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  1. Well, just that some people, after achieving the big goal of 357M, now cherish it less, and try to be revisionist in expectation, and go like this: OW (weekend) - 307M (record OW) (50M shifted away...) 2nd weekend - 157M (record 2nd weekend, beating TFA) (being added 10M) 3rd weekend - 103M (record 3rd weekend, beating TFA) (being added 40M) (granted even with this shifting TFA would have earned more in weekdays from 2nd week onwards)
  2. Not only that, he was smart enough to realise that this was a much more realistic portrayal. Seeing how much damage the snaps could do to Thanos and Hulk (the two most endurable persons in MCU), it was a tremendous feat that the nanotech suit insulated Tony from an instant kill. A minute or two of vital body functions draining away and barely a whimper of "Hey Pepp..." was credible and realistic.
  3. BTW, from Kevin Feige's AMAA at Reddit/r/marvelstudios, this is his favorite MCU meme.
  4. Whoever trashes A:IW's ending AND praises Endgame should realise that this ending was what A:IW "sacrificed" in terms of somewhat controversial/shocked/disbelieved reception (to this ending) that somewhat affected its repeat viewings/WOM/BO, but on the other hand contributed massively to the hype/great stake/desire not to be spoiled which in turn led to massive opening of Endgame. For me A:IW is 9.0-9.1/10 overall. Rigorously for me Endgame is 8.0-8.5/10, but the emotional factor and the end of an era feeling lifts it up to 8.8/10 overall.
  5. Thank you for putting out figures and well thought analysis what my crude eye-balling couldn't tell. I am all rooted for Endgame to be number one WW ever, but the way some people just throw around "locked" and ridiculed those concerned as trolling is really uncalled for. I hope Endgame prevails in the end, and the victory will be sweet.
  6. Life is ebb and flow, things wax and wanes. Phase three (especially A:IW and A:EG) is a high point (probably the high point) of MCU, but the journey has to go through phase one and two. Surely from the line-up so far, phase four will go downhill from phase three, but as long as it can do average of phase one and phase two MCU should be fine. (I refer to fans enthusiasm and general reception. BO should be bigger than phase 1 and 2 though due to inflation, emerging markets and established brand.) A few points for continuing success: 1) They should strive to get/retain great characters/actors (like Tony/RDJ for Infinity Saga) as the anchors for the franchise. For me personally, my interest for SM:FFH is doubled after the trailer, not because of "multiverse/different earths" (I see more complications from multiverse than time travel which I am not a fan of), but because it is confirmed to be a kinda of epilogue to Endgame especially with regards to Iron Man/Tony Stark. 2) The comradeship and even the family relationship of future Avengers/team-up. The Avengers 2012 quickly established this relationship just after 4 movies (or 5 if Hulk movie is included). So far Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Dr Strange already have at least one solo movie and were on AIW and Endgame, yet they feel so disconnected from each other. And in next 2-3 years they got their second (maybe third for SM) solo movies. By the time Avengers 5 come out in 2023 they will be so "old faced". I doubt the team dynamic will work as well as O6. 3) Probably in the minority, I hope they can bring F4 to MCU as soon as possible. Prior to 2008 MCU, F4 ranked in top three Marvel superheroes. They are much more easier to introduce than X-Men, and they are already a team-up and family. To invigorate MCU I hope F4 will get a solo in late 2022, or at least introduced like how SM/BP in CA:CW.
  7. Being intrinsically illogically/inconsistent/contradictory/incoherent are plot-holes (such as time travel in Endgame - even the directors and the script writers have vastly different takes. Hopefully Marvel can have better coherent explanation in future), choosing an option out of many possibilities are not. How about being convenient? If 5 friends in a close circle (as seen in SM:FFH) were all snapped away, the probabilities was 0.5^5 = 0.03125 about 3.1%. I'd say 3.1% is much higher than the chance of Tony being hit by 2012 Hulk that exit the staircase thus necessitating a time travel to 1970. Not plot-holes, not convenience. Co-incidence is my take.
  8. I sure hope you are right, but it is not locked. Endgame is more front-loaded than A:IW. Also a large chunk of Endgame that makes it much more impressive than A:IW in OS has been due to China (which was even more front loaded due to May 1 to 4 holiday), which is well known for its short legs.
  9. I have this foreboding that Endgame might miss surpassing Avatar WW like A:IW missed surpassing Titanic. The slow crawl after the second week makes me apprehensive.
  10. Otherschave raised the possibility of multiple takes, but refuted by the timestamps of the clips that were so close together, which means this is a capture of a single continuous clip. Being shared by RDJ, I doubt he pieced together various captures from different takes. So this is likely from the original take of only the snap, rather than the January reshoot of "snappy remark + snapping". I hope Endgame Bluray will include the original take that has no "I am Iron Man" for comparison.
  11. Other frames of this Instagram post, as taken from this reddit post has his eyes closed. As mentioned by other Redditors, I can't recall Tony closing his eyes during his snap in Endgame. This was likely the original shooting when he did not say "I am Iron Man".
  12. Far East audience (except Japan which is in a world of their own) have similar taste. Pikachu is not doing well in Korea, and so will China.
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