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  1. We can only hope that the stuff they already shot on location won’t clash with the stuff they film in the studio.
  2. It’s really been an entire year since an MCU movie was released, hasn’t it? I hadn’t even realized it before, but this is the longest we’ve gone without one since the two year gap between TIH and IM2.
  3. Where did that pic even come from? If it’s a fan pic, that’s actually kind of impressive.
  4. I have no clue how the show will turn out. Maybe it’ll be good. I’m just kind of confused about why they would reportedly choose to go in territory that’s already been done numerous times before. Why not just do a Gotham Central type of show?
  5. Do we really need another origin story? We’ve had enough origin stories set in the Batman universe to last a lifetime.
  6. Why do we need to see how Gotham became crime-ridden? I would’ve thought the point of doing a show like this would be to show Gotham from outside of Bruce Wayne’s perspective. This just sounds pointless.
  7. Shouldn’t they save going into space for the 10th and (allegedly) final movie? Unless they plan on going even crazier with the 10th one, and go with time traveling alien dinosaurs or something...
  8. The only problem with that idea is that WB is supposedly still developing a Batgirl movie that’s set in the DCEU, and the latest rumors have suggested that the Michael Keaton Batman is supposed to serve as a mentor to her.
  9. This seems like it should be further confirmation that this movie isn’t set in the DCEU.
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