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  1. yeah the avg rating is what's worrying, when most of the positive reviews are only lukewarm 6/10s. it doesn't bode well for the movie to make a comeback over like 80%+. certified fresh is still possible though imo. so when it comes to RT Aquaman comps might be better than Joker's. that movie had a messy script and insane amount of ridiculous exposition but was saved by James Wan's direction and stellar action sequences, (enough for it to be top 3 CBM of 2018 at least ). but yeah critics usually don't respond well to movies with problematic exposition. even Interstella
  2. looks like Eternals is getting banned in several middle east countries, I thought they would just cut out the LGBTQ moments but their reasoning is "the film talks shit about god and religion" hopefully they release it on digital before the next Spider-Man comes out.
  3. sure Marvel is anti-cinema yet the top 3 movies at the domestic box office this year are Marvel movies. how can they be anti-cinema when they alone made people spend 600M+ on movie tickets in the past 3 months.
  4. professional critics reviews have 0 effect on blockbusters ' box office btw, this will still open to 90-105M next week despite critics being low on it. Venom 2 was more panned and opened to 90M few weeks ago. and iirc TSS is best reviewed CBM of the year and it's the biggest superhero bomb since 2017 Justice League. imo when it comes to blockbusters critics reviews don't effect WoM/BO. when good box office correlates with good reviews it's more likely to be a coincidence than a direct causation.
  5. I know blockbuster and indie filmmaking are two different beasts but Chloe's last 2 films were universally acclaimed and one of them won best picture, so I wouldn't put this muted critics response on her. she was probably held down by the script (which she only co-wrote) since exposition and underdeveloped characters are the main complaints.
  6. 65 on MC from 8 reviews so far, looks like it's being received close to how Captain Marvel was.
  7. probably Captain Marvel or Ant Man 2 levels of "divisive" but they were still pretty much well liked by most of the fandom.
  8. pretty shitty that Marvel puts out the premiere 2 weeks before normal people can see it when they know spoilers will be everywhere. if a film has something worth spoiling over then it's premiere should be on the weekend of release like with the avengers movies imo
  9. it's quite unusual to see people complain of "slow pacing" in a Marvel movie. but then again some people said Joker or Logan were slow so you never know it might not be always a slow plot they complain of.
  10. "different than other MCU films" and " focuses on character relationships and less action" is a good change of heart after shang chi and black widow imo. although too much exposition could be worrying.., I wonder if thats where the interstellar comparison came from
  11. Mera seems to have like one scene from that BTS, maybe they'll kill her character off or she'll be reduced to a cameo.
  12. they can have unfinished sound effects and people would still keep watching, I don't see the big deal as long as the audience can still understand what's happening
  13. no one is going to walk out from a spider-man movie because the VFX wasn't finished. as long as it looks acceptable. they should keep this release date imo. it will make them money either way.
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