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  1. I think in this case since they're not carrying the Skywalker saga forward, it was fine to kill him off to add more emotional impact to Episode 9. He was the last of the Skywalker bloodline (CMIIW), and they weren't going to make anymore Skywalker movies or Disney+ shows, so might as well make the buck stop there. I understand though; they could have done a lot with it. Plus, I can already smell people feeling sad that Reylo was a thing for only 30 seconds. WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.
  2. Snoke yes. Everything else not really. Rey has some Jedi books, okay whatever, she found them somewhere. No one would really care. Rey and Kylo interacting with the force? Maybe, but they're Jedi, so surprise they have new tricks. Hux betraying Kylo? You can already tell from both Episodes 7 and 9 how much of a power struggle was going on. Rey's parents being nobodies? They already say it in Episode 9, then immediately retconned it.
  3. They did bring it up a couple other times, right after they fell from the quicksand, and also when Finn and Poe were about to be executed. So my guess is he forgot to answer it, which is weird considering this is the saga's conclusion. I understand leaving things open like Jannah's family history or Poe and Zorii's past because that's easily Disney+ material, but this was directly related to the Skywalker saga, so there's really nowhere to resolve it.
  4. Yeah it was definitely for poetry. I thought she was gonna start a new Jedi training camp since the end of TLJ with the broomstick kid showed us they are out there. But no, no hint of that at all. It's almost as if you don't even need to see Episode 8 to see Episode 9, other than knowing that Luke dies in 8, which is one of the few things JJ Abrams couldn't retcon.
  5. 100% agreed. She could have at least come along for one of the adventures (maybe halfway through the movie go off on her own to find and join the heroes), and/or become a Lieutenant of sorts and lead the resistant on the ground battle. Completely jar jar'd and completely pandered to all the haters.
  6. I would say $400-450M is a decent bet, as long as it's done well and entertaining. I just don't see Jon Watts pulling off anything higher. As good as he is, he was born and bred out of TV and short films, so I don't know if he can give off that big Hollywood blockbuster movie vibe. I certainly didn't feel it while watching Homecoming. Maybe FFH will prove me wrong.
  7. You're right, they don't really need a Tony Stark replacement; the general audience has already jumped aboard the Marvel train, and characters like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spidey, who've all made serious bank at the box office, can easily take over the reigns. Each character brings their own uniqueness, so as to avoid feeling repetitive as much as possible. And to be fair about Cumberbatch, he can totally do comedy/snarky/etc. if you've seen his interviews. Studios are still trying to milk his "Sherlock" persona, so he hasn't been in any big roles to showcase it. At the same time, I don't think Marvel is going to reinvent Dr. Strange as a funnyman unless Dr. Strange 2 is a shitshow. Then who knows? They got Waititi on speed dial!
  8. I mean, they "Universed" Unbreakable/Split/Glass; might as well "Universe" anything that turns a profit! Now if only they do a Jigglypuff + Inception mashup. 😁
  9. I think I've figured out the MCU slate for the next 3 years. Here's the deal: whenever a movie is done filming, it's usually released within 8-12 months. Black Widow is filming from June through September. 8 months after September is May. May 2020 - Black Widow The Eternals is filming from September through Jan '20. 10 months later is November. November 2020 - The Eternals 2021 - It'll be between Black Panther (Coogler already signed a deal in October), Dr. Strange (Derrickson signed in December) and Shang-Chi, the latter of which Marvel said they wanted to "fast track," on top of filing over a dozen trademarks in recent reports. Filming is already set to take place in Australia right after Eternals: February 2021 - Shang-Chi May 2021 - Black Panther sequel Nov 2021 - Dr. Strange sequel 2021 - Captain Marvel sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3., and Spider-Man 3 Feb 2022 - Captain Marvel sequel May 2022 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 July 2022 - Spider-Man 3 After Captain Marvel's blockbuster hit, and especially after Endgame left fans wanting more, they have to get a sequel out within two to three years. For Guardians, Gunn should be done filming The Suicide Squad early 2020, so by mid-to-late 2020 they could start filming GOTG Vol. 3. It would be a bit "early" for a 2022 release, but with the slate so full, this is the only other major spot. Spider-Man gets the July date because the first two also had July dates, and you know Sony wants to chug out as many Spider-Man movies as possible. May 2023 - NEW AVENGERS I still think an X-Men and/or FF4 movie will come out before the next Avengers film, or at the very least introduced in one or more of the other previous films. The main lineup would be: Black Panther Captain Marvel Spider-Man Shang-Chi Dr. Strange X-Men and/or Fantastic 4 Side heroes could potentially be: Thor Ant-Man Ms Marvel (introduced in Captain Marvel sequel) Ravagers Blade Inhumans
  10. I was thinking that too, but then the first Iron Man it was his right arm that got punished, so... I dunno.
  11. I think there's a litttttle more wiggle room with Cap since he was frozen for 70 years and had to start life all over again. That's like us waking up in 2089; imagine how much the world will have changed from today.
  12. He does a lot of background artwork too. His main work is Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Black Panther, and the Thor movies, and of course the Avengers flicks.
  13. Absolutely, Rocket in Endgame, Stan Lee's Ragnarok cameo, some fight scenes such as Captain Marvel's armada destruction, Black Panther vs Kilmonger, Rocket/Groot going crazy in the jail... Lemme find his Instagram.... https://www.instagram.com/jwsze/ Enjoy!!
  14. Is it just me or does Jake G look awful in that outfit? A friend of mine designs some of the MCU outfits; hope it isn't him LOL.
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