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  1. Even if/when glass free 3D becomes a reality, it is unlikely to be retrofitted into an old film like Avatar which was not shot from the ground up with new camera compatible with glass free 3D. And even if retrofiiting can be attempted, Cameron being a perfectionist would not have allowed Avatar to be spoiled in this way.
  2. This is my last reply for you. Surely the press, the lawful authority, the law enforcement, the senate, the social media etc etc will want to find out after Snap and Blip. Have you seen Iron Man movie where he was called to the Senate hearing etc. Do you see all the press chasing him for info? If the world knew BW and Vision, how can someone be so dumb as to who were the Avengers and Avengers associates fighting Thanos.
  3. You are missing the point. I mean in SM:HC Spidey was NOT as popular as you think. He did not achieve much accomplishment in street crime fighting (remember how he spent hours after hours trying to look for crimes to fight?), and a lot of his crime fighting turned up meh, nuisance and even disasters (ferry incident, remember). Yes, sure there are some people in NY (cops especially) that appreciated his effort. But his inexperience and recklessness (remember Tony took away his suite, saying he was not ready?) results in mixed, divisive acceptance at best. And street crime fighting in NY, even if generally well received, would not result in people asking you whether you would step up to be "next Iron Man", who literally saved the world, universe in fact, from Thanos's attempted second Snapping. Anyway, whether Sipdey was popular before the epic fights against Thanos was irrelevant to the argument that he was not known to the public for his fight against Thanos. To think the government, the press, Hollywood, the social media will not try to find out who have fought alongside Iron Man/Cap/O6 is just ridiculous, incredulous. (This applied to a few dozens of the SH, not only Spidey).
  4. He has been fighting street crimes for months before Tony recruited him in CA:CW. No where in CA:CW and SM:HC was he shhown to be popular with NY people. Watch again HC and see how much he went his usual street crime fighting and literally seen as a nuisance at time. Remember how he has not much accomplishment except helping out old folk (a ggod deed, but you don't need SH's superpower). People really need to rewatch SM:HC to see how much street scrime fighting got Spidey popular before A:IW. lol. And the is great differences to the eyes of the world between street crime fighting and "Avengers Level threat". That is literally why Mysterio need to play up such spectacles.
  5. Yeah, I guess they selectively announced that BW died in outer space, and forgot to tell who have fought Thanos in NY Avenger HQ. " And do you seriously think that the press, the movie industry, the book publication, the pundits, the social media influencers will not try to dig out even the tiniest trivials of what happened in the Snap that took away half living being and the Blip that returned them? " And most importantly, people kept asking him would he be the next Iron Man
  6. Thor is now in textbook. 8 months after Avengers HQ final battle highschoolers still do memoriam for the deceased Avengers. And do you seriously think that the press, the movie industry, the book publication, the pundits, the social media influencers will not try to dig out even the tiniest trivials of what happened in the Snap that took away half living being and the Blip that returned them? Literally in the opening scenes, it was shown how popular Spidey is. And most importantly, people kept asking him would he be the next Iron Man. It is incredulous to think that the world did not know he fought alongside O6 and other SH against Thanos.
  7. Horror films are not my thing, but as a great fan of Raimi's Spidey trilogy, I wish Crawl makes as much money as possible. Also happy to read some tidbits of his unfulfilled SM4 when he did press junket for this film.
  8. I do think that majority of the public will not simply believe that Spider-Man is a villian. His story and role in Infinity Saga fighting alongside Avengers (especially IM/Tony Stark who was extremely regarded after his sacrificial death) against Thanos in outer space and Avengers HQ must have been widely known. E.g. in fundraising activities he was hugely popular and deemed to be a potential next Iron Man. Nick Fury et al can also help him to dispel the accusation. However, "You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain". Human is strange, we like to worship heroes, but we also like to see heroes falling from grace. And story can be more intriguing and tantalizing than a young protege turns rogue after his mentor passed away for good cause? So a substantial part of the population will be like "Yeah, I know right, how can they be perfect? There must be some scum in Avengers" While Spidey/Peter may not be arrested or convicted for lack of concrete evidence, the police interrogation, the social media influencers's accusation, the suspicious/disdainful look from many (not all) strangers and acquaintance will be enough to wreck havoc in his personal life, school life, familylife and superhero life.
  9. The bold part ("Endgame excelled at convincing everyone, including non-MCU fans like myself, to go to a crowded theater OW before they got spoiled") is true but not wholly true. We are talking total gross of Endgame here, the rush to avoid spoilers certainly had a major impact on OW, but then it goes on to leg out at least 2.3x, so it is not gimmick and tricks, it is its own merits that works wonder. Anyway, it is CBO thread, I will stop here.
  10. Nah, I know you said this cheekily. But let's play along with some different takes temporal correlation does not mean causative correlation. This summer offerings are generally lacking in hype and quality. It can be postulated that if not for Endgame, most other movies would have done even worse. There is no way to prove one way or another Endgame excels in content, Avatar excelled in presentation/tech. Perhaps after Endgame, the audience's demand for quality films are somewhat increased, while after Avatar, those films that touted 3D (like AiW) benefited.
  11. This. Since most of us have to wait till next week to see for yourself, and this is a discussion forum, we definitely can analyse what the critics say and get some clues as to its potential BO performance. I don't care if critics said it is an "unnecessary remake", but many critics seem to have the problem with this movie's lack of emotive expression, "energy and heart" (RT consensus), which I'd argue is the greatest draw of TLK, surely it is not over-reaction to say that GA may be underwhelmed as well, thus affecting its BO.
  12. The original post of " This is the Iron Man 2 to The Jungle Book's Iron Man " is aptly witty. Jon Favreau directed these 4 movies, and now there are striking parallel similarity between these 2 pairs in critical reception.
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