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  1. Yea Aquaman is sold on Aquaman and The Upside is sold on Kevin Hart power. Kidman just lucky to be in both films.
  2. An A Cinamascore and an 89 Rotten Tomatoes audience score and a possible 20-plus weekend. Looks like audiences are loving this film.
  3. So happy for Spider Man. Who would have thought it wod make more than Marry Poppins returns. A+ Cinamascore strikes again.
  4. The Upside will go past 20 with actuals. Also with an 88 audience score this is looking at a very leggy run
  5. That's because people constantly under predict Kevin Hart and his drawing power. This movie is about to do the numbers people talk greenbook what do. And with the word of mouth is getting it wouldn't surprise me if it do anywhere between 80 to 100 million domestically. Was even more fantastic is that this movie is outside with the box of the normal Kevin Hart films and it's still doing great.
  6. Also with an A cinemascore and a 83 audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Rising the upside Challenge 100 million.
  7. Other than The Upside, If Beale Street could talk, and The Basis of sex this was a pretty rough weekend for hold
  8. Kevin Hart boxoffice power ia really something. The fact that he can open a movie lime The Upside to 20 million is amazing. Something to that movie would be a crowd pleaser like The Bucket List.
  9. This is so winning the Oscar. Maybe next year Disney.
  10. This is definitely winning the Golden Globe for best animated film of the Year tonight. Next will be the Oscars.
  11. Outstanding for Beale Street. With all the rave reviews and Oscar nods it willnget I wonder how much it will make.

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