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  1. There’s not really much indication that BvS was plagued by studio meddling, outside of the fact that WB requested the film be cut down by half an hour in order to allow for more showtimes. By all accounts, the film was very much a Zack Snyder film.
  2. I take it this is the anime and manga thread now? How did that happen? I mean, it does seem a lot more civil now, but that’s still a strange development.
  3. Having a higher OD than The Avengers isn’t too surprising when you factor in the Thursday previews that began at 6PM, as well as Good Friday. I’m not saying WoM didn’t cost it some money on OW, but I think it’s fair to assume that even with solid WoM, the movie would’ve come in below CW. It was never going to be an Avengers-level success.
  4. I feel that it might’ve been a bit unfair of Mike not to mention that Chris Terrio also wrote Argo. Sure, he wrote BvS and JL, but it’s a bit misleading to act like those are the only credits to his name.
  5. If there was any significant hype for the film, it definitely would’ve made more on OW, regardless of WoM, especially with Good Friday. MoS alone made almost $129 million on OW, and that movie was extremely divisive. I distinctly recall the general response to the initial teaser for BvS ranging from “meh” to “this movie’s gonna suck!” Any hope WB had of rivaling the MCU went out the window the moment MoS proved to be so polarizing. It unfortunately killed a lot of the potential hype for BvS. Let’s put it this way, if this movie were to open to comparable numbers to BvS, I think Disney would be disappointed by that. Luckily for them, this movie is a shoe-in to make a lot more than that.
  6. It really wasn’t a giant OW for what was supposed to be DC’s big event movie that would help compete with the MCU. It just barely came in higher than what the Nolan Batman movies made on OW, and those movies didn’t have inflated 3D ticket prices or early Thursday previews.
  7. Didn’t the movie open near Good Friday? That’s probably why the OD numbers were as high as they were. I followed the movie from the day it was announced to its eventual release, and I can safely say that the hype just wasn’t there, at least not compared to CW.
  8. All things considered, BvS had a pretty underwhelming OW, especially considering how far below the estimates it was. There’s no way this movie will disappoint like that.
  9. Kyle Smith gave this movie a positive review? I would’ve thought he’d have hated this movie simply by virtue of Jon Favreau, as well as the the “PC” casting.
  10. With the way the box office turnout this year has been, Disney might as well be the only studio that releases anything in theaters.
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