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  1. So if i'm reading this right we are estimating 20.7mil for Pika Friday, 20.5mil for Pika Saturday and then it's going to make 16.8 Sun for 58mil weekend? That seems unlikely. It a less than 19% Sunday drop.
  2. The question is whether Warcraft can stay as the top grossing VG movie, 433mil
  3. Det Pika seems to be skewing much older than those other movies though, to say nothing of previews starting at 4
  4. Considering Pokemon at 4PM previews, still not as early as Poms with 3PM previews..... I'd certainly hope it does better than 5mil....also at what point to they stop being considered previews.
  5. You're ignoring 3 hours on the west coast and the other 1900 theaters it's playing in.
  6. OS-China should be around 1 billion after the weekend which is pretty close to what IW's OS-China total was.
  7. Hmmm, a bit higher actually since the 2nd location number went down by 50 instead of increasing by 245.... not really sure what happened to lose some locs....
  8. How many markets has Endgame surpassed IW in by this point? I'm pretty sure India but beyond that i'm not sure.
  9. Just looked through all of this coming weekend for Endgame tickets and I'm somewhat surprised For a comparison here is OW pre-sales as of the Tuesday before release (Fandango was to troublesome to manage Wednesday/Thurs) As of 4/23/19 Tickets Sold Total Tickets % sold Friday 1670 1733 96.36% Saturday 1864 1957 95.25% Sunday 1483 1957 75.78% Total 5017 5647 88.84% Here is this coming weekend Tickets Sold Total Tickets % sold Friday 787 1816 43.34% Saturday 1073 1834 58.51% Sunday 660 1955 33.76% Total 2520 5605 44.96% So a bit over half as many tickets have been sold already for FSS, It's a little bit over half actually now that i think about it. There is a rented out show on Friday and Saturday which I'm fairly sure is in the 130 person theater so that adds 260/260 tickets to the total. 2780/5865 = 47.4%
  10. Pretty safe bet Endgam will be able to stay ahead of TFA's 2 week gross tbh, by the end of it's 2nd thursday TFA was at 651, assuming 50mil from Wed/Thurs dom and 170mil 2nd weekend we'll be at just a midge under that with mon-thurs to go. Should be easily past 700mil by then.
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