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  1. They can still nominate this movie for Best Picture, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it wouldn’t win. Still, after how abysmal the ratings for this year’s Academy Awards were, it might help to have a reasonably popular movie as an awards contender.
  2. So, the problem with this movie is that Marvel decided to be more hands-off than usual? I was not expecting to hear that.
  3. A $40 million opening weekend is above what most of us were probably expecting. That’s a pretty solid number for this.
  4. Snyder’s Batman was supposed to die in JL3 anyway, and if all went according to plan, Affleck most likely would’ve only gotten one solo movie. The idea of introducing people to a Batman who had already gone through two Robins offscreen might have been a tougher sell for general audiences, so Dick Grayson being the dead Robin does make streamline things. Batgirl was apparently supposed to be in Affleck’s Batman movie though, so the Bat Family wasn’t going to be completely neglected.
  5. The easiest way to go about including Robin would be to make him an older teen.
  6. If the numbers hold up, the decision to not move forward with the sequel right away is going to look dumb in hindsight.
  7. The sequel can include him. Makes sense not to have Robin in the first film.
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