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  1. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/kmdTMyiInjJ51hxWaMH8aA Anyone know when this will go into effect?
  2. Do you think that will stop it from entering the top 5 (or 10) highest grossing Koran films of all time?
  3. It looks like Maoyen and piaofang168 are saying Hidden Man came out slightly ahead.
  4. A 20% increase Friday to Saturday, interesting prediction.
  5. Random question - Does anyone have a good source for the box office performance of Chinese local films in markets outside of China (e.g., USA, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe)?
  6. for additional context... FURIOUS 7 - 9.6 FURIOUS 8 - 9.3 GOTG 2 - 9.0 (A good rating does not always translate to a good run) THOR 3 - 8.9 DOCTOR STRANGE - 8.9 JUSTICE LEAGUE - 8.6 WONDER WOMAN - 8.6 CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 - 8.6 AVENGERS: AOU - 8.6 SPIDER-MAN: HC - 8.1 BLACK PANTHER - 8.0 BATMAN V SUPERMAN - 8.0
  7. If Deadpool 2 doesn't get a date this week it probably won't release in China.
  8. Don't forget Wolf Detective and Mermaid Monster Operation vs The Monkey King: The Battle of IP Fatigue
  9. Yes, and odds are it will be a Chinese title, but I wish Avengers 3 and Avatar 2 the best of luck.
  10. Operation Red Sea surpassed Detective Chinatown 2 on Saturday to become the highest grossing film released over the 2018 CNY and 3rd highest grossing film ever released in China.
  11. Last week of March or first week of April. Yes, the last week in April is the May Day holiday in China and audiences prefer to watch local films during this period. Avengers will be fine no matter where it lands.
  12. Ready Player One - Mar 30 The Commuter - Mar 30 Hindi Medium (Indian Title) - Apr 4th Rampage - Apr 13th Avengers 3 - TBD (It will likely be pushed to May 4th to project my local films so it doesn't drown against the superior content releasing on April 28th.)
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