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  1. Frozen 2 Gemini Man Zombieland: Double Tap Jumanji: The Next Level Terminator: Dark Fate The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Onward Mulan MCU Black Widow Wonder Woman 1984
  2. Is it something to do with accounting thing/repatriation of revenue from OS, or is it really due to continual theatrical run in OS?
  3. Time lapse is a poor argument. Many movies have 3 to 10 year time jump intra-movie. There are valid arguments on both sides for and against this part 1 part 2 thing, almost comparably compelling IMO. And there is probably part 10 of this debate I have seen. I am sure to see part 23 if I stay in this forum till next Avengers film.
  4. Got to give IronJimbo some credit, he recalled some lines from MCU quite well, while I can't even remember one single line from Avatar or one single name of its characters, despite watching it twice.
  5. Matrix Rises Matrix: Endgame The Last Matrix Matrix: into the Matrixverse
  6. A peak, very true. But probably not the one and only peak. In 5 to 10 years, when Avengers, F4 and some of the X-Men team up, another peak should come, probably earlier than release date of Avatar 3.
  7. Frozen 2 Gemini Man The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle Zombieland: Double Tap Jumanji The Next Level Mulan MCU Black Widow Ad Astra Wonder Woman 1984 Onward
  8. Noted. However, statistically if the publicly posted lists constitute a large sample size of the total submitted lists (assuming no last minute alteration), then one can have a good idea of what the final actual results.
  9. Ok. I thought you counted the lists publicly posted under this thread asking for list submissions, and already had some idea about the actual ranking even BEFORE the Panda posted it.
  10. Good for you to actually count the entries (posted). I was just eyeballing. It showed that crude eyeballing affected by confirmation/selective bias (somehow entries in my own top 10 including Endgame just popped up in my visual fields) is not objectively reliable. OTOH, I don't like to see TDK, but it quite conspicuously showed up in top few placements in quite a number of posts. 😛
  11. BTW, did Charlie Jatinder miss out on this poll? HE should be happy with A:IW placement
  12. Endgame just barely out of top 5 must be the biggest surprise so far to most of us here, me included. A bit disappointed, but very happy that Spider-Man 2 and A:IW will make top 5.
  13. Top 20 in my list for this poll. But then you knew it. 🙂 I have a feeling that Thor TDW will rank higher than AM&tW in this poll. What say you? 😛
  14. Nah, give Thor: The Dark World some respect please. It was the only MCU movie that had its whole story summarised in Endgame.
  15. I thought Thanos Legion was replying to TMP's question of " Will all three Nolan Bat films hit the top 10? " From my eyeballing of publicly posted lists in the polling thread, The Dark Knight should be #1, TDKR should be somewhere in 11-15th, whereas Batman Begins should be somewhere in 16th to 25th. (Edit to add: all three are expected to be in top 30, but only one in top 10, as Thanos Legion alluded too). I am quite sure that if A:IW and Endgame are considered part 1 and part 2 of a single movie, that hypothetical movie would have been number one in this particular po
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