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  1. A 50% drop is an uninspiring one, especially coming from a less-than-stellar opening and a possible Valentine's Day inflation. Bleh.
  2. Gotham City Sirens would work very well indeed if the leads had awesome chemistry. But the budget would be quite a bit higher than BoP due to all the CGI and practical sets required by Ivy. Hard to see that movie happening in the current circumstances which is a shame...
  3. That drop for BoP is MeH (or even BaD considering the opening?). The movie can't catch a break. On a more positive note, the audience score for Sonic is holding steady at 94%.
  4. At least the audience score is healthy at 94%. Hopefully the Sonic stans can convince plenty of walk-ups during the weekend.
  5. Overseas actuals are usually adjusted upwards, so yeah, that's a disappointment. Hopefully it can still muster at least a decent hold next weekend.
  6. Harley's fanbase skews young and female. It's an odd decision by DC/WB to have this film be R rated for no good reason. Anyways, I'll probably be seeing the film on Tuesday, see also how much interest there is amongst the general populace after the weekend.
  7. Vietnam, South Korea, and Philippines, according to IMDb.
  8. As I suspected, Finland's opening was massively OD-heavy. Despite the crazy business on OD, the overall opening (162 243 admissions) came slightly under TLJ (168 312 admissions). Both openings were 5-day. TFA opened (5-day) with 202 681 admissions back in 2015. TLJ finished its run with 467 219 admissions. The reception I've heard from a few people has ranged from alright to mixed. So the end total won't probably differ much from TLJ, maybe slightly under.
  9. If it does better here than TLJ (too early to say yet) then yes, it would be an outlier vis-à-vis rest of Europe. But as I said, too early to tell just yet. Let's see the full OW (if it's OD-frontloaded) and of course the effect of WOM.
  10. That's strange. The weekend showtimes at the biggest theater chain have only very little sell-outs. I guess this opening is massively OD-heavy, then.
  11. European performances are lining up pretty similarly? Looking at my market's weekend pre-sales (not disastrous but kind of meh nevertheless) makes me think Finland's performance won't be too dissimilar from the rest of Europe seen so far. Of course, Xmas being just around the corner might deflate the weekend numbers a bit, but still.
  12. Honestly I would be more excited for this if it was a Gotham City Sirens movie but I guess that would have inflated the budget quite a bit (special effects & sets for Poison Ivy).
  13. I can't orientate to the scales used in this. They all look like shrunken cat people, not just cat people. That's a somewhat unsettling feeling, even if you get used to the CGI/digital fur technology. But, I think I might still give it a shot. Do It For Digital Fur Technology = DIFDFT.
  14. This will actually be one of the most intriguing runs to follow this December. A sequel to a lightning-in-a-bottle(?) film, which already opened in a handful of overseas markets with an interesting variety of results (an underperformance in China but generally solid to even great numbers elsewhere). This week especially with the domestic opening and the holds in already opened overseas markets make it must-observe stuff at the box office.
  15. Yeah, $100m OS seems like a good prediction.
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