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  1. The hype is palpable. Bold takes: DOM OW 90M, DOM total 350M, WW 1.1B
  2. justvision

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    More reasons/excuses. Ant-Man and the Wasp is a bit unfortunate to have I2 opened 3 week prior and JW:FK 2 weeks prior, which between these two blockbusters will probably gross 1 billion in domestic theatrical runs. It is so much money an average US/NA family can spend on movie tickets in a month. The monthly budgets for movie-going are probably largely used up wen Am&TW opened. Another point, I2 is also an entertaining superhero family friendly movie, and has burned up a lot psychological demand for this type of movies. After BP, AIW, DP2 and I2, 4 superhero movies in 5 months, I guess some superheroes fatigue is conceivable. Though the fatigue I'd say will not be long-lasting, but a period of a few months of rest is still needed. In hindsight, an October release would have been better for AM&TW.
  3. Its cinemascore should have been a A all the way till credit roll, then came mid credit scene and it turned to a A-.
  4. Well, there are only 3 MCU movies this year, so third favourite is actually the bottom. Unless your mean past one year, which will then include Thor:R and SM:H.
  5. Saw it last night. Fun, decent, pleasing, with some very good action scenes and special effects, and a few memorable scenes. Certainly no way near as epic, memorable, intriguing and impactful as A:IW. The oft praised scene of Michael Pena in the middle of the movie is hilarious, but I find the scene where Scott interacting with Hank and Hope while experiencing something strange even more fun (though a bit cheesy too). 7/10. Better than The Ant-Man. Mid-tier in 20 MCU movies. I will watch it another time in theatre.
  6. End credit scene showed the giant ant playing the drum, no real substance, more like SM:H end credit where Cap cheekily told you sometimes patience gives you no rewards. Mid credit scene is important. It showed Scott got into a mini Quantum tunnel built by Hank and Janet to retrieve some quantum elements for the healing of Ghost, but was trapped inside because Hank, Janet and Hope failed to get him out in time because all three of them got "ashed" away, which you should understand if you watched AIW.
  7. Further thoughts on A4 ending being bittersweet. The next pair is Thor and Hulk. I expect Thor to have happy ending. he will have scene like Aragon in LOTR: RoTK, where he will be crowned King of Asgard, and Jane (Portman will make a cameo) will be re-united with him. I expect Bruce Banner to either die or be stripped of the power of Hulk, which may be absorbed into the Power Stone, waiting to be transferred to another person bearing the mantle of th Hulk (hint: Amadeus Cho). As often the case, the actors' situation in real life will determine how the studio have to do with the characters. Evans wants to exit MCU, Ruffalo is 50 now. Black Widow's survival at end of A4 is as certain as Cap's death. Hawkguy most probably survive, but frankly not many people care.
  8. But from my readings of many MCU fans postings, more fans expect Tony to semi-retire than those that expect him to die. Other suggestions include Tony physically dead but his consciousness uploaded to some AI system like enhanced B.A.R.F. "Who's not expecting him to die? " applies to Cap. I mean Cap is almost universally deemed to bite the dust. Other suggestions include Cap using Time Stone to go back to alternative timeline to be together with Peggy. My prediction: A4 ending will be bittersweet, because bittersweetness is usually the best ending: not simplistic, having gravity/stakes, more memorable and rewatchable. Of the the two main characters (Thor is now comparable to Cap in standing only rather recently), Cap will provide the sadness while Tony will get happy ending, culminating with his wedding with Pepper.
  9. " O.k. #SpiderManFarFromHome fans, since it's starting like soon, Gwyneth , Zendaya and Keaton are in listed to be in it. " Fans conspiracy: Gwyneth in it, RDJ not mentioned. Uurrgghh, Pepper takes over Tony's mantle. Tony won't make it at end of A4. He will sacrifice himself, aarrgghh, aarrgghh.
  10. AIW is a like a main course, AMTW is like a dessert. I definitely do not expect it to be as epic, engaging, impactful, and intriguing as AIW, but I certainly look forward to watching it as a fun, decent, entertaining movie. And to avoid spoilers I will watch it on the opening day ASAP to see the "bridge" to A4.
  11. The problem is after a couple of people brought her up, many more people continue with the trajectory and spiral down...
  12. Worry about Peter Parker suddenly suspected of being Spider-Man when Spidey shows up in London because a group of them go on a summer trip to London? That if you already have a prior knowledge that Peter is Spidey. I'd guess thousands of New Yorkers visit London in any given day in summer, and at least hundreds of them fit Spidey's physical characteristers (youngish male). It is quite far fetch to pin point that Peter Parker is Spidey just because of spacial correlation. However, it is okay with me if this sequel shows people like MJ starting to develop a gut feeling that Peter may be connected to Spidey, because she/he has a keen eye on Peter, and recalls a similar co-incidence of Spidey's appearance in DC when the school team was there.

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