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  1. Gonna have to hard disagree on that. Steppenwolf at least has something resembling depth in this version. That alone makes him superior to his theatrical counterpart. It helps that the movie also makes it clear that he’s just a minion doing someone else’s dirty work, and not the big overarching threat.
  2. We didn’t get a trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong until two months before it was released, so I don’t think the current lack of a trailer for this is that surprising.
  3. I’m assuming the reason this trailer uses a lot of footage from past movies is because they’ve already released previous several trailers for this movie, and they don’t want to give too much away.
  4. It’s unfortunate that they replaced Kath Soucie. I know she’s not a big name or anything, but most of the other Looney Tunes seem to be voiced by traditional VAs, so it’s weird that they made an exception for Lola Bunny.
  5. Warner Media needs to stop shoving their IP’s down people’s throats. It’s annoying enough when Disney does that, but at least in their case, their IP’s have universal appeal among kids and adults. How many kids are going to get excited about seeing the guys from A Clockwork Orange or Captain Caveman?
  6. The attempt by Warner Media to shove as many of their IPs into this movie as possible is so lame. Who are they even trying to appeal to with all this?
  7. Even back when this was shot, Info Wars and QAnon were already fairly prominent.
  8. On the subject of Brian Tee Henry’s character, establishing that the paranoid conspiracy theorist was right all along can certainly be seen as questionable.
  9. The fact that this movie is also available on HBO Max makes that these box office numbers all the more impressive. It’s crazy to think that if there had been no pandemic, and this was released last year like it was supposed to, it might’ve been one of the biggest movies of 2020.
  10. How is this not certified fresh by now? The odds of it dropping below 70% don’t seem very likely at this point.
  11. This movie wasn’t a bad way to kill time. Part of me thinks it was too short for its own good, but I suppose they figured that since most people don’t come to these movies for the human characters, there was no point in spending too much time on them.
  12. The biggest mistake the 2014 film made was killing off Bryan Cranston’s character early.
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