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  1. I assume that WB just wants this thing to get this whole franchise over with at this point.
  2. If theaters aren’t fully open in May, they should just do a dual release with Disney+ and move on. This movie is a midquel anyway, so I don’t see how it’s worth stalling the rest of the Phase 4 movies over.
  3. Apparently, his exes are also claiming that they were genuinely scared of him, and that he was emotionally abusive to them. I do think that just from reading the texts, they come across more as weird and somewhat creepy than genuinely terrifying, but the woman who posted them apparently thinks Hammer genuinely hurt her. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that she’s exaggerating things for attention, but these kinds of accusations are enough to ruin a person’s career. And before anyone jumps on me, no, I’m not saying that she or the other exes are lying, but as someone who’s always been wary of the MeToo movement, I usually have that possibility in the back of my head.
  4. The only thing I have to say about the drama itself is that I’m pretty sure Armie Hammer isn’t actually a cannibal, but that there are other concerning things about this whole situation. Anyway, I’m not sure why this five day old news is just now blowing up, but I’m noticing a bunch of checkmark accounts on Twitter (one of the biggest shitholes on the Internet) who are commenting on how they can’t believe someone with the name ‘Armie Hammer’ actually exists. These people are either just trying to be funny (if so, they’re not doing a very good job) or they don’t follow movies very much.
  5. Sony doesn’t own Crackle anymore, and that service is free anyway. There’s a better chance of them selling this to Netflix.
  6. They don’t get much more disappointing than BvS. Almost everyone was certain it was going to be a billion dollar hit, but it couldn’t even cross the $900 million mark. It also currently holds the record for the worst multiplier of any movie that opened above $100 million at the domestic box office. If that wasn’t enough of an insult, it didn’t even crack the top five biggest movies of 2016.
  7. I’m not saying you’re wrong about this getting moved to next year, but why would Morbius getting released in between movies matter?
  8. It’s probably not Spider-Man related. It’s too early to do a trailer for this.
  9. If Sony had a major streaming service, this would’ve probably been dumped there.
  10. If people can consider Captain America to be an interesting character, there’s no reason Superman can’t also be regarded as such. He’s not as flashy as Batman, but he can be a compelling character in his own right.
  11. To be frank, of all the currently scheduled MCU movies, this seems like the one where a Disney+ premiere would feel most appropriate.
  12. It’s basically just female Deadpool. I wouldn’t consider that creative.
  13. The latest critic gave the movie an F-. That seems a bit exaggerated...
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