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  1. If Glass had a budget of $20 million, there's some massive participation deals making that possible. Which ends up making the real math hard to guess.
  2. Is there a Shazam WW > Captain Marvel WW club?
  3. I still think Spielberg ghost directed Cast Away. I'm half kidding, but only half.
  4. harrycaul

    Mortal Engines | December 14, 2018 | Universal

    Why has this movie been so undersold? It looks very creative, does it just suck?
  5. Yeah, but it's still a spider-man cartoon.
  6. The trailer for this looked awful to me. And it's got the worst title I've seen in some time. I legit LOL'ed in the theater when the title came up in the trailer.
  7. This was the first time I've seen her in anything and she didn't leave me with a big impression. Great look but somehow not much presence. Of course, it's not her movie.
  8. The Meg is fine. It's the giant shark movie it looked like it would be.
  9. Yeah, it's not Fury Road. It's just a genuinely good action film filled end to end with quality action, and that's good enough.
  10. The TV ads for this are much more kid oriented with lots of the animals. So at least they picked an audience to aim for.
  11. I bet the cats get replaced entirely. Haven't seen a single positive reaction to them anywhere.
  12. It's 10 months til the movie comes out. We see the actors doing the acting thing because there's about 99% of the cgi left to complete. No one cares about the actors beyond "It's they person I recognize!" so it's fine to focus on them being the person you recognize. This movie succeeds or fails based on giant monsters destroying cities, and almost none of that footage exists yet. This was the teaser. It teased.
  13. Sequelizer has already made more money than Denzel's last feature. Man, Roman J Israel could have been a fine film if they'd avoided going full cliche with the plot.
  14. Looks good to me. But I seem to be one of the few who liked FB more than any of the Potter movies. I still dread Depp the scenery chewer though. I hope they kept him on a leash.

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