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  1. Just don't take his troll bait lol. You aren't going to convince him because he's a pathetic loser who is arguing with you for "fun".
  2. Probably because of IronJimbo's troll list. I think he listed all those movies.
  3. I mean that's because those are the most watched. Sucks to see Josie and the Pussycats so low though. It's the best movie ever.
  4. Feature films: Parasite 10/10 Booksmart 9/10 Toy Story 4 9/10 John Wick 3: Parebellum 9/10 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 8/10 Gloria Bell 7/10 Shazam! 7/10 Us 7/10 Triple Frontier 7/10 Avengers Endgame 7/10 (went down in terms of ranking upon rewatch) Godzilla: King of the Monsters 6/10 Rocketman 6/10 Mirai 6/10 Detective Pikachu 6/10 Super Deluxe 6/10 Fyre 6/10 Always Be My Maybe 6/10 Spider-Man Far From Home 5/10 Long Shot 5/10 Glass 5/10 Aladdin 5/10 Captain Marvel 5/10 Alita: Battle Angel 4/10 Men in Black: International 4/10 Dumbo 4/10 Murder Mystery 2/10 Short films Anima 10/10 The Lonely Island Presents: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience 8/10 I am Easy to Find 7/10
  5. Some twitter dude is a part of this convo now? Also the Fantastic Four reshoots went for 3-4 days (the movie was meddled with right from principal photography), Jonah Hex had 10 days of reshoots, and The Predator went for reshoots multiple times (similar to Dark Pheonix). Suicide Squad didn't go through large reshoots, it was a re-edit of the whole movie. There is no way reshoots are going to be a month long. Margot Robbie is shooting Suicide Squad 2 in September. If reshoots were going to be a month long, they would have started sometime last month.
  6. They turned out to be bullshit once and even at that time the time it took to film those reshoots were made clear (2 whole months). This will be a standard action reshoot which last no longer than 2-3 weeks. There is no way major stuff will be filmed in 2-3 weeks because its too short and there is no way its taking longer than 2-3 weeks because Suicide Squad 2 with Margot Robbie is filming next month. John Wick had already released and John Wick 2 started prinicipal phtography right after Civil War. Plus he seems to be free so why wouldn't he take up a job he clearly enjoys and also make money at the same time?
  7. How the hell are those other movies listed exempt from this though? They all list Stahelski with the exact same role. And you are saying this movie will have more action than Civil War (excluding the airport scene and the final Iron Man v Cap America fight scene which I assume were directed by the Russos because they are completely different in style and are more plot related)?
  8. Second unit teams direct a large amount of reshoots for most blockbusters. Also I can assure you Leitch did more directing for John Wick than Chad will do for BoP. This will take 2-3 weeks max (the usual time taken for most second unit work).
  9. Grace Randolph is going to try to make it seem like her rumors about the extensive reshoots are true now even though additional photography for blockbusters almost always involve actionscenes.
  10. Isn't she an American citizen though? And after Mulan, I'm sure she can get a lot of roles outside of China. I don't see why she has to suck up to the CCP.
  11. Because in China, not supporting the CCP means that you are against them. People have to say stuff like this just so that you are on the good side of the CCP and don't have to worry about anything bad happening to you. Remember what happened to Fan Bingbing.
  12. I'm actually a bit concerned about this movie. I heard from a few people that Liv Tyler's character was inserted into this movie after reshoots (she at the very least wasn't in the first few test screenings of the movie). Hopefully this doesn't mean that there was studio meddling and stuff.
  13. Spoiler free trailer. Actually really good trailer considering that it shows a lot but reveals absolutely nothing.
  14. I hope Celeste doesn't find out that Renata is hanging out with Mary Louise.
  15. Moreso that she doesn't fit very well in period pieces. Her acting style is pretty modern and unless she is in a Marie Antoinette type movie, I just can't see her fitting in. Her acting in The Age of Innocence, if you ask me, was carried by the complex and layered script and the other period pieces I have seen her in (haven't completely watched the 94 version btw) don't really have that. I also hate The Crucible partially because of this (she's literally just playing a worse version of her character from The Age of Innocence in it).
  16. It certainly isn't in the same league as those films (Margaret is in my top 5 and Let the Right One In is in my top 20 and those other two films end up somewhere in my top 100) but I think it's at a level just below those films. And Lady Bird is an insufferable snot (like a normal teenager) but the movie does such a good job of getting in her head and I just can't help but relate to her. And it's not just because of the writing but also the directing.
  17. This is nothing like a Nolan film. This is more a Ken Loach film or Shoplifters from last year with an absurdist tone. Hell, I wouldn't even compared this film to the films of other directors. This is very inherently a Bong Joon Ho film.
  18. Probably the most horrifying movie I think I'll see the whole movie. I'm still not sure if its a masterpiece but it's so close. This movie is extremely dense and really needs more than one viewing. I think this is the film where Bong Joon-ho has pretty much perfected his skills as a director. I love how it presents classism almost as if it's subconscious and how the movie shows the Park family literally looks at them as the enemy. Also has the best version of the upstairs-downstairs metaphor. Unlike the other versions of it, this version is extremely volatile.
  19. I can only think of four coming of age films from this century (Margaret, Moonlight, Persepolis, and Let The Right One) that I would consider better than Lady bird and one of those got more acclaim than Lady Bird.
  20. I loved Frances Ha and Ladybird and this looks better than both combined. My most anticipated film of the year now. At the very least looks better than the 1994 version which was mostly Winona Ryder doing a crappy knock off of her performance in The Age of Innocence.
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