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  1. Most reviews on letterboxd are complaining about how dumb the main characters are in the first act (what Gavin Feng said) and the dialogue. But most of them say that the action and Ken Watanabe mostly make up for it ( for some more than others) so I think it will be fine. There was one review that said that the movie is the Pacific Rim: Uprising of Godzilla movies (that actually hurts) but that was the only one I saw like that.
  2. Some better news on the China thread. If you ask me, firedeep is pretty good at predicting WOM. He predicted that Shazam would get bad WOM in China ages before it released.
  3. What's the biggest competition going to be? I mean Dark Pheonix looks like it will do bad in China (based on presales).
  4. Guessing Pikachu is making 7-8 mil this weekend. Any chance it reaches 90 mil by the end of its run?
  5. https://deadline.com/2019/05/aladdin-memorial-day-box-office-1202621906/ 1…Aladdin(Dis) 4,476 theaters, $30.8M Fri, 3-day $84.9M, 4-day, $106.5M, Wk 1 Is it 30.8 mil or 31.4?
  6. On Douban, yeah you can see few of them. 7.1 on Douban which is good for a monster movie. Would be great if it holds.
  7. Monster movies don't seem Douban friendly. Kong and Godzilla have 6.5 and 6.4 respectively and JWFK has 6.7.
  8. Pokemon CGI costs quite a bit. Next movie should be cheaper because of reused assets (it's the same reason why sequels to animated movies like the sequels to HTTYD are cheaper). Pikachu will still make 80-90 mil more than Shazam. Should be able to make similar profit to Shazam. Maybe even more. Ancillaries should be much higher for this.
  9. Why is Pikachu holding better than what the Maoyan score would suggest?
  10. A 3x multiplier with 15 mil opening would be a decent success I guess. A major studio won't spend more on marketing, they would just market it more efficiently. Annapurna just doesn't know how to market. They spent a shitton of money on marketing Vice but that flopped.
  11. Annapurna is box office poison, not Olivia Wilde. This movie could have easily opened to 15 mil+ if a company that actually knew how to market and distribute films handled that stuff.
  12. In. This thing probably won't even beat Peter Rabbit 2 (which is releasing the week before Sonic).
  13. The book is much more complex and heavy that the Middle Earth and Harry Potter books. They are basically kids books compared to Dune. People are going to be seriously lost watching most of it. Dune will only work in an audience-friendly way if it was made into a TV show like GOT.
  14. Wait for the previews to happen first and let's see after the WOM spreads.
  15. Just realised that the movie will also release in Japan. Yeah, I would actually go with your OS-China prediction.
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