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  1. Marathon

    The Darkest Minds OS

    Has crossed $30m at the global box office: Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $12,289,659 40.0% + Foreign: $18,399,668 60.0% = Worldwide: $30,689,327
  2. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Well, well, well. BlacKkKlansman sprang a major surprise, and increased from last weekend by 17.6%!! Apparently it's the first movie this year to debut at number one and increase the following weekend (and retain number one). The total admissions are 66 609 so far. Unless the movie falls off a cliff, 100k admissions are already locked. Mamma Mia 2 had another stellar drop, only 19.3%. 300k admissions will be crossed quite soon, most likely before September begins. Mission: Impossible - Fallout dropped a tiny bit better than last weekend with 39.3%. Crossing 100k admissions will probably happen in September, unless the film gets an absolute super hold the next weekend. Hotel Transylvania 3 continues to be one of the absolute highlights and most delightful box office surprises of the year. It had another astounding drop, only 13.4%! It has now officially outgrossed the previous two installments combined with 123 950 admissions so far.
  3. Marathon

    Official France Box Office Thread

    In general it would be interesting to find out all ticket price variation in mainland Europe.
  4. Marathon

    Official France Box Office Thread

    How such cheap tickets in France? The cheapest ticket here for pretty much any film, even in a small town, is €10.
  5. I definitely lost most of my interest in the franchise already back in 2013-14 when they decided, for whatever bizarre reason, to not make Janet one of the main players, and also make Hank Pym a 1000-year-old guy.
  6. Marathon

    OCEAN'S 8

    Officially over 4x the budget with worldwide grosses now: Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $138,450,545 49.4% + Foreign: $141,600,000 50.6% = Worldwide: $280,050,545
  7. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    BlacKkKlansman opened here on 10th August, and the result is a pretty big (for the type of movie it is) 21 803 admissions. Apparently this is the best ever weekend for a Spike Lee movie here, but truthfully, it's explained almost completely by the presence of Finnish actor Jasper Pääkkönen. This reminds me of Blade Runner 2049, where the presence of Finnish actress Krista Kosonen carried that movie's Finland box office to an overperformance relative to the world average. As for legs? I have no idea, none whatsoever. If we use the aforementioned "Finnish" movie as comparison, BR2049 received a 3.87x multi, but with the caveat it benefited from various holiday periods in October, November, and December. BKKK is in the August, September doldrums, and has for more divisive subject matter, so matching BR2049's legs would definitely be an achievement. The holdovers are robust. Mamma Mia 2 had a very soft drop again, only 17.1%. It is already the most watched movie for the year* with 236 615 admissions, and will get past 300k admissions by the end of August. Mission: Impossible - Fallout also had a nice drop, 41.6%. The multiplier from the opening weekend is already 2.17x, so the weekdays have been very strong. As schools/studies begin, work vacations end, etc. I would expect the demand to shift more to weekends, which will also hopefully result in softer weekend-to-weekend drops. Hotel Transylvania 3 had another absolutely terrific drop, only 16.2%. It is now locked to outgross HT1 and HT2 combined. Amazing performance. *The top 3 for the year in admissions are: Mamma Mia 2 (236 615) Avengers: Infinity War (233 064) Deadpool 2 (195 599)** **DP2's mid and late legs have been very impressive, because at one point it looked like finishing quite a bit below 200k, but now it has a realistic chance of reaching that milestone.
  8. In the poster... Keira Knightley (as was said) looks like Julianne Moore. Helen Mirren looks like Kathy Griffin. (Was also gonna say Freeman looks like Forest Whitaker, but that maybe isn't true.)
  9. Also, does this mean that from hereon out every genre film will be "banished" into the popular film category? Or only those genre films which make big bucks at the box office? A loosely enforceable artistic quasi-segregation policy of sorts?
  10. Selling the technical categories short is abhorrent for a multitude of reasons. For the Oscars themselves, it won't boost ratings, but it will piss off the people who would've watched your show anyway. Seems like a classic case of undermining your core identity to pander to people who have no interest in your product anyway. Everything about these changes reeks of massive, massive desperation. Instead of trimming some fat (the amount of time the hosts have for filler talk, various skits, montages, musical numbers, etc.), they decide to twist themselves into a pretzel in hopes of impressing, but this is just too transparent. Granted, the change in movie-going habits (heavy skew towards event movies) is presenting some difficulties to the industry's award shows, but surely this kind of naked ratings bait will only end in tears?
  11. Marathon

    Perkele! Finland Box Office

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout was the big opener, and from a normal FSS frame it posted 27 642 admissions, a +5.7% improvement on Rogue Nation (26 165 admissions from a similar FSS opening). Rogue Nation finished its run with 109 426 admissions, meaning a multiplier of 4.18x. A similar multi would thus get Fallout to 115 544 admissions, which sounds like a reasonable projection. Since M:I is almost completely a general audiences - driven franchise, I don't expect frontloading to be a factor. The Darkest Minds was the other opener, and it followed the pattern it has expressed everywhere else, i.e. it bombed. With an FSS frame of 2 733 admissions, TDM is one of the absolute worst openers of the year. I don't think anyone outside of a handful of people had even heard of TDM here, and since the movie looked like a bunch of X-Men knock-offs in a hokey, contrived YA setting, the movie's atrocious box office performance will not have come as a huge surprise. Moving onto the holdovers: I wished for great holds for Mamma Mia 2, and I was not disappointed. MM2 had an absolutely breathtaking hold, dropping only 9.2%!! The movie will zoom past 200k admissions later this week, and with no competition for its target audience in sight, I'm hoping for 300k admissions already some time this month. Hotel Transylvania 3 is another stellar performer in the marketplace, and in fact it had even softer drop than MM2's already ultra-soft drop: 5.5%!! The movie will (no pun intended) sail past 100k admissions later this week. Really, thank goodness for MM2 and HT3, as otherwise the box office landscape would be pretty bleak for exhibitors. Now, let's hope Fallout will join those two in the uppermost performance echelon. The August doldrums (and this year it already started July) can always use some effective anodyne, and this would-be trio of perfectly coexisting movies should carry exhibitors well enough to September.
  12. Yes, but even with huge China drops the collective markets don't usually drop that much. Goes to show how lackluster the performance is outside of China. And now Fallout has finished Skyscraper in most OS-C markets.
  13. Such a fantastic club. After Uprising did as bad as it did, this club seemed a goner, but then Solo's overseas performance became one of the most WTF box office moments of recent years.
  14. Yes, BOM has the drop from last weekend as 77.2%(!!).

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