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  1. great OW for WWY. hope it finishes closer to 15B than 10B. btw I just noticed that Japan has 2-day and 3-day opening weekends separated which is really weird.. why is that? is the official weekend only Friday>Saturday?
  2. Frozen 2 can win the 2020 Japan box office if nothing surprises (but you never know with Japan and there are almost always sleeper hits)
  3. which movie will win the Japanese box office this year? Aladdin or WWY? think it'll be very close..
  4. with a 190M OW TLK would need at least a 2.81x multi to pass TDK (535M) and win the July record which is still isn't guaranteed but 500M should be locked. I'm thinking it'll do $525m-$550M which means about $1.35-$1.4B~ WW total. so basically O/U Ultron OW and WW total.
  5. oh that would be very bold but I don't see it happening. 2020 will already miss it for sure, Guardians 3 could've had a shot at 200M if it didn't move. (you're talking about 200M OW for single films right correct? not the sum of an entire weekend )
  6. out of everything that's currently announced I don't see any non-CBM/SW film that could open above 200M (other than TLK or Frozen2) maybe saying next decade was an exaggeration, so maybe in the next 5 years?
  7. btw TLK is not underperforming at all. industry tracking had it opening at 150M-180M so anything above that range is over-performing relative to tracking. still want to see OS results but I'm still doubting TLK going much above BatB WW with a sub 200M OW.
  8. animating humans with photo-realistic CGI will be too expensive and time consuming because of the immaculate details it would take. even when the technology becomes advanced enough to replicate human features it will always be cheaper and more practical to use real people.
  9. another record TLK could aim for is biggest OD for a rotten film which is currently held by BvS's $81.5M. Although if Rth's estimates hold up, TLK might not even reach this milestone
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