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  1. Curtis1986

    US Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED)

    This video explains a lot
  2. Though the film had a confusing ending audiences are definitely enjoying the US. My theater was definitely engage especially when the family first showed up.
  3. The crowd was definitely into us tonight. Lots of laughter and even some jump-scares. Happy is making all this money
  4. 2nd viewing. Lots of laughter and some jump-scares by the audience. I can see why the user scores are good so far. Seems to be a big crowd-pleaser.
  5. So that means final numbers will be mid 70s. Fuck yea
  6. Up to 79 from 62 already on RT audience score. Looks like wom is on par with It, and Halloween.😀😀😀
  7. Audience score already up to 79 on RT from a 61 this morning.
  8. OMG the crowd loved this movie. One of the best experiences in a theater in a while.
  9. Curtis1986

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    This looks as good and sweet as the first 3. Not sure why some of you hit the panic button over two teasers that didn't show any footage. This will ve huge.
  10. And then they will answer that question by saying hell yea it was.
  11. 18 reviews. Still at 100%.
  12. I am looking forward to this but I think we need to get these box office predictions under control. I have a feeling Friday afternoon we may see a lot of disappointed faces like we did with Ant-Man and the WASP.
  13. Wow. Looking like this may be the least liked MCU movie since Age of Ultron
  14. Reviews seem fine. Not everything can get Black Panther level of reviews.

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