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  1. It has comptetion from Margie Claus, Jumanji, Cats, Star Wars unlike Frozen 1 which had only Hunger Games and later Hobit . 400 M is no joke guys and In international market I can bet it won't cross 200M in Japan as it happened last time,
  2. After Glass, Lego Movie disappointment I see the streak continues with another sequel how to train your dragon3 then US, Secret life of pets2, Men in Black , Toy Story 4 and definitely Frozen2
  3. What an amazing collection, over Wreck it Ralph both domestic and WW
  4. May be domestic might be similar for frozen and toystory but I can bet Overseas will be much lesser. People who were expecting Mary Poppins gonna cross a billion will argue again but Its just what people do
  5. Mark my words Frozen and ToyStory not crossing a billion
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