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  1. 269M OW dom, disappointment. 699M dom total, disappointment. 399M China total, disappointment. 2099M WW, disappointment. I am confident that I will only get at most one disappointment.
  2. Regarding the core members of Earth based SH/Avengers, I do agree there is a kind of passing the torch, but not in the way described in that quoted Reddit post. Well, any fan can envisage different combinations of torch passing, mine is as follow, leaving the most complicated one to the last. 3) Captain America to Captain Marvel Though there is vast difference in their superpowers, they share more innate similarity than other pairing: Captains with military training, the spirit of utmost striving, the integrity. their value system etc. 2) Thor to Black Panther Again, vast difference in superpowers, but a lot resemblances: Kings of exotic worlds, leadership, family feud/Shakespearean tragedy. And most importantly, because they have their own kingdoms and people to take care of, they can be a member of The Avengers yet their solo movies can be as standalone as possible. 1) Tony/Iron Man to Spider-Man AND Dr Strange Tony/IM/RDJ is such a central and important and fan favorite (especially world-wide) figure in MCU that I dare say he is like 35-40% weight of the Original Six. There is absolutely no one single character/superhero/actor of his calibre that can supplant him. So two characters are needed. Spider-Man as a superhero should have no problem to take over Iron Man, and Peter Parker is comparably as smart, geeky, science-based, witty, chatty as Tony Stark. HOwever, unlike Tony, Peter has no huge resources (money etc.) to provide logistic support for Avengers. And in real life Tom Holland is still far behind the calibre of RDJ, and Sony does not make things easy for MCU. Enter Dr Strange/Benedict Cumberbatch. Like Tony, Strange has the narcissism, the intellectual, and the stewardship of big organizations. Though lesser than RDJ, Cumberbatch is also a hugely versatile and popular actor. The combined capabilities/attributes of SM and DS can then supplant IM in future MCU. However, I think going forward the "hierarchy" of The Avengers will be more flattened after the Infinity Saga. The era of "The Trinity" constituting 75% of MCU is past. Even if Spidey/CM/BP/DS supplant them, these 4 core members will probably take up only 60% weightage. With Black Widow solo movie coming up, and if ScarJo wants to continue with MCU for next 5 years, BW will be one of the five core members of Avengers. Wanda, Falcon, Bucky, Ant-Man and the Wasp etc will have more role to play.
  3. Regarding the future of MCU, I foresee The Avengers (mostly Earth based superhero team) to be diminshed in weightage, though still the single most important sub-franchise of MCU. For past 11 years, The Avengers together with their members' solo movies constitute 85-90% of MCU, the remaining 10-15% being GotG. Going forward, especially in phase 5 and phase 6, I foresee the proportions (numbers of movies, budgets, BO performance etc) to consists of: 1) The Avengers (mostly Earth based superhero team) - 50-60% 2) Galactic / celestial teams - GotG, Thor and newer SH - 20-25% 3) F4/Dr Doom, X-Men - 20-25%
  4. When a particular number (182 minutes in this case) is specified, I tend to take it as a grain of truth than with a grain of salt. Actual runtime maybe 2 h 50 m, with 12 minutes credits and mid credit scene. As the end of an era, and to give an audience a proper emotional closure, if there is an end credit scene, it should not be related to future projects, but something reminiscent of past 11 years of MCU.
  5. justvision

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    Avengers: Endgame Shazam! Godzilla: King of the Monsters Spider-Man: Far From Home Frozen 2 Once upon a time in Hollywood Zombieland: Double Tap Jumanji 3 X-Men: Dark Phoenix The Mustang
  6. NOT a waste. Villains often steal the show. Loki, Thanos, Killmonger, the Joker (TDK), Darth Vader, Darth Maul. And Donnie Yen has expressed his wish to play a villian for years even before Ip Man. Not to forget his breakthrough roles were playing villains in the classic New Dragon Gate Inn (1992 , 新龙门客栈, released as Dragon Inn in North America), and Once Upon a Time in China II (1992). He may get more recognition in Hollywood playing the main villain in an MCU movie than a supporting member in a Star War Anthology film.
  7. Endgame second trailer does have a significant positive effect.
  8. I know it is unpopular opinion, but I very much like Jane Foster and hope she will be with Thor in the end, in Endgame ala Arwen and Aragorn in RotK.
  9. One thing I am not so happy about this trailer, Banner has got like only one second of scene. The least of them all, even less than Ant-Man, War Machine and Rocket.
  10. Agree with you to a certain extent. If taking out of context, Shazam!'s trailer is more rewatchable, because of money shots etc etc. But layers upon layers of memory and emotion and feelings make Endgame's trailer 10x more moving and rewatchable, for me at least.
  11. For the record, in less than 45 minutes, there are 474,241 views, 333k likes, 48,558 Comments. (Probably more as the views counts and likes counts are stuck again.)
  12. Basically calling it on 2nd March. " Let's see how CM can stand on its own in its OW, and let Endgame second trailer drops after one week of its opening and see if that help boost its BO. " https://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/3586-captain-marvel-8-march-2019-brie-larson-samuel-l-jackson-clark-gregg/?do=findComment&comment=3741718

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