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  1. Welfin

    Tuesday Numbers

    It's fine. A better jump than Ralph 2 on its first Tuesday.
  2. Welfin

    Tuesday Numbers

    Terrible. A 200M decline and the worst recieved film in the Potter series. Sub-500M for FB3 sounds like a safe bet.
  3. Barnack, I believe you're the most intelligent poster on this forum. Do you foresee a road to profitability?
  4. That should lock in a 40M opening for Miles. Things are looking up.
  5. Why are you so concerned with my posting activity? I didn't realize I had my own stalker. And I never disappeared. I post when I am interested.
  6. Just like Star Wars and Harry Potter, a Spider-Man film had to flop eventually.
  7. Sub-500M for FB3? Even if it's actually good this time, the decline will be brutal having to follow up the worst recieved film in the franchise.
  8. The delusions here are impressive. None of those films grossed as low as this. There's no way a film with a production budget of $220M and a marketing budget of $150M+ gets anywhere near profitability with a paltry sub-650 WW gross and a pathetic performance in the US. Studios don't spend this kind of money for this low of a return. LOL @ the merchandise argument. I'm sure those Newt Scamander toys are flying off shelves. The film is a bust, now imagine how poorly FB3 is going to do. Another $200M decline isn't out of the question given the hugely negative response to this one. Put a fork in this series, the five film plan is done. Maybe WB will let Rowling finish her awful pointless retcon-filled prequel story with one more (much cheaper) film and that'll be it.
  9. You are completely and utterly delusional if you think Warner Bros is in any way satisfied with this film making sub-$700M. "Merchandise will save it!" Yeah I heard that same argument from Star Wars fanboys when Solo was bombing. I'm sure kids are all over those Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein action figures. Hottest items of the holiday! Let's look at the facts once again since you didn't understand them the first time. This is the second movie in a FIVE movie franchise, and it's already seeing heavy box office declines. No studio wants a tentpole franchise to peak with the first installment and only go down from there. We've gone a from a successful first entry to a barely profitable second entry. With the terrible critical and audience reception, it's a virtual guarantee that FB3 will decline even more. We might get into Solo bomb territory if things stay the same. Which is why things are going to be course-corrected. I hope you understand now.
  10. It sold on the strength of the brand. If Rowling writes an entirely original movie not connected to the Wizarding World does it make $800M? People wanted to return to the world of Harry Potter. But they got a much less interesting story than the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. A five movie plan could have worked, if these films were better. But that time has passed.
  11. It's the worst received, worst reviewed, and lowest performing film in this entire franchise. A big decline from the last film and box office results well below Warner's expectations. The Fantastic Beasts series is on a fast track to irrelevancy. Of course there's going to be creative shakeups. What they have now clearly isn't working. Nobody greenlights a film with a $200m PROD budget along with a massive marketing campaign to only gross $600-700M WW. This is why Sony canned Amazing Spider-Man, and why Paramount ended Bayformers.
  12. It's only a matter of time. Someone has to take the blame for the disappointing box office results, and it won't be Rowling.
  13. The action was terrible. Horribly edited and very hard to follow. Too bad Yates won't be directing the next one.

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