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  1. I think Respect and Free Guy can both brake out. I wonder if Respect will have a review bump when reviews come out in an hour.
  2. This was very good but if I never see it again I wouldn’t mind.
  3. I am really happy we get to watch this on HBO max tomorrow night. Can’t wait.
  4. WB has don’t the best job they can with this film. It’s just not many are interested in paying to see it.
  5. Respect previews will count towards its opening weekend.
  6. Sad that the headlines this weekend will be about how awful this did in theaters.
  7. That seems like a really wide release for a A24 film on opening weekend. Is that normal for to go that wide on opening weekend. I thought they were normally more of a platform type Release studio.
  8. I am a little shocked but not surprised that our preview of Respect is 70% full in one of our largest theaters already. How is it selling at other theaters?
  9. Very disappointing for the green night. What is a fourth or 5 million weekend. As for jungle Cruise that is pretty good but with his budget this won’t be seen as a success.
  10. The first weekend where we have a film that will break out and DL wants to take their sweet time.
  11. Looking at reactions across the net it looks like families are definitely enjoying space jam especially kids. Looks like there will be a major Critic versus audience divide like it was with the original.Good call on the WB.
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