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  1. After Star Wars dies, it can be reborn. And like a Phoenix from the ashes, it will rise rise RISE
  2. That range won't hold. It'll go down to 35m or less. This movie is failing spectacularly. @EmpireCity is always carrying water for Star Wars but it doesn't matter, this is a huge and unprecedented failure.
  3. Why is Ant-Man bigger than Star Wars now? Is this Rian Johnson's fault?
  4. You're deluded if you think a movie with that massive of a budget could possible profit anywhere near $500 million. Where's the money gonna come from? Those amazing Qi'ra toy sales? This movie is losing AT LEAST $100 million. Almost definitely more. Book it. The trades will prove me right in the coming months.
  5. What on Earth are you talking about? Let's say it makes $250m DOM and $250m OS. Assuming a 50% DOM share and a 40% OS share then Disney will only make $225m theatrically. That doesn't even cover the production budget, let alone what they spent on marketing. Solo isn't getting anywhere near the break even point until it gets well over $700m. Guarantee the merchandise is a flop too. We'll get plenty of trade reports of the insane amounts of money Disney will lose on this film down the line.

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