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  1. I loved the first movie, but this was average, did the writing team change or something? Feels like something was missen
  2. Imagine if it is opposite of Bay critical success but commercial failure 😧
  3. CGI was great in comparison to the trailers I really loved it will probably see it again with family at the weekend
  4. at ;least emglish is your firsty language try understanding it as a second xD
  5. Agree critics are not much talented sometimes yes but usally no talent and so criticize others.
  6. well they also think they know more about box office than james cameron so what do you expect XD
  7. this is common problem here in europe people moving around dates and numbers to suit the political motivations i did not think comic books fans would do the same though 😧
  8. this is interesting really i guess it is hard for american culture to avoid this type of influence if we look at the history of the country although this also probably true for most imperial powers Still very interesting to know this
  9. i hope they bring back girl who died in second she was great wish she was not dead
  10. Reading JCS trying to educate Americans who dont understan basic way of money is a great way to start the day although jcs I think yuo are wasting your time xD they never learn
  11. I think she looks very much like a boy in the photo, maybe she playing a character who is no-gender at all? she is terminate afterall
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