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  1. Time lapse is a poor argument. Many movies have 3 to 10 year time jump intra-movie. There are valid arguments on both sides for and against this part 1 part 2 thing, almost comparably compelling IMO. And there is probably part 10 of this debate I have seen. I am sure to see part 23 if I stay in this forum till next Avengers film.
  2. Got to give IronJimbo some credit, he recalled some lines from MCU quite well, while I can't even remember one single line from Avatar or one single name of its characters, despite watching it twice.
  3. I believe Kevin wants to keep MCU Spider-Man, but as a Disney employee, Kevin Feige should not explicitly state that he very much wants Spider-Man to remain in MCU, putting pressure on Disney at a time when Disney and Sony are obviously engaged in crucial negotiation. His and Tom Holland's latest statements were both appropriate and prudent.
  4. Talking of Civil War, the introduction of Spidey seemed to be such a big thing back then. So let me take the opportunity to gently remind that back around 2014 to Feb 2015 when Disney and Sony came together for a MCU Spidey, MCU was far less dominant as it is now. IM2, Thor:TDW were underwhelming, Age of Ultron was relatively disappointing. GotG did well in 2014 but at that time there was no assurance that they could have success with all new characters. And Fox owned X-Men, which was enjoying good reception with First Class and DoFP, and they were rebooting F4 (which turned out to be a flop). And DC was coming up with BvS in 2016. And Feige was still fighting with Perlmutter... So to say that Disney/Marvel Studio was like doing a great service to Sony without gaining much stake from the deal back in 2015 did not take into account the many challenges and competition Marvel faced then. Yes, Sony was more desperate than Marvel after TASM2 failure, but it was not like Marvel was eager for the deal just because Feige wanted to save Spide-Man. Business is business, and Spidey has been the top brand in CBM. And brand value of Spider-Man was the main thing Marvel wanted then. Marvel has gained a lot in brand name and goodwill by getting Spidey into MCU. Feige was so happy then, and it was like a milestone in his career, after IM and Avengers. If you think Marvel was too kind to Sony to accept seemingly lop-sided deal in 2015, think again. Marvel in 2014-2015 was not MCU in 2018-19. It was a business savvy decision. They were not taken advantage of. Willing parties on both sides. A deal is made if both parties have a lot to gain from it. It was what happened in 2015, win-win for Sony and Marvel Studio. Now in 2019, the deal is more difficult to salvage if both parties have less stakes in it. The importance of Spider-Man in MCU is greatly diminished now, with so many successful new SH, what more with F4 and X-Men in its fold now. As for Sony, the success of ITSV and Venom was big boost of confidence that they can do successful Spider-verse movies on their own. Not a win-win situation, but the lose-lose is not too big for either party. I will not be surprised if the breakup happens, though I think a compromise is more likely.
  5. I did recall Spidey was a big thing in the promotion of CA:CW. There was even a special trailer of Spidey airport appearance IINM. Also anecdoctally, Spidey's appearance in the airport got the biggest cheer in my theater viewing. And the worst MCU multi might be due to disappointment that Spidey got such limited screen time in CW? 😛 (Seriously mostly due to the brutal Cap/Bucky vs IM fight).
  6. Well, even if vast majority prefer MCU centric Spidey, they can still gauge which side gets more blame from the fallout and thus will be under more pressure in the negotiation. Social media is interesting, when this news first broke, it was like >95% putting blame on Sony, but I see some shifting of blame to Disney's side over past one day (though still less than on Sony).
  7. If the breakup materializes, the best thing Sony can do is to do some form of multiversal Spider-Men, with Tom Holland as main character, supported by Tobey, Garfield and Emma Stone (Gwen Spidey), and introducing Miles in third act. In one single film, Sony can give closure to all its 3 iterations of Spider-Man. Miles will then go on to take the mantle of Spider-Man in 2020s. The prerequisite is to have a great script and get someone like Raimi to direct. This would be my most anticipated CBM in next 5 years. Realistically though, both sides will come to a compromise after they brought this fiasco to social media and gauge the response from fans.
  8. A peak, very true. But probably not the one and only peak. In 5 to 10 years, when Avengers, F4 and some of the X-Men team up, another peak should come, probably earlier than release date of Avatar 3.
  9. Frozen 2 Gemini Man The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Zombieland: Double Tap Jumanji The Next Level Mulan MCU Black Widow Ad Astra Wonder Woman 1984 Onward
  10. Noted. However, statistically if the publicly posted lists constitute a large sample size of the total submitted lists (assuming no last minute alteration), then one can have a good idea of what the final actual results.
  11. Ok. I thought you counted the lists publicly posted under this thread asking for list submissions, and already had some idea about the actual ranking even BEFORE the Panda posted it.
  12. Good for you to actually count the entries (posted). I was just eyeballing. It showed that crude eyeballing affected by confirmation/selective bias (somehow entries in my own top 10 including Endgame just popped up in my visual fields) is not objectively reliable. OTOH, I don't like to see TDK, but it quite conspicuously showed up in top few placements in quite a number of posts. 😛
  13. BTW, did Charlie Jatinder miss out on this poll? HE should be happy with A:IW placement
  14. Endgame just barely out of top 5 must be the biggest surprise so far to most of us here, me included. A bit disappointed, but very happy that Spider-Man 2 and A:IW will make top 5.
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