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  1. All I want is 2 hours of a man in a fog filled dome hat.
  2. I've been assuming it will do very well, but to be honest each time I've seen the trailer in a theater there's been no crowd reaction whatsoever.
  3. I liked Luke's story in TLJ, thought it was a fitting arc for him at this point. The rest of the movie was a meandering nonsensical mess to me.
  4. I honestly don't remember what happened in Avatar. Then again, I barely remember what happened in Rogue One.
  5. Aquaman couuuuuullld work, I just don't see any reason yet to believe it will. Really need that trailer to know.
  6. I agree that it's obvious. That's why people saying it won't happen seem ridiculous to me.
  7. And a daring response, the third time in a row someone makes it. So it sounds like we're all in agreement. It would be unreasonable to expect Marvel to ascend much higher than they are now.
  8. Still maintain this is peak Marvel. Perhaps some slightly higher results next year, but it's basically at a plateau as of now. The downhill will come.
  9. Hollywood will make live-action cartoons until they run them into the ground. That day will come. It always comes. This is as it ever has been and as it ever shall be.

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