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  1. If they do a nazi cap i suspect they'd make that a cap played by someone who isn't Chris Evans and have them fight. Maybe have it be another soldier that survived the serum but was already a member of hydra /shrug.
  2. That's assuming that the actual is accurate since last weeks actual was a 67% drop after a 45~% estimate
  3. In that case we are still looking at a 1.7multi during the period where it'll be getting most of it's money. Not that we have daily numbers for WW84 just rough estimates through Sunday.
  4. Daddy's Home: OW: 38.74mil, Total: 150.36 mil; Multi: 3.88 Joy: OW: 17.02 mil; Total: 56.45mil; Multi: 3.32 Concussion: OW: 10.51mil; Total: 34.53mil; Multi: 3.28 Point Break: OW: 9.8mil; Total: 28.78mil; Multi: 2.94 Hateful 8: OW: 4.61mil; Total: 54.12mil; Multi: 11.74 What numbers were you looking at for multi?
  5. well.... we could compare it's drops to the other movies in release? WW 84 Down 67% Croods up 25% News of the world Down 25% Monster Hunter up 14% Fatale up 6% Promising Young Women down 8% Pinocchio up 6% War with Grandpa up 27%
  6. So with no competition on a Holiday weekend WW dropped 67% https://deadline.com/2021/01/wonder-woman-1984-new-year-2021-weekend-box-office-1234664103/
  7. It's at 61% on RT now, of the last 20 votes only 5 have been positive.
  8. Would be expensive as heck though since the military isn't about to agree to be in a movie where the army is the bad guy
  9. They've got a TV show going over the Valyrian Conquest of Westeros slated for 2022 but that's it i think.
  10. WB really needs some good hits but they can't seem to get any of them to land. Assuming the best case scenario with WB is just foolhardy at this point.
  11. I'm sure if we looked back we'd see this sort of post about BvS earning a new record gross. Ever since BvS in 2016 Every single DCEU movie has made less OW than the previous movie, and while WW84 would have bucked that trend Covid means it didn't. DCEU doesn't get any more chances with the movie going public at large by now, they've got the DC die hards and that's about it until they get a string of good movies.
  12. we already got the Fantastic Beasts movies, and i don't think releasing the 3rd in the middle of summer instead of November will lead to an increase in boxoffice receipts.
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