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  1. Who is they? Spiderman far from home happens after Endgame. The only reason we haven't heard past that is that Disney likes playing this close to the vest. I wouldn't be surprised if a few weeks after Endgame they reveal their next few years of movies.
  2. Don't think so, but based off Boxofficemojo Avatar 2-5 are scheduled for Christmas 2020, 2021, 2024 and 2025. So we just need replacements for '22, '23 and '24. There's a tentative Disney live action for '22 but after MPR who knows.
  3. Not sure on MPR's budget but at least dom its still slightly ahead of Bumblebee, which had a budget of 135mil.
  4. Still doing better than Marwen at my theater, Marwen sold 4 tickets at 7 and 0 for the 9 o'clock set yesterday. ME had a slightly better 5-10 each set.
  5. Competition wouldn't be that different tbh, it'd be up against the final HTTYD movie and Captain Marvel in comparative weekends..... or was it supposed to release late march i don't remember.
  6. Depends on how good those are if they are absolutely terrible they could hurt it, if they are meh it won't be effected. If they are good though? It'll just build hype. Also Jesus christ looking at the calendar, the next big movie after The Lion King next year is going to be It 2 the first weekend of September if nothing gets scheduled for then. Dora and New Mutants will flail about pathetically, the F&F spin-off might not bomb but the series only made mega bucks in the US for #7, Artemis Fowl will be meh, Angry Birds 2 is just why.... and that's about it in August. Also I'm In.
  7. I'll be honest when i saw the 3-part poster for this I assumed it was some sort of religious movie based off the bible quote, I had no idea it was YA
  8. I'm thinking 30-40 going on to 110-120
  9. It'll probably be in the top 10 for the year, it's already #9. It should get to #7 pretty easily. From there it's a matter of nothing else making more than that, MPR and FB are the only 2 movies I'd say are guaranteed to make more.
  10. You say that but in terms of comedy Jack Black easily brought in the most people
  11. my mind is full of wats, I kind of feel Mr. Blue Glowy eyes deserves to be an emoticon here though, he's pretty much how the audience was reacting I'd imagine.

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