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  1. Managed to remember my password and e-mail after like 5 tries to log in to see what the reactions were to this movie Damn this forum is still laggy as fuck
  2. I had a feeling TROS might implode after the Christmas rush. Curious how this second weekend plays out.
  3. Phase 3 was a legendary run of quality films and audiences were gobbling it up like it was going out of style. IW blowing the roof off of AOU was a foregone conclusion.
  4. IW had novelty factor and good will from Phase 3. It was the first Avengers movie with the Guardians, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man, all of which starred in successful and beloved movies. It helps that it was a great movie obviously, but it was always going to do better than AOU with a roster that stacked. AOU was basically a redux of the first Avengers, no new draws to speak of, so interest was lower.
  5. %-wise it's a similar drop to the second installment of the last two trilogies. So I understand framing it that way. And to some extent I agree. That said, I feel like we have to address that the modern blockbuster world is very different from even 15-20 years ago. Sequels in long-running, healthy franchises do not usually drop that much in the 2010s. Like, you can say TFA had the novelty factor/nostalgia to buoy it, but, just to pull an example out of my ass, Furious 7 to F8 had a much healthier drop despite not having the novelty of the Paul Walker situation. The interest was the
  6. imo there should be a "stale" rating for 40-59%. Fresh is 60-79%, Certified Fresh is 80-100%. But I guess they want it to reflect the reviewers themselves, who mark it Fresh Or Rotten.
  7. Harry Potter 9 with the original cast is the only movie I think could legitimately come into spitting distance of the OW record in the next ten years.
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