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  1. There’s a mirror universe where this movie came out today (or last night, technically).
  2. Mulan is getting released on July 24 now? I guess it’s not just WB and Paramount who believe that this will all blow over in the Summer.
  3. I was going to ask if this meant that the next Spider-Man movie wouldn't be getting released in 2021, but then I remembered that Sony is supposed to be distributing that, not Disney.
  4. Frankly, 2020 was already looking to be a fairly underwhelming year for big event movies, so there probably weren’t going to be any big record breakers anyway.
  5. In terms of adapting the novel, the first two movies are each loosely based on different parts of it, which is why I think they work better as a single film. Just cut out the Mary Shelley part at the beginning of Bride.
  6. It sure seems like television shows with disappointing finales have been a pretty common thing in the 21st century. It’s pretty amazing that Breaking Bad managed to avoid that with a finale that’s widely seen as one of the best episodes of the show.
  7. The 1931 film feels like it’s only half a movie, with Bride being the second half.
  8. El Camino is pretty good. It doesn’t really feel like a movie, so much as an extended episode of the show, but it provides a solid conclusion for Jesse’s story.
  9. Speaking of the Golden Age of Hollywood, isn’t there supposed to be a movie where Ana De Armas plays Marilyn Monroe?
  10. To be clear, I was just messing around. I was going to use an emoji, but I assumed an exclamation point would suffice.
  11. No one said Sony are the experts on anything. Actual experts are expecting the virus to still be prevalent by the end of July.
  12. Nothing like celebrating the end of an apocalypse by watching a post-apocalyptic movie!
  13. I obviously don’t know Nolan personally, but I’m assuming that he wouldn’t mind this movie being released outside of the Summer movie season, so long as it still gets a theatrical release.
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