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  1. Critic reviews will not affect the box office just like it didn't affect the box office for Aladdin and the Lion King. However there's a strong possibility that audiences may like the film but not find it rewatchable or love it as much as the first one which could affect his legs. A good example of that is last year's Ralph breaks the internet. While critics liked it audience it sounded a little underwhelming. The most likely scenario is that audiences will like it and it will make a lot of money but they will find it more forgettable than the first one. Kind of like Finding Dora and The Incredibles 2
  2. Looking like the reviews will settle in the high 60s to low 70s.
  3. This should definitely be a crowd-pleaser based on these reviews. Definitely saying like General audiences will love it
  4. No they won't. People are not interested in this film. Its embarrassing boxoffice since it opened clearly shows that.
  5. Also here is the theme song to the movie that plays over the end credits. Cynthia voice is amazing.
  6. Looking at a good boxoffice drop this weekend. Should finish between 40 to 50 million. Power of great WOM and A+ Cinamascore. I also noticed that even after a week the film still has a 97 RT audience score. Get that oscar nod queen Cynthia. Happy people are loving this film.
  7. B- cinamascore. Ouch First bad reviews and then bad boxoffice and now this. Cant say that I'm shocked. The movie did not look good.
  8. It's really hard for me to get excited about Maleficent boxoffice when it's looking at a 50%+ drop off from the first. Its drops have been great but its total is disappointing.
  9. Last Christmas is underperforming because people thought it looked like a made for tv halmark movie. Not because it is early November. The reviews also dont help.
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