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  1. pretty sure WB knew Joker will break the R-rated record and take the Golden Lion at Venice.
  2. why would they die if they have an audience? if you don't want more superhero movies to be made you should go and urge people to stop watching them, otherwise I don't get your point.
  3. I agree, WB knew this was gonna make a billion from day 1 so they should've just given Philips an upfront pay instead of a back-end deal %. he already pulled that trick on them with the hangover 10 years ago WB never learns. they even co-financed this film by 50% (despite this film being a non-risky sure hit) so their profits are also less. if only they had been smarter.
  4. but wouldn't that increase Piracy? if something is released day and date on a streaming service (regardless of the price) AND in theaters. some people would opt to just pirate it if it's available at their disposal, whereas that option isn't available if the movie is released theatrically first. I don't imagine the effect of piracy would be that minimal especially if theater demands decline.
  5. um probably a bit less than most. Brie Larson, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence, James McaVoy, Margot Robbie, Hailee Steinfeld, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Natalie Portman, Michael B. Jordan and Amy Adams to name a few.
  6. or maybe general audiences prefer to see franchise films and movies from already established and well known IPs or directors (nolan or tarantino) and the studios are only taking advantage of that?
  7. if Marvel/DC movies and franchise content is the only way people would go in masses to theaters, would you rather box office attendance to just decline?
  8. so the reviews for Frozen 2 seem much weaker than the first, can we cross it off as a potential winner in February? not hearing great things about the songs either...
  9. I doubt Marriage Story would get much outside of acting (and maybe screenplay) but its reviews are on par if not slightly better than the Irishman (97% on RT & 94 on MC). and I'd say a divorce drama with showy acting from well known stars is an easier hook than a 3.5 hour gangstar crime drama. at least for me. also what Marriage Story backlash?
  10. the son barely interacted with Mr. Park iirc (and he was on his way to kill the dude in the basement). he also never had any issue with Mr. Park's disdain to the smell of the poor class. which was so bad that even when people were literally dying Mr. Park was still being grossed out by it more than anything.
  11. I'm not the biggest fan of Netflix but do people still look at them as a lesser form of movies? I guess Cuaron and Scorsese are TV directors now. also Gerald's Game was the best King adaptation of 2017
  12. wasn't Shazam badly received in China & South Korea? not talking about the numbers just the reception.
  13. Why do you think the industry favors franchise films over independent or more niche projects? A film like Joker wouldn’t have made more than 200M tops (with proper advertising and a wide release) if it wasn’t attached to an already existing well known IP.
  14. I’ve never claimed that I know everything so I have no idea what you’re talking about.
  15. does he not know that superhero movies are one of the few reasons why cinema isn't completely dead? does he want people to just stop going to the movies or something. when was the last time a non-franchise film hit a billion? (Zootopia and Titanic? lol) does he think if there was no Marvel movies playing in theaters that suddenly his movies will be making more money? I highly doubt it would make anything more in any significant way, people will just wait them out for digital release rather than bother to see them in theaters even if they have a wider release. if a movie has an audience it will find it. his frustration seems more about what modern audiences prefer to see rather than the what the industry is doing , which is not surprising of someone like Scorsese cus he's a boomer.
  16. hmm, interesting choice for original screenplay. I heard most of the praise was for the acting tho (and Dern's monologue).
  17. TOMATOMETER 79% Average Rating: 7.61/10 Total Count: 237 Fresh: 187 Rotten: 50 why is Jojo not certified yet? the score seems pretty stable for the past couple of weeks.
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