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  1. So is Avatar actually going to lose or what? I see a lot of different stories in the news will end game need one more re-release?
  2. Really liked Mysterio, this is probably third best SM movie for me (behind Raimi 1 and 2).
  3. Why no one else dared to step up to his bets is beyond me, he could have made a lot of people very rich. I bought a new TV and Switch
  4. The number of times the goalposts have been moved in an attempt to beat JC on the forums has really made me think this place is going down in quality since EG attracted more people to box office interest it is the same as reddit so many people never discussed box office before comic book movie came out
  5. I thought JC owned Avatar??? he gets like 20% of the money of 1 billion gross right?
  6. @JCS watching you blow out DW so many times makes me cry with laughter
  7. tough list to do but I will work on it at the weekend think its a green hoblin quote
  8. again in his mind nowhere counts admissions globally only locally
  9. Man you are SEETHING. Good cause. I have donated even though they reached the goal.
  10. If you have to wish for it to happen does that mean it probably won't? You seem like you have a chip on your shoulder.
  11. As much as Blade Runner and Alien are I think (so not really but could be).
  12. JCS watching you argue with anyone reminds me of the scene in IP man where he kills like 20 men
  13. That first alien is literally what a xeno would look like if it was born on pandora!
  14. 1. Joker 2. Frozen 2 3. Terminator Dark Fate 4. Spider-Man FFH 5. IT2 6. Weathering with You 7. Rambo 8. TS4 9. Avatar 2 10. TLK
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