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  1. so is Mulan gonna move too? I remember reading somewhere that said if Tenet moves Mulan was likely to follow.
  2. didn't 2018 had a feel good comfort film winning
  3. I heard about Benedetta moving but I thought Annette wasn't going to be ready for Cannes? https://www.screendaily.com/features/cannes-2020-what-was-in-the-running-and-still-might-be/5149038.article
  4. yeah they got some of the criterion collection movies, I wonder how HBO Max would affect the criterion channel now because of overlap, I guess CC will stay alive because it's more niche and btw Autumn Sonata is my favorite Bergman movie but I feel like it doesn't get as much attention as his other movies, before I started watching his movies all I was hearing from film circles online was about how Persona or Seventh Seal are his best but relatively almost nothing on his other work, hell the only reason I came across Autumn Sonata was because I was doing a Bergman binge and it's ranked highly on LBD. It's a great movie.
  5. Parasite is the best film that was released in the last 120 years or so (from the ones I've seen), I wouldn't mind if it topped this list
  6. I didn't even list all the bergman films I watched (also C&W rules) I had this 50 ready because it was almost the same as my all-time list so i just copied it but the bottom 50 on my all-time list wasn't mostly non-english films so I still need to sort it for this one. besides that I can't watch anything until next month
  7. copying my list from the all time movies list since it will almost be the same as this one (the only english language films on my top 50 there were Prisoners & Little Women I think). 1. Parasite 2. The Handmaiden (2016) 3. Your Name (2016) 4. I Saw The Devil 5. Oldboy 6. Shoplifters (2018) 7. One Cut of the Dead (2017) 8. A Bittersweet Life 9. Mother (2009) 10. Train To Busan 11. The Wailing (2016) 12. The Chaser (2008) 13. Capernaum 14. The Fool (2014) 15. Autumn Sonata 16. Portrait of a Lady on Fire 17. Come & See 18. City of God 19. A Separation 20. Grave of the Fireflies 21. La Vien Rose (2007) 22. Incendies 23. Perfect Blue 24. Persona (1966) 25. Victoria (2015) 26. Yojimbo 27. Rust & Bone (2012) 28. La Haine (1995) 29. System Crasher (2019) 30. Cinema Paradiso 31. Cleo from 5 to 7 32. A Taxi Driver (2017) 33. Les Miserables (2019) 34. Corpus Christi (2019) 35. Breath (2014) 36. Elle (2016) 37. I lost my Body (2019) 38. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) 39. Memories of Murder 40. Cold War (2018) 41. Shadow 42. Cure (1997) 43. Stalker 44. Angel Face (2018) 45. Shame (1968) 46. Paprika (2006) 47. Cries & Whispers (1972) 48. Rashomon 49. Where Do We Go Now (2011) 50. Sword the Stranger (2007)
  8. parasite & handmaiden would be great wins, haven't seen that French one yet
  9. will WB move WW84 to Nov and Tenet to August? or WW84 to Dune spot and Dune to Nov? since that was the original spot for Dune iirc
  10. I semi-agree with this but not sure what the better alternative would be (besides partial re-openings)
  11. I have meaning to see this, heard it's one of Huppert's best since the piano teacher. (I liked her more in Elle though both that & Things to Come came out in 2016 but only Elle got awards attention)
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