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  1. Well, I read this several times already , especially over Reddit. In particular, one main character is rumoured to fit in RotK very nicely in term of the plot and the outcome.
  2. I guess you referred to the way Arthur swings the Trident around his body, an more impressive and "upgraded" gesture (or 招式 in Chinese) than what Vulko taught him. This is actually how Bruce Lee swang his nunchucks, letting them gliding around his body. I believe it is from Bruce Lee that James Wan got the inspiration. IIRC the novel "Journey to the West" does not describe how the Monkey King swings his magical staff in this way, though some TV/film adaptation might show this gestures (I did not saw all JttW adaptations). However, even if some of media adaptation have this, they were likely inspired by Bruce Lee's nunchucks swinging from early 1970s. There are several other scenes where James Wan seemed to be inspired by Wuxia/KungFu movies. E.g the scene in Rome where Mera was being chased after reminded me the first fight scene in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon".
  3. Saw it in IMAX 2D. A lot of fun. A visual feast, and that include Amber Heard and Jason Momoa's physique for certain target audience. The de-aging special effects, though, are not well done, more of blurring effects than "natural" de-aging effects I saw in MCU so far. At its worse, it is "smearing" rather than blurring. However, the story-telling, thematic development, characterization and acting are quite mundane and uninspiring. I very much like Willem Dafoe but feel that he does not shine in this film, granted his role is quite limited. The penultimate "fight"/encounter of Arthur with Karathen is kind of meh, and I had expected a bit more twists/nuances in the process of retrieving the Trident. The ultimate fight between the brothers are again meh, a bit anti-climatic for me. So the later part of third act is bit of let down after great actions in the first 80% of the film. (Or maybe some visual fatigue had set in for me.) Overall good popcorn blockbuster but rather forgetable. 7/10.
  4. I think it should be mainly Pepper in Rescue, by the fact that they let us know Pepper will suit in Rescue. However, I doubt Stark Tech is so advanced to allow Rescue to roam around in outer space. Maybe CM does play a role by (secretly) propelling the spaceship to somewhere near the Earth, then Pepper in Rescue go up to retrieve him.
  5. The promotion of A:IW as a finale (or rather an culmination) did help with its OW, but not its legs, because many people quickly realized that it was NOT a finale. That is why many of us here were concerned about its legs when after the OW when we realized that it was kind of a self-contained "part I". Whereas, Endgame is the real finale, and this will help in BOTH OW and legs.
  6. I think A:EG will have a bigger OW domestic and world wide, and also has a better legs, which also means bigger total gross (>700M dom and>2.2B WW). A:IW is epic, intriguing and full of fantastic action scenes and money shots. But I will argue that A:EG will have higher repeat viewings, because it will be more emotionally engaging. Great action scenes may draw one in to the theatre a few more times, but inspiring, sublime, or moving emotional scenes may draw in many more times (read Titanic). Imagine the bittersweet endings of these 6 (and more) characters that are with us in past 7-11 years, with the reconciliation of Tony and Cap, the passing away/passing on of Tony Stark and/or Cap, the coronation of Thor ala LOTR:RotK etc, the return of the dusted ones, the scene where 40 plus MCU characters are together in a scene... It is mind boggling just to think of the possible memorable scenes this movie is going to give us. If Russo brothers just keep up with what they have done in CW:WS, CW:CW and A:IW, I have confidence that A:EG will be bigger and better than A:IW.
  7. A:EG teaser trailer has no plots, no action scenes, no money shots, and no new characters introduction (except Ronin). It strives to appeal to the emotional engagement of the fans to the original 6, showing them in despair, angst, anguish, guilt, and depression. So it is quite impressing, yet not unexpected, to see it garners such record-breaking view counts, likes and comments in first 24 hours. However, I will not be surprised if its total view counts may be less than A:IW first trailer, which much more rewatchibility as the fans gleaned through each scene, sometimes frame by frame, to gather further clues about the story. The two A:IW trailers were formal trailers, which despite Marvel Studio's amazing effort of hiding the plots, still gave away a lot of stuff. I guess for A:EG Marvel Studio will only release one teaser trailer now, and one formal trailer next year, so as to withhold as much as possible details from the audience. I prefer this.
  8. I can imagine many superfans trying hard to increase the view counts in the last 2 hours of first 24 hour of release, so the Youtube counter gets abit confused.
  9. Youtube official trailer clip has 1.1 M like in less than 2 hours! But as expected, the view count is stucked at a "low" value of 461,948 views as of all, which should probably be close to 10M by now.
  10. This so essentially true. Not to mention that "Iron Man 2", "Iron Man 3", and "Thor: TDW" are generally not well received by fans (though I myself quite like all three).
  11. The hype is palpable. Bold takes: DOM OW 90M, DOM total 350M, WW 1.1B
  12. justvision

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    More reasons/excuses. Ant-Man and the Wasp is a bit unfortunate to have I2 opened 3 week prior and JW:FK 2 weeks prior, which between these two blockbusters will probably gross 1 billion in domestic theatrical runs. It is so much money an average US/NA family can spend on movie tickets in a month. The monthly budgets for movie-going are probably largely used up wen Am&TW opened. Another point, I2 is also an entertaining superhero family friendly movie, and has burned up a lot psychological demand for this type of movies. After BP, AIW, DP2 and I2, 4 superhero movies in 5 months, I guess some superheroes fatigue is conceivable. Though the fatigue I'd say will not be long-lasting, but a period of a few months of rest is still needed. In hindsight, an October release would have been better for AM&TW.
  13. Its cinemascore should have been a A all the way till credit roll, then came mid credit scene and it turned to a A-.

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