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  1. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Only one significant opener, Mortal Engines, which opened (over an FSS frame) with an okay 10 171 admissions, but honestly, the fact it even did this well (relatively speaking) is a testament to the name brand of Peter Jackson, and - a couple of holdovers notwithstanding - a very barren period at the box office. The holdovers: Bohemian Rhapsody. Ok, this run is absolutely crazy. Last weekend's drop was already incredible, but this time it was even better, with 13.1%!!! It's bonkers, it really is. And during the coming weekend BR will officially cross 250k admissions! If the December-January period gives an extra boost to already sensational legs, over 300k admissions will be a done deal, perhaps even comfortably so! The Grinch has really staged a remarkable turnaround in form the last few weeks. At first TG looked like a solid but uninspiring box office run, but now it has clearly taken off. It managed to increase from last weekend by 2.4%! This coming weekend will see the movie cross 100k admissions, and with the holidays approaching, it should have enough to get to at least 125k overall admissions, maybe even 150k if all goes well. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald dropped slightly worse than last time with 39.1%. The movie should cross 150k admissions this coming weekend. No excessive frontloading so far but nothing really all that exciting in terms of a box office run, either. 200k admissions aren't locked in yet.
  2. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Nothing much to report... other than Bohemian Rhapsody, it's a very dull period at the box office. The holdovers: Bohemian Rhapsody continued its rip-roaring run, dropping a stunningly soft 19.8% this time. It has now rocketed past 200k admissions (222 964) and should overtake Infinity War (234 105 adm.) next weekend as the third most watched for the year. 🤯 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, interestingly, had actually a pretty great drop with 29.5%! Whether this drop was just a flash in the pan or a sign of legs to come remains to be seen. But this does give some confidence that the movie could achieve 200k admissions if it can survive the stacked Xmas schedule onslaught. The Grinch must have heard my grumbles about its solid-if-unspectacular run so far and proceeded to drop an absolutely stunning 12.2%! Perhaps the proximity of Xmas is finally starting to inspire families to check out the movie. If these kind of drops continue, the prospect of 125k admissions looks good.
  3. Marathon

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    Overseas performance of the year. It's gonna gather some absolutely crazy multipliers in nearly every country.
  4. Marathon

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    I wonder if this movie will achieve the rare feat of every (mainland) European country over $1m. Well, those that are tracked, anyway.
  5. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    No significant openers, so straight into the holdovers: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald dropped 66.2% from its 5-day opening weekend (the drop from the FSS was 49.1%). It is right on the cusp of crossing 100k admissions (99 963). We need to see the 3rd weekend drop before we can narrow down the end total prediction, but I would imagine it'll settle somewhere between 175k and 200k. Bohemian Rhapsody is not letting up, dropping 28.3% this time. It just missed out on 200k admissions, but will officially fly past that mark this coming weekend. It is also already locked to become the 3rd most watched movie for the year (currently held by Infinity War with 234 115 admissions) unless something truly and unexpectedly breaks out. The Grinch dropped 37% this time. The movie is doing solid business but the run is really not a particularly inspiring one so far. The finish line is probably somewhere between 100k and 125k, perhaps more towards the latter if the Xmas period can provide a significant boost. Oma maa dropped once again in a very consistent manner with 36.6%. Even softer drops would be welcome because currently it looks like the movie will miss out on 200k admissions. But, perhaps the December holidays will give it an extra life, who knows.
  6. Aquaman doesn't need stratospheric overseas grosses if DOM can overperform a little (to the tune of $275-300m). If that happens, then a "normal" overseas gross for a tentpole movie (slightly over $400m) should be enough to overtake FB2. So, I think I'm still IN.
  7. Marathon


    Interesting that the Illumination branding doesn't seem to be moving the needle much (if at all) in most markets. In that case I guess even a faint familiarity with the Grinch character could be helping (mainland Europe numbers?).
  8. Marathon

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    Previous weekend was (with updated actuals) a bit over $46.8m. This hold is absolutely 🤯!
  9. Marathon

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    Love this type of overseas run where the film smashes it in nearly every market.
  10. Marathon

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $423M OS | $596,5M WW

    BOM has updated the foreign gross: Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $135,524,253 33.5% + Foreign: $268,573,996 66.5% = Worldwide: $404,098,249 Worldwide total over $400m already. 🤯 The overseas total could get over $300m this weekend. 🤯
  11. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was the only significant opener. Its 5-day haul of 64 018 admissions is down from FB1, which (from a similar 5-day opening) posted 73 128 admissions back in 2016. FB1 finished its run with 236 018 admissions. I don't expect CoG to reach those heights, as FB1 had a relatively barren November and December to help stretch its legs, not to mention the novelty factor and generally better reception. The holdovers: Bohemian Rhapsody had an even better drop than last time with 23.8%! Quite simply, this movie is (no pun intended) a beast, a fantastic beast. In fact, should BR drop roughly in the same ballpark as the last two weekends (somewhere between 20-30%), it could already cross 200k admissions this coming weekend! Absolutely bonkers! The Grinch had a pretty stellar drop from its OW with 24.4%. The movie will cross 50k admissions this coming weekend. Oma maa had almost a carbon copy drop from its last weekend, 33.2%. It will cross 150k admissions this coming weekend. It would be lovely to get this movie eventually into the 200k admissions club, but it is pretty much touch and go at this point, largely dependent on if the December holidays will give it a boost or if the congested box office landscape of said month will cause it to get lost in the mix, especially so late into its run. A Star Is Born dropped even better than last time with 25.9%. It probably won't quite cross 80k admissions this coming weekend. but should do so the following. There probably isn't enough firepower left to reach 100k admissions, unless it does so in a truly super slow crawl. But this is still a good performance! A milestone: Johnny English Strikes Again crossed 150k admissions (151 201). Small victories and all that. 🙂 But, as I said, overall, a disappointment.
  12. Will they be metaphorical cats, humanized cats, human-size cats, or something else?
  13. No new markets left according to imdb so that's that.
  14. Marathon


    Interesting that it will miss $100m overseas but the legs collapsed after the actual calendar Halloween.

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