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  1. again in his mind nowhere counts admissions globally only locally
  2. Man you are SEETHING. Good cause. I have donated even though they reached the goal.
  3. If you have to wish for it to happen does that mean it probably won't? You seem like you have a chip on your shoulder.
  4. JCS watching you argue with anyone reminds me of the scene in IP man where he kills like 20 men
  5. 1. Joker 2. Frozen 2 3. Terminator Dark Fate 4. Spider-Man FFH 5. IT2 6. Weathering with You 7. Rambo 8. TS4 9. Avatar 2 10. TLK
  6. so no expansion it would take over a month or more to beat aatar now correct?
  7. While it is true I think that people need it more now with depression more high than before and people more sad about things like the global warming
  8. I don't think the thread should be archived or closed even though I'm banned from it! XD Even when Scholar was making jokes about mentally ill people that thread wasn't closed! We want Akira!
  9. The PR sequel sucked though I would prefer not a sequel than something that bad.
  10. Really excited for Shazam even though I never heard of him before it looks fun and goofy
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