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  1. I'll be honest when i saw the 3-part poster for this I assumed it was some sort of religious movie based off the bible quote, I had no idea it was YA
  2. I'm thinking 30-40 going on to 110-120
  3. It'll probably be in the top 10 for the year, it's already #9. It should get to #7 pretty easily. From there it's a matter of nothing else making more than that, MPR and FB are the only 2 movies I'd say are guaranteed to make more.
  4. You say that but in terms of comedy Jack Black easily brought in the most people
  5. my mind is full of wats, I kind of feel Mr. Blue Glowy eyes deserves to be an emoticon here though, he's pretty much how the audience was reacting I'd imagine.
  6. The eventual live action Brickleberry movie with him as the sheriff.
  7. Ledmonkey96

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    ya after the 10mil Tuesday I'd bet on closer to 35mil.
  8. Have there been any good action movies that weren't a subset of another genre since Fury Road? Most have been subsets of superhero movies but beyond those.....
  9. Among 12 year olds maybe. Older than that and they aren't going to read it, or know about it since it would have been after their time. Actually holy shit it was written in 1962, I had never heard about it before the movie.
  10. Ledmonkey96

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    Given the 5mil Tuesday is 600mil back on the table for I2? Finding Dory made 60mil from this day forward but it made 2mil less on the same day.
  11. Ledmonkey96

    Tuesday's Numbers:

    He posted it in the Monday thread.
  12. Ledmonkey96

    Monday's Numbers

    The budget I've seen thrown around for AM&tW seems to be 130mil after tax credits so it'll still make a very decent profit thanks to over seas even if Dom doesn't increase from the first one. I'd say we are looking at Super hero fatigue for the year though, so far this year Super hero movies have grossed a combined 2.2~billion dollars in just 4 movies from BP, IW, I2, and DP2, we've still got 4 hero movies to be released this year to, honestly has me somewhat worried for Aquaman, between Super hero's being overdone for the year, Aquaman coming last and how it's opening against 5 other wide releases that weekend......
  13. I'd say the most hilarious thing about BP is that it opened in the 2nd fewest theaters for a Disney movie this year, 4084, with AWiT opening in the fewest at 3980......
  14. It'll need to make more than 180mil Dom to beat out A Quiet Place for that.

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