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  1. 35 minutes ago, JamesCameronScholar said:

    That isn't how the scientific method works Wang. It is based on measurement, not calculations. Calculations can contribute to theory but that theory must then be proven with evidence. 


    The charge on an electron is not so because we have calculated it (although we can), it is because it has been measured. 


    Where did you go to school, so I can add to my big map of failed states. 

    @JCS watching you blow out DW so many times makes me cry with laughter 

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  2. 8 hours ago, NCsoft said:

    Oh you just wait, JCS, huge bump coming next weekend in the forms of TS4 & EG double feature, Father's day is also gonna be insane for endgame, once they realized that people still wants to see Endgame endless times, they'll put it back in more theaters, and then FFH's release will give Endgame a 450% increase that weekend, Avatar worldwide still very much on target! :rofl:

    Do they actually believe it? 

  3. 9 hours ago, HeadShot said:

    MCU will have grossed 5 billion this year alone. That's almost the total of all James Cameron movies combined. 


    Man you are SEETHING. 


    7 hours ago, ZeeSoh said:

    Since we are on Justice League and I cant find its original thread, here is a go fund me for the Snyder Cut




    So their plan is to advertise it at the SDCC which involves


    - 2 hour airplane banner over SDCC

    - Billboard ad close to SDCC

    - Half Page ad in the THR’s special SDCC edition

    - Bus Stop Ad

    - Carrying ReleaseTheSnyderCut signs throughout the convention centre, possibly by cosplayers

    - Handing out swag and fliers about the Snyder cut and their cause


    Btw half of the donations goes to a suicide prevention charity. 

    Good cause. I have donated even though they reached the goal. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, dudalb said:

    I wish EF would beat out Avatar just for the reaction we would see from the Cameron Cultist here.

    They would pull out the "adjusted for inflatation"  to "prove" that Avatar is still the biggest moneymaker or all time, ignoring that on almost adjusted for inflations list, "Avatar" is pretty well down on the list, beaten by Gone With The Wind and  'Star Wars:A New Hope" and usually a couple of other films.

    If you have to wish for it to happen does that mean it probably won't? You seem like you have a chip on your shoulder. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Marathon said:

    The year is 2030. All the remaining movie studios have been merged with Disney. There will be no antitrust case because the judiciary has been merged with Disney. People no longer go to the "movies"/"cinema" but to Disney-o-vision facilities.


    Congrats Disney on pioneering a PG(-13) cyberpunk DIStopia without the cyber or the punk!


    (Tongue only slightly in cheek...)

    Isn't there a movie/book where they are called 'Disnies' because they own everything xD

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