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  1. I went outside at 2AM yesterday and it was 85-90 with 60% humidity...... the weather is amazing.
  2. Isn't Argentina normally a good team? Relying on tieing them seems to be unwise when they can still lose of course.
  3. I'd say no, from what i've heard the plots a mess and going on a date to the 2nd movie in a series when you haven't seen the first means your conversation topics will be somewhat limited. I2 or Tag would probably be better date movies tbh.
  4. A little over 80% sold, pretty decent generally but if you can't sell out of the earlier showings you sure as hell can't sell out of later showings.
  5. Ledmonkey96

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    1 year before the release of whichever comes later i think.
  6. Ledmonkey96

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    If FK goes under 100mil would it be a bigger disappointment than solo?
  7. Ledmonkey96

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    wasn't that number over though?
  8. Doesn't matter how well it does relative to the first one, anything under 600mil is evidence of superhero fatigue
  9. Ledmonkey96

    Tuesday Numbers | Incredibles 2 ~ 27M

    Venom might make Alien numbers, at best.
  10. Ledmonkey96

    Tuesday Numbers | Incredibles 2 ~ 27M

    Considering how it's done so far I don't think people were expecting a ~10% increase.
  11. Ledmonkey96

    Tuesday Numbers | Incredibles 2 ~ 27M

    assuming 27mil is true then it's lead would be 57mil wouldn't it? Heck it's lead will probably be around 80mil after the 2nd weekend. give 40mil from Wed/thur and then a 90mil 2nd weekend.
  12. huh just saw on reddit that IW made more than BP did on its 53rd day. By 12$ but still.
  13. Ehh it increased sunday a little, it's a 30% Week to week drop though.

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