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  1. Marvel built up Spider-Man as the next Iron Man and then ended FFH on a giant cliffhanger that nobody in their universe will ever be able to mention or reference. They deserve this L.
  2. Thank God the MCU Parker is over. Worst live action incarnation of the character. Why would anyone want to watch an annoying Iron Man fanboy who never accomplishes anything.
  3. Kids don't play with toys anymore. Nowadays they just want to watch their favorite social media hype beast. Disney should have made an Instagram Story instead.
  4. Is this the "apoc"? At the very least, they should change the title to Kong vs Godzilla. King Kong deserves top billing.
  5. I would only beg for a long, fruitful life with many pleasures and much success. Luckily, it's going well so far. I'm not entirely sure what an "apoc" is, but it's not something I'd beg or even ask for. It doesn't sound particularly compelling. I do think my posts are rather "cool" though. A "not cool" reaction would be a strange result, but I cannot control how people respond or react to my posts. There is so much in life we cannot control. Just like Warner Bros and Legendary were unable to control the level of of interest for Godzilla 2019. A shame, for them.
  6. I'm never wrong. But I was wrong about this movie. Guy Ritchie's career is saved.
  7. If FFH still can't reach a billion, then Sony should just pull out of the MCU deal. After the smash hit Venom, it's clear they're better off going at it alone. They can bring Andrew Garfield back for Amazing Spider-Man 3, and then do a big crossover with Venom and Morbius. Sony is leaving a lot of money on the table with a boring high school Parker that is stuck being an Iron Man fanboy.
  8. Unfortunately, a dictionary will not help this movie's profitablity. Only reversing time and stopping Guy Ritchie from being a filmmaker may prevent this disaster. (The producers of King Arthur Legend of the Sword would also appreciate it)
  9. I hope Captain Marvel can outgross Captain Marvel.
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