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  1. Tell that to the people who died in plane and car crashes, or the people who died because their doctors disappeared in the middle of their procedures.
  2. I never claimed that people are saying that robbing men is empowering. I’m saying that the film is being praised as female empowerment in spite of the fact that its premise involves drugging and robbing men. My point was that if critics understand nuance enough to be able to accept something with a problematic premise as progressive, then there’s no reason they should be attacking Joker for revolving around a mentally ill white man who turns to violence.
  3. The Academy can nominate up to 10 movies for Best Picture (you can thank TDK getting snubbed for that), and if the past Academy Awards were any indication, being controversial or having lukewarm critical reception is by no means a dealbreaker for a film’s chances of getting nominated. Still, at this point, even if this movie does get nominated, it’ll feel like a hollow victory, in my opinion, especially considering all the inevitable backlash that would arise from such a thing.
  4. I apologize that I’m once again bringing up the controversy surrounding Joker, but seeing how well Hustlers is doing both critically and financially has made me once again shake my head in frustration. So, Joker is a film that promotes intel culture and troubled white men, eh? If that’s the case, then shouldn’t Hustlers also be seen as problematic? That film is literally about strippers who drug and rob unsuspecting men, which is a blatantly criminal thing to do, and one of the actresses in the movie has actually done such things in real life. I’m not saying Hustlers is a bad film, but if Joker is getting crapped on for its supposedly problematic narrative, then why is Hustlers being praised as an example of female empowerment?
  5. As far as biopics go, it’s pretty bland and safe, and it has more than its fair share of inaccuracies. Also, I suppose some people are incapable of separating art from the artist in regards to Bryan Singer’s involvement.
  6. I could potentially see them doing that if for no reason other than to be able to market Avatar 2 as the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time.
  7. But many of them have been approaching their critiques specifically from the angle that they think it’s a film that’ll be hailed by the alt-right, which is stupid. That’s almost as bad as those dumb Mediaversity “reviews”.
  8. These critics seem to think it’s a film that promotes incel culture and white supremacy. I may not have seen the movie, but I know for a fact that’s bullshit. Entertainment Weekly specifically acknowledged that they couldn’t rate the movie objectively, which is why they didn’t even give it an actual rating. Then you have reviews that say things like this
  9. No way of telling at this point. I guess if there’s one advantage that this planned HB Cinematic Universe might have over the LEGO Universe, it’s that properties like Scooby Doo and the Flinstones are able to stand on their own. In the case of LEGO, I think a big reason the first one did so well was because it had a certain novelty to it that couldn’t really be replicated with the later installments. Something like Scooby Doo won’t need to rely as much on novelty, so maybe it’ll work out? Anyway, if they’re going to do an animated cinematic universe of Hannah Barbara properties, why the heck are they making a live action Tom & Jerry film? Why not make that animated and have it be part of the franchise?
  10. I was going to post this over on the Joker forum, but I’m kind of worried that I might get in trouble for it over there, so just to be safe, I’ll be posting it here. Anyway, the discourse surrounding the movie has officially ruined my excitement for it. I thought the discourse surrounding Captain Marvel was annoying, but this Joker stuff is worse. At least in the case of CM, you could sort of laugh at the people who kept obsessing over Brie Larson. With Joker, it seems like critics and bloggers are actively promoting toxic discussions with all their talk about incels and deranged white men. I’m by no means the kind of person who identifies with the right, but what in God’s name do these “critics” think they’re accomplishing with this stuff? All they’re doing is drumming up backlash for themselves, and support from the alt-right crowd for a movie that many of them probably wouldn’t have otherwise cared about. And for God’s sake, can we please stop suggesting that the movie might inspire violence?
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