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  1. It's funny that high-brow critics seem to be liking this more than other critics and probably audiences too. Usually its the other way round
  2. I think the franchise got worse the moment everyone besides Diesel started getting in on the joke. The ending to Furious 7 probably the last sincere moment in the franchise. Also, although Diesel is probably never gonna give a performance as good The Rock's in Pain&Gain or Southland Tales, I admire how he thinks he's some pretty good actor lol.
  3. https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a36663682/vin-diesel-f9-interview/ Also has this funny bit
  4. Weird attempt at viral marketing lol. Trending at no. 4 on twitter though, so I guess it worked? Idk.
  5. That was a better trailer than the last one. Actually found the jokes funny. Still don't like the color grading here. CGI is clearly going for cartoony and over-the-top but it just does not fit in with the rest of the visuals here (which clearly is going for gritty and realistic).
  6. I think he means the H&S-esque acceleration he was talking about before begins.
  7. Forgot about watching films for this. Probably rewatches of some of the Disney and Pixar stuff I haven't seen in almost a decade. Movies I haven't seen that I want to watch are The King and the Mockingbird, Cats Don't Dance, Son of the White Mare, Millenium Actress, and Batman Mask of the Phantasm. I'd like to watch the Evangelion movies but I haven't even gotten through the series yet (the first couple episodes so far a complete slog for me)
  8. Also a movie where Clint Eastwood's character thinks his sons in the movies are pathetic, selfish morons. Great movie to watch with your dad (I actually did watch this with my dad lmao).
  9. I found a 35mm scan of the first film a couple weeks ago and it looks great. Can't wait to rewatch this:
  10. Dude, no one over-predicted it because they were "stans". Maybe that's how things work for teenagers lol.
  11. You don't need to be condescending and treat everyone who overpredicted the film like they're idiots. People get shit wrong.
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