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  1. We are long past the era of may 2007 with 3 100 openers. It's only going to get worse the more crowded the release slate is.
  2. I gave the OT another shot because of Red Letter Media's prequel reviews. I think Star Wars is slow to start but it's filled with iconic moments and it's hard to not have a big grin on your face when Luke blows up the Death Star. Empire is a masterpiece and puts almost every blockbuster in the last decade to shame. Jedi is... I really like the first act but after that it just feels anticlimactic and can't give anything interesting to its non-Luke protagonists. Not bad but disappointing I feel. I also think the Luke/Leia twist is still stupid but obviously there's no turning the clock back on that one.
  3. As a kid I never touched the OT because the prequels were my first major exposure to Star Wars and they bored me out of my mind. It wasn't until my 20s I really sat down and watched the OT proper and they clicked with me (well... at least the first two movies). There is definitely an intimacy lost in the prequels and part of that is Lucas being terrible at directing actors, and the other part is deciding to depict the Jedi as a bunch of boring Vulcans.
  4. That would be cool. That's also one of the (many) problems with the prequels. The Jedi are supposed to be mysterious and detached but they're really just Space Cops there. I think there is room to experiment but I feel like one of the reasons I was uninterested in the old EU is they tried to play so close to the prequels' depiction of the Jedi which doesn't do anything for me.
  5. They tried to make Jump Street a thing but I think that's died. My enjoyment of the SW film is probably much more limited than the average fan. I enjoy them as constructions of film, the way they bring the world to life, the direction and effects, I like seeing the world brought to life in a live-action context. I have less interest in spin-offs depicting the world because a lot of the fun for me is seeing it realized through filmmaking. And from a film perspective, part of the reason the prequels are less interesting to me is because the Jedi are more fun as a pseudo-myth with only a very few limited characters that can use the Force. Even though I already got called out in this thread for being a Dragon Ball fan, the comparison I would use is like if they made a spin-off starring a bunch of Super Saiyans. Super Saiyans are a fun element of the series, but in part because so few characters can become one. Less is more.
  6. Nope. I know it's very good, but I think in film the Jedi are less appealing the more of them they are. Sorta takes away from the magic when every other character can use the Force and swing a Lightsaber. But that's probably an uncommon opinion.
  7. Only thing being if it came out too late in August it loses summer weekdays. Week after Robin has the Meg... I guess DP2 could have tried releasing next to that. Or just say fuck it and release same weekend as Christopher Robin, that won't be a mega opener but will have solid legs.
  8. I don't know if that's entirely true, they're clearly aiming Christopher Robin at adults who grew up on Winnie The Pooh as well as the little kids. I think if Christopher Robin does 300M or even close to it, overlap would be noticeable. But I'd guess it's still better than trying to squeeze into the May slot.
  9. If Christopher Robin breaks out though, maybe August wouldn't have been so hot for DP2 either.
  10. Meh. The Jedi are most interesting when they're in small doses. When everyone's a Force user with a lightsaber it's less special. The way you describe a big war scene makes me think of this: But I'm not a "hardcore" Star Wars fan so what do I know.
  11. We all got problems and I'm sure we'd like to help each other but I dunno if the weekend thread is the place to get help... wouldn't the Classic Conversation be better for that?

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