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  1. I'm surprised WB haven't yet announced the postponement for this film. Surely even in the most optimistic scenario an early June release is a no-go?
  2. Absolutely crazy... we might go the entire summer without tentpoles. Even the August movies now require the most optimistic scenario of this pandemic in order to have any chance at opening then... 😐
  3. It seems they've started the marketing campaign in full. An odd decision, unless they have some secret epidemiology knowledge we don't have.
  4. The official WW84 account just posted this: Pretty (too) optimistic engaging in any marketing now. No guarantee the situation will be normalized to a sufficient degree by early June...
  5. But thankfully, as per Wikipedia, "Another universe could possibly be created by random quantum fluctuations or quantum tunneling in roughly 10^10^10^56 years." Booking my tickets for Universe 2.0 Earth 2.0 local corresponding cinema equivalent for the year 1+(10^10^10^56). See you all there! (Until it gets delayed again.)
  6. Even when the universe reaches maximum point of entropy... New Mutants gets delayed again.
  7. With E3 canceled, it's hard to see how WW84 would still open in June. And if WW84 moves, then so could the July releases as well. Already no tentpoles in April, and now we could have no tentpoles being released in May, June, even July. An awful situation for exhibitors all over the world.
  8. Tentpoles to be postponed indefinitely? You would need to see a prolonged period of improvement in the global coronavirus situation and/or the announcement of a working remedy to have any confidence in a global motion picture release right now. A summer without blockbusters? Only indies/low-budget fare...
  9. A 50% drop is an uninspiring one, especially coming from a less-than-stellar opening and a possible Valentine's Day inflation. Bleh.
  10. Gotham City Sirens would work very well indeed if the leads had awesome chemistry. But the budget would be quite a bit higher than BoP due to all the CGI and practical sets required by Ivy. Hard to see that movie happening in the current circumstances which is a shame...
  11. That drop for BoP is MeH (or even BaD considering the opening?). The movie can't catch a break. On a more positive note, the audience score for Sonic is holding steady at 94%.
  12. At least the audience score is healthy at 94%. Hopefully the Sonic stans can convince plenty of walk-ups during the weekend.
  13. Overseas actuals are usually adjusted upwards, so yeah, that's a disappointment. Hopefully it can still muster at least a decent hold next weekend.
  14. Harley's fanbase skews young and female. It's an odd decision by DC/WB to have this film be R rated for no good reason. Anyways, I'll probably be seeing the film on Tuesday, see also how much interest there is amongst the general populace after the weekend.
  15. Vietnam, South Korea, and Philippines, according to IMDb.
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