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  1. Just realized if this hits 200 it'll be the first non-Star Wars/Marvel movie to do it since 2015 with Jurassic World. Tracking right now seems like 175. It'll be really interesting to see what WOM is like.
  2. Endgame honestly might beat Avatar at this point just on remaining domestic dollars lol.
  3. Rereleasing Avatar in theaters feels like it'd go against what they want with Disney+, which is establish it as a must-have for access to their media. I also kinda agree there might be some higher ups who would rather have "their" movie as #1.
  4. 5.5 is just slightly above Homecoming's second Monday at 5.4. It keeps barely staying ahead of it, makes me worried what will happen after Lion King.
  5. Seriously though, can someone write a check for Jim Starlin or something? Movie #5 and soon to be #1 wouldn't exist without his character. Give him a good 8 figure and let him rest to watch a sun rise on a grateful universe.
  6. It had better Thursday previews than Ultron yet dropped like a rock. The warning signs were there but people didn't want to listen. The box office run of BVS was so fascinating and is what got me into hardcore box office analysis.
  7. There's been a lot of reports of sold out showings after the expansion but surely Disney is fudging the numbers with... Toy Story? Aladdin?
  8. Lion King can open at 200 million and we can still say that Fallen Kingdom is the biggest opening for a rotten movie even if Lion King drops back to rotten later on
  9. When Feige took the job back in the Iron Man days he had no idea he was spearheading what was going to be the biggest media franchise of the 21st century. Must feel good that after Ike Perlmutter got kicked out Phase 3 had nonstop hit after hit.
  10. Tickets are easily 10-12 here, no special day prices, that’s California for you I guess. I might sign up for Regal’s new plan though, my local Regal is huge with one of the best IMAX screens in the country.
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