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  1. korrasami


    Is that a good number for I2?
  2. Doesn't the BO in Japan tend to be unpredictable? Can I2 still break out or are all chances voided?
  3. So basically I2 is gonna steal Frozen’s WW crown?
  4. Starting to think this might actually become the highest grossing animated film now.
  5. Final box office prediction WW? I’m guessing 1.25B.
  6. I've seen people who were adamant that I2 wasn't even going to crack 800M WW (they're delusional ofc). What makes you think HT3 has any chance of doing 800M OS? I'm all for bold predictions, but this seems a little outrageous.
  7. Solid number for Incredibles! I think 600M is back on the cards now. How amazing would it be if we had 3 600M+ DOMs of 2018?
  8. I still hope I2 miraculously gains fantastic legs later in its run, so it can get 600M domestic
  9. Think it will definitely pass Minions though.
  10. It was an anticipated sequel people have been waiting for for 14 years. Not hard to understand why it made that much on OW.
  11. I think it can. It's getting a scattered release and I can see it breaking out majorly in the UK and Japan.
  12. Tbh, I'd be pretty surprised if I2 doesn't break out. Most of the reviews on Maoyan are saying it's good and worth the wait...
  13. Welp, guess it's not breaking out

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