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  1. This really seem like a throwaway for Pixar. Feels like they're just put it on Disney plus to get rid of it and focus on soul
  2. We already know this will be classic. Just need thr final trailer
  3. Those of you saw the Invisible Man did you get a trailer for run sweetheart run. It and candy man got a great reaction from the crowd
  4. Yes. A lot of people didn't realize blackklansman was produced by Jason Blum and Jorden. Blumhouse Productions has really made a name for itself
  5. I would say that would be Jordan Peele considering the success of get out, us, black klansman in the upcoming success of Candyman
  6. Agree. 90 + would have happened had this been close to the original like Aladdin in The Lion King but with the major changes I cant see any close to that.
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