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  1. I think he got into an argument with Genndy Tartovsky about the direction of the 3rd movie and decided not to come back for the 4th or something along those lines. Speaking of which Genndy only did the story for this one he wasn't the director.
  2. It's anecdotal of course but in a lot of smaller theaters i imagine the weekday morning numbers for those movies are pretty comparable to ticket sales of Super hero movies for the same time. Reason being the older crowd typically makes up a decent chunk of the week day morning population while families and what not are generally at home. Mind you at least for Disney the older crowd would still probably come out because well.... it's Disney at minimum you'll leave feeling like you didn't waste your money.
  3. Shang-Chi dropping like that is kind of surprising since it's 2nd weekend drop was only what 53%~ despite the first weekend having Thurs previews and Monday being a holiday seems rather odd.
  4. TFA was a palete cleanser after the prequel trilogy, hence why it was more or less beat for beat A New Hope. The better comparison i'd argue would be Jurassic World.
  5. The Oscars have been a laughing stock for awhile if that's what you are referring to. I hadn't even heard of 2 of her 3 movies before this thread, calling her a major director just doesn't line up with the fact that she's basically an unknown.
  6. Is Chloe Zhao considered a great director? She's only got 3 movies under her belt before Eternals.... the audience score for those movies is 82% for Nomadland and The Rider and 64% for Songs my brother taught me. Coogler on the other hand has BP, Creed and Fruitvale station, all of which match the Critic score for Zhao's movies but even his lowest Audience score is a good bit higher..... I just don't get where the idea that she's a great director comes from.
  7. The theater i work at honestly felt busier for Shang-chi today than on Saturday, we only had 2 showings fail to get over 50% sold compared to only like 6-7 getting past half yesterday.
  8. I'd say the more insane bit of news out today regarding the lawsuit was Scarjo starting her negotiation at either 80 or 100 mil (the WSJ article is behind a paywall so i'm not sure if it was 80mil total or 80mil over the 20mil she got), based off an assumption of 1.2 billion revenue for BW.
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