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  1. I've been doing nothing but play as Banjo in Smash the last few days, how are we feeling about this It 2 opening? Someone had a club that it would be the biggest R movie ever, right?
  2. Dunno, but I’m glad I waited to see it a second time.
  3. I’m just saying people expected a bigger jump than GOTG1 > GOTG2
  4. I think FFH’s domestic performance and lack of growth comparable to GOTH indicates that Homecoming was inflated by RDJ. Still a very good performance and shows OS will show up hard for the webhead. I can see Spidey 3 challenge AOU domestically.
  5. Lion King is really tearing it the fuck up in Australia, damn.
  6. Wow, surprised South Park didn't hit top 5. Seemed like it was on everybody's list.
  7. I mean this is about what I expected, Fate opened to around 90 on a holiday weekend and that was already a big drop off from Furious 7, I've been saying 50-70 range for a while. Outside of Furious 7 there just isn't a big clamor for these movies domestically, they do fine but they're not going to set the BO on fire.
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