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  1. Based on the reaction to trailer could this have had a chance at 100 million opening in normal times. Internet is living this. Forgot how much the original was a cult classic
  2. Not sure if this was posted but coming 2 America was the highest streaming movie in the last year this past weekend. I wonder what that with me for box office returns. Had it open in theaters.
  3. Why did Disney open this right after T&J. That film is still going strong.
  4. It also does not help that Tom and Jerry seems to be a WOM hit with kids and still going strong.
  5. Also the opening scene really felt out of place. It felt like it was cut from the first film.
  6. They really should have gotten the person who wrote the first film to do this film. The screenplay for this movie is just a mess and all over the place. Also this have a very childish tone to it. The last 25 minutes of this film was good but the lead up was very boring
  7. This really seem like a throwaway for Pixar. Feels like they're just put it on Disney plus to get rid of it and focus on soul
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