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  1. True, at least they are way up from 2021 though, January 2022 has already made more than both of those months in just over a week.
  2. Any idea what % of NWH's total has been from Imax so far? That'd certainly increase ATP
  3. on a weekday or weekend? Even before covid the 13 screen theater i work at generally only had 2 people working on weekdays.... well 2 + Manager in the morning then 3 at night
  4. seems low.... NWH should be about 100mil higher through the same days as TLJ but it's Thrusday will likely be higher.
  5. As far as FB3 goes most of the people i know that absolutely love HP (mid 20's girls that is) aren't all that enthused about FB3 due to Amber Heard still being attached to it.
  6. Given the reception and absolutely terrible legs Covid is more responsible for people looking at what they want to watch more critically instead of just having people flood out regardless of how good a movie looks.
  7. NWH as best picture will never happend, William Dafoe's Green Gobblin as best supporting character though has potential
  8. WW84 opening to 100mil would have had insanely horrible legs to the point i doubt it would have gotten to 100mil at all.
  9. Sing 2 is what 7.8mil today? So anywhere from 6.2 to 7.5mil actual depending on how they split up that 1.6
  10. Tuesday is also OD for competitors, The Kings Man started at 4PM at my theater, tommorrow we get Sing 2 and The Matrix then Christmas we get Journal for Jordan and American Underdog.
  11. I mean we are looking at an Dom OW only 1-2mil below TASM 1 and 60mil above TASM 2..... no matter how cocky Sony may be I don't think they'll assume it's a given that spider-man will make this much even outside the MCU
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