2018
  11. Marathon

    OCEAN'S 8

    O11 (2001): $267,300,000 O12 (2004): $237,200,000 O13 (2007): $194,157,900
  12. Marathon

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    The kind of insane performance JW1 showed is quite obviously not sustainable in the long run. Some amount of decline in the worldwide gross vis-à-vis JW1 is on the cards, unless China (and various emerging markets) goes absolutely mental.
  13. Marathon

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    It has thus far opened in these markets: We'll have more numbers soon, yes?

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