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  1. People blaming Nolan and getting pissed at him for the HBO Max deal is honestly pretty funny in retrospect. If Nolan was the reason this HBO Max deal even happened and Godzilla vs Kong saved cinemas through by being released through HBO Max deal, then didn't Nolan save cinemas?
  2. This has mid-budget summer blockbuster vibes all over it, which is unexpected for a movie like this these days. Seems like a $10 mil+ opener with that release date.
  3. Interesting tidbit from the article about F9's release date that would impact when Black Widow releases in China. I assume this means a week early release won't happen here?
  4. March - Movies: Godzilla Raids Again - 5/10 Mothra vs Godzilla - 8/10 Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster - 8/10 Zack Snyder's Justice League - 9/10 Zack Snyder's Justice League (rewatch) - 8/10 Gran Torino - 9/10 Hellzapoppin - 7/10. Was in awe that a film with such madcap energy existed in the 40s. King Kong vs Godzilla - 5/10. Beverly Hill Cops - 7/10 Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) - 8/10 A New Leaf - 9/10. One of the funniest debut films I've ever seen. Nobody - 8/10 Bad Trip - 8/10. As a huge fan of Eric Andre, this was everything I wanted from an Eric Andre movie. Just repulsively funny. Would recommend that people watch this instead of Borat 2. Cactus Flower - 7/10. Godzilla (2014) - 10/10 Ali - 8/10. A lot more politically involved than I expected. Was surprised to Chivo's name on this when his name popped up in the credits, but it's pretty cool that one of best cinematographers working today was involved in this very early experiment with digital cameras. Movie looks as beautiful as anything else Mann has shot and there are some incredible sequences that rely purely on visuals (the opening and that scene in Africa). Godzilla vs Kong - 5/10 TV: Lots of Everwood. Never thought I'd get into a CW soap-opera, but this show is just really good to watch whenever I'm feeling like shit. Just uplifting, comforting stuff. Season 2 took a dip with the teenage characters becoming too unlikable but Season 3 works thankfully becomes better. Wandavision - Worst thing this franchise has ever created. Falcon and the Winter Soldier - mediocre
  5. Of course I'm not saying it'll win. Just that it would be funny.
  6. LMAO, I just found out a part of this was shot on my uni campus. I'm freshman and have never been to campus because of COVID so I didn't know until someone else pointed it out.
  7. Trial is a funny win. Trial winning Best Picture would also be funny too.
  8. Disney pivoting completely to streaming won't cause theaters to collapse though. And Disney becoming Netflix 2.0 just due to theaters playing hardball is extremely unlikely too. Disney's ecosystem needs theaters.
  9. Was watching The Looney Tunes Show recently (gotta get back to watching it because it's a pretty good show) and she was great in it. Didn't know who was playing her for first couple of episodes and I kept thinking I heard her voice somewhere but couldn't place it.
  10. WB doing stuffing all their IP together in one movie the 6th time is pretty funny. And it's probably gonna be worse than The Lego Movie (and the sequel and Batman) and RPO too.
  11. This movie needed a lot more hollow earth. That was easily both the most visually awesome and conceptually cool bit in the whole movie.
  12. So this should be able to beat KOTM WW by the end of its 4th weekend right? @charlie Jatinder
  13. (I know this is Mendelsohn but Deadline also said the same thing in their weekend breakdown) Deadline iirc also said 6.1 mil Saturday.
  14. This was mediocre. My least favourite film of the franchise. Closer to a Kong sequel featuring Godzilla, which would not be as big of a deal if this wasn't so divorced tonally from 2014 and KOTM (which had its flaws but at least stuck close to Edwards' vision). I enjoyed the B-movie sci-fi vibes for a bit I guess but just wasn't feeling it for most of it. And although the movie did look nice at least, a complete dissapointment in the sound area (from Holkenberg's mediocre score that feels like a mish-mash of his past stuff to the actual sound design and mixing which is nowhere near as impactful as the 2014 film or KOTM).
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